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Finally tells him pants stay on and no FS. Those pics look old. Not familiar with century center spas. The Doctor is still wanting bbjtcws escort dose of loving from the ladies who play my way D and D free skilled, and bbjtcws escort a couple of escorts at santacruz ladies to have fun with PM only ladies and discretion guaranteed. I think she will be here for almost 2 weeks.
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She's on Switter and Twitter and advertises on adultlook, adultsearch, privatedelights and other places. She is based on the Big Island but travels to Maui, Kauai, and Oahu, and sometimes to the mainland, but I don't think she has been back to Oahu since Feb.

This trip she is only on Oahu until tomorrow or Monday, then she heads to Kauai. Hopefully she returns a little more often, like every months instead of every 6 months. Thanks for the review, spot on. I just want to add that Emma is very beautiful and her pics are her but she is even better in person. She is so sexy and seems to love what she does. She is a professional, intelligent, articulate, and sensual that will leave you totally satisfied. I've had fbsm before but this is way way better and even better than FS in some aspects.

Would def I troy repeat over and over. I know you're thinking, no lfk or daty but trust me, it's better than your usual AMP and you won't even miss that stuff with Emma.

Not a clock watcher and definitely a girl you would want to spend all night with and hang out till the next day. Even better, let's hope some of those girls decide to base themselves here. Very selective with her clientele. She is awesome and I highly recommend. Stunning red head beauty. Anyone have trouble getting in touch with Vixxen? Texted and called her yesterday, no reply. Saw she was active on switter later that day.

My Favorite Club maybe gearing up to open up again. When was it open before? If you like hot European woman who is good with her hands then you you may want to see her. I think she will be here for almost 2 weeks. Search her name on his form and you will my review and others reviews by others.

Not FS, just HE, but totally worth seeing, especially if you like white girls. What he is most likely referring to is that Leia is possibly coming back soon. You are correct Sir.

Ad up, but says she's only here for short time. I just had a good time with the tall blonde Katie. We had emailed each other a few time here on Switter but now she is visiting Hawaii for a few weeks. Not seeing her for her exit endeavors or brains LOL. I luvv me some tall white girl!! Mahalo for the useful report. I couldn't do Kendra at Chichi. She was TOO heavy!! If you find yourself getting stressed at work, agitated, or down go see doctor Vixxen Rayne.

I found it both stress relieving and enjoyable. Definitely what the doctor ordered for a quick 30 minute lunchtime pick me up. Prices listed in her ad. I hope she cooks dinner and does laundry for that price!! Had a pre hurricane celebration with this statuesque beauty. Great B2 B oil massage with exquisite HJ finish. Those who don't like mainland style pay first should look elsewhere. Definitely model looks with athletic body. The HE was deliberate and sensual. No jack hammer action like you get from the untrained Chinese girls.

I would compare her technique with Thai massage therapists at CC. However I've read too many reports on uncertainty of Thai therapists being real women. Honestly one report is too many. Jenny is tall and curvy with C sized real breasts, so there is no doubt at all. She's gorgeous with a fitness instructor body. She has a Norwegian accent making her European exotic around here. Leaves on the 31st.

Those who refuse to pay more than standard Hawaii rates look elsewhere. There is a hierarchy for the prices for providers based on ethnicity. Jenny is on the top of that food chain: Killer body and all shaved.

Plus an awesome butt on her. Saw a girl who was touring in Waikiki, and the hour I paid for turned into a multi-hour session, with BBFS with a little bit of something at the end to take care of my glaucoma wink, wink. How much does she charge? Yup I know expensive, but those are the mainland prices.

Especially for pretty white girls. Pay first no exceptions and no negotiations. Thanks for the report. So I've never done the massage thing, just escorts. I get that there is no penetration but what is allowed?

I've read other reports indicating either or , but I'm assuming that is for half hour service. Is she in Waikiki and is there parking readily available where she's at, maybe Kapiolani Park or the zoo? I believe Mr smiley left a review. For me it was B2B nude oil massage. No penetration and limited mutual touching YMMV. There are plenty Chinese or Thai therapists who offer similar services at CC. The difference with her is she's a statuesque European girl with an athletic physique. Hopefully some lone who has seen her can chime in.

Plus she is very attractive. Definitely mainland rates, but that was okay with me. Sometimes you need to vary things. Chinese food can get tiring after a while. Experienced her this werk. The others reports are true. Very limited mutual touch, ass and boobs only.

And no viewing of pussy allowed. Jackhammer HJ for about 15 minutes. Then told me I can either jerk myself off or leave. So in and out within 45 minutes with balls still blue. Though I paid for the full hour of Comparing with all the European girls I had this summer, will give her look a 6. Maybe 7 for Hawaii due to the lack of true European ladies here. Service and altitude only 3 at most.

