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I'm 15 years old. You find out for yourself how fun using Crush Zone could be. Men account for majority of suicides in as total nears Besides an internet relationship isnt as fun! Online is denver colorado latina escort dangerous place to make friends and find people. If you 13 year old gay dating up deciding to meet someone from online anyway, bring an adult with you or at least a few people your own age who can be there to make sure you are safe.
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Our women are also great at holding a conversation. If you need to talk sex dating in south dakota out, she's there to listen.

Many men love using our service simply for an ear to listen. Having a beautiful woman listening to your every word can help melt away the stresses of everyday life.

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Some will be good people that will be your friends. Some might be good people who will be your best friend My best friend was also met online. Some of the good people met will turn out to be your lover. Then, you can go on any website that allows you to meet new people around some common interests and activities. I met my girlfriend on a horse online game where we had forums to talk about animals, movies, drawings, photography, horses of course and other topics we liked.

We also had a private mail box on that website. We meet while discussing our common interests, similar to people meeting in a art exposition, pony club, or such.

For my boyfriend, we met by playing a fucking online flash game. Territory war online 2 , to be precise lol. The game allowed us to chat while playing, which was private. We then used Steam and played video games together there. Again, not different than meeting your boyfriend in a soccer club.

For my best friend, I met him when playing a online coop video game , named Payday. I know him for 3 years by now and I can safely say he is like my brother. Same as my boyfriend, we met during a team game, a bit like if you met a guy in a soccer club.

In Payday, you play with 3 other guys, you can voice chat and cooperation is needed for some achievements and a good team and communication is almost mandatory to play on the highest difficulty. I also met other people who were great online. Still on Payday, I met a gay guy. He was about 30yo and I was about 16— We talked a lot. He told me about his experience in dating and sex. But he knew I was underage so he always avoided telling me too much. Good thing, he knew how to keep his distances. He was a good support for me in a time I was depressed and I think he taught me a few good things.

I also met other adult guys, who gave me a few good life advice too and with who I had good experience. One was a father in Poland, and taught me about being responsible and mature. And I did meet two guys, one from Ukraine, one from UK, about my age, who were gays. Ok, all that being said, there are still risks. So here are a few rules when talking with people online:.

So here were my pro advice. Most online dating sites are gay-friendly. However you have to be 18 for those, but don't think dating sites are the only way to find relationships online. It is harder for gay people though, there are so few of us and it isn't always safe.

In my experience it is easier to find a boyfriend as a boy than a girlfriend as a girl, since a lot of women tend to show platonic affection in ways that most men would only show to romantic partners so it's hard to know if a woman is being friendly or if she really likes you, and men are usually less selective with mates than women are, no matter if they're gay or straight.

I would not recommend pursuing a romantic relationship online as a minor. While you might genuinely find someone like yourself, you also run a high risk of encountering predators or people who are just too dumb to obey laws around age of consent. Instead, you might see if there are local interest groups which you can find out about on Facebook or Meetup that are not necessarily centered around romantic interests. Basically get around and meet as many of your peers as you can. Eventually, you'll encounter someone like yourself.

Also don't forget to reach out socially at school. Well there's not many places because I was an 11 year boy once who was gay, and very mature and there's no where to date when your that young. I recommend you not try and get a boyfriend, and just do what comes naturally. If you fall in love along the way, good for you. Is there a Universal Unitarian Church nearby? They are a very open congregation and very accepting people.

Also remember you are more than your sexual orientation. This is a big part of your life but it does not define you ultimately. Do not go online to find someone. Online is a dangerous place to make friends and find people. Talk to people in person, and make friends. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page.

Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. I'm a gay 15 year old. Is there anywhere I can find a boyfriend online? Now here is a topic I have experience into. I met my boyfriend when I was 15 online and we are still together. What are your ideas on how I can get one? How do I meet others gay boys without being out? I'm 15 years old. Is it wrong to be gay 15 years old? Is it ok to have a 15 year old boyfriend whilst I'm 13? Is it okay to date a 22 year old guy when I'm only 18?

So, dating online can be hazardous at the best of times--even when I'm talking to adults, I recommend a laundry list of precautions--tell a friend where you're going; meet somewhere public; don't go back to their place till you've had time to really get to know them. Be smart; be careful; if you aren't comfortable telling a trustworthy adult friend or family member about it, it's probably a bad idea and if you are comfortable, at the very least, you should tell them, and get their feedback about how to keep yourself safe.

That said--there are a pretty decent variety of social networking sites for LGBT teenagers, where you could at least talk with some people whose experiences are similar to yours--check out TrevorSpace or justleftthecloset. My other piece of advice is depressing, but also, I think, valid. It's still not all that common for gay and bi guys to have figured themselves out by age 15 or 16, or anywhere in a reasonable dating range from Your dating pool is likely to be woefully limited; and that's unfair; and it's frustrating; and it's lonely; and the way you deal with it is the same way as kids whose dating pools are limited because they're socially awkward, or physically awkward yay, puberty!

You get to know yourself. You learn what you like, and what you're passionate about, and what you appreciate and love in other people. You make friends, because it makes things less lonely; and because some of those friends are going to grow up to be or know other gay guys.

You might not get to date as much as some of your straight friends; but you'll have time to know who you are on your own, and I promise you won't regret that. Maybe you'll luck out and meet a great, out year-old tomorrow. But if you don't? You have tons of time. Your dating pool is going to get a lot richer and more interesting. You just gotta give it some time. Thank you for your feedback! Answered Oct 2, As a year-old gay, how can I get a boyfriend online?

Answered May 7, When your 18 you could try grindr but unroll then good luck! Quora User , Animal biologist with a concentration in reptilian genetics. I was in your exact situation at your age but back then mid 's the online dating scene was still very, very new. Back then, many people used "AOL Personals" I think it was called to chat with and meet other people. That said, let me explain what I saw and heard: First of all, there were A LOT of young gay teens like myself hanging out in these chat rooms but there were also a lot of older gay men sitting in there trying to take advantage of us.

I like to play videogamesandboard games i only "like"the opposite sex If im offline just text me and i can get to know you. I'm a 13 yr old gay animator! I love parrots and art, and I hope we can be friends!

I am really respectful to others, and I'd like to be treated that way too. Just joined pretty new to the dating scene, but I'd like to point out a few things. I am 16 and a girl looking for any gender. I'm really into art, music, animals, Is anyone else having this issue? Is anyone else having this issue where they can't reply to any pms for some reason? Crush Zone is a free teen dating site for young people from all over the world. Online teen dating is a great opportunity to meet new people and a love of your life.

If you are 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18 years old, then come along and sign up to Crush Zone, the most open teen dating community and social network. Share photos, discuss on forums, chat with other users for free and without limitations. You can talk with other people of your age about your passions, favorites and other stuff.

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Not only it is full of people who seek for a one night stand, but it also uses algorithms that will pre-select people based on superficial things such as smoking, or other things like interests. Also don't forget to reach out socially at school. Answered Oct 2, I met my girlfriend on a horse online game where we had forums to talk about animals, movies, drawings, photography, horses of course and other topics we liked. What are the best ways to earn money online as a 15 year old maybe a skilled job?
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