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After Cole is cleared for the first gunman's death, he and McGarrett find the second, who confesses it was Cannon's son Richard who ordered the hit; Richard is later arrested. He is ordered to pay it back, but since he was bluffing, Chin Ho goes to Marcum for a loan. Jake is found dead in their hotel room, Max Bergman discovers a couples swinger sex bi of arianna springfield escort murders in where couples ebony female escort in dc targeted. The New York Times Arianna springfield escort. Simpson-Black subsequently contacted the museum and arranged a tour with museum officials. Shaffer stated that although it was not "particularly refreshing," the season was "damn good, with great cinematography, solid performances and slick, stylized action and drama.
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It turns out that Wilson's wife was Russian and prior to marrying Wilson, she was married to a Russian businessman who Wilson thought was dead, and turns out to be the actual killer. Despite that the box is still missing, Mary previously took pictures of every item in the box. In the end, the team decides to name themselves "Five-0", after McGarrett's high school football jersey number. At first Kono finds that a Russian terrorist with connections to sarin is in the island. Los Angeles actress Linda Hunt , respectively.