Definitely not a repeat for me. Better donate fund to others who take care of men better. FYI, any of you interested in meeting Ms. Divine, she's coming next week to Honolulu. Check out her twitter page for more info. Anyone have any experience wih this one? Looks like she was an independent escort before joining the chichi team. Couldn't find no reviews of her anywhere. So in the spirit of variety, I wanted to share my experience with emma and that she will be back next week to I've already made an appointment as repeat sessions just get better but you should check it out for yourself and experience this awesome and beautiful lady that stands 5'7" and is even better in RL than her pics.

So what's her rate for FS? I can't speak of her from personal experience, since I haven't had the chance to meet her yet, but she is on my short list. She was reviewed here by mrsmiley. She also has current reviews on privatedelights. She had a bunch of reviews on nightshift before they shut down. I believe she may have had some TER reviews too, before their reviews were pulled. She claims she is well reviewed. She was, before her reviews disappeared, through no fault of her own.

All reviews I saw were good. Her specialty is "swallowing your problems away. I hope more Honolulu people see her this time so that she keeps returning regularly. She says she does better on the outer islands, which is why an Oahu stop doesn't happen as often, but she will definitely come more frequently if she gets some regulars here.

It could be because of the AMPs here that she is not that busy when she comes to Oahu. See her reviews and if you want an amazing FBSM session with extras from a beautiful white girl, then put her on your list.

I think it's for an hour, for 90 minutes. Divine is comparable to the Thai therapist at CC. Most of them do not offer FS either. Divine's pictures are real, so hot red head, but no AMP service. Those rates are all current and would recommend the 1. Now that most of the ad sites are gone. I was just wondering if anyone has any contact with some of the previous girls like Sarbina, Zokia, etc?

Is this the same Blair that was available at chichis a few weeks ago? She seems to be booked and they do not take appointments for more than a day ahead. Anyone manage to CIM with Blair? Or try offering extra for it? Sorry no luck for me. Don't think that's going to happen. Blair is covered everything. Happy to see Emma is coming back so soon.

Anyone who tried to book her last week should be in communication with her and should already know that. Anyone who wanted to book her last week and thinks they missed their chance, might still have a chance this week.

Had to take it slow and easy with her. Has anyone heard from her lately? Just curious how things turned out with her pregnancy.

Saw her for lunch right before due date and haven't heard from her since. Would love to meet up and I'll take my allergy medicine before hitting up the in call with the puppy LOL.

I've had the pleasure of having her over twice. Quick dates both times due to time constraints for both. She is every bit of what is described. Always a smile on her face especially when she has drained you dry. I'll be trying to get her over again soon. I'm glad Raven is back by the way. We did a car date after meeting in our respective places wasn't feasible for either of us but it was at her unique location those of you who've been there know what I mean.

We went to the back seat and I was prepared with a cover but didn't need it because her BBBJW swallow yes every drop was lovingly taken, I was more than satisfied. She's an aggressive kisser but that was fine by me and I got to sample the kitty which according to her I made her cum very quickly which usually doesn't happen for her am I that good? The damage was 4 Jacksons and her enthusiasm coupled with her skill made her worth every penny.

I love these young girls just as much as the next monger but Torri is personable, kinda sexy and did I mention skilled and definetly worth the repeat. Stay safe and keep your eyes in the rearview.

Got to see her yesterday on a car date. We really had a nice time. She is a sweetheart and I'll be seeing her again. Mine ended the same BTW. It seems she has a new ad in USA Classified. Hope she sticks around for awhile.

Lord knows this town is infested with too many girls hooked on H with leechy "handlers" and lousy attitudes for miles. No personal experience, but she has around 30 reviews under Columbus on the oTHeR site. I think all were good, so probably a safe bet. Looking for a few past friends for take out only.

In her prime she was a awesome, and her half sister, I use to see them all the time. That's not her, it's another girl also being pimped out by the same guy. The one I figured hers is no longer on classified at this hour. Actually it was her. She sent me that pic last week. She's been using Niajah for a little while. She danced using that name for a while but I'm not sure why she took the ad down already. That is her real pic, she is smoking hot with nice pair natural Ds.

She been around for a while and I've seen her serval times. Very professional and sweet. Everything is covered but worth the price of admission. I've seen recent reviews on Indypendent sites that indicate everything doesn't have to be covered. No personal experience, but just saying what I read. Good info, I've communicated with her couple months ago. Still was a newbie regular but I plan to see her in the coming weeks, maybe after her tour of dyt cincy, and Columbus.

But yes valuable Intel. Or that but once we meet, either my charming personality or tall dark and handsome persona LOL changes things. She's looking for a few new friends.

Are you being serious? This girl got 9. And she allows BBBJ? If she really does, then I need to RUN not walk to see her while she's in town. I am just speak for my past experience, maybe the rules changed recently.

If a brother had seen her recently can share the experience I will definitely set up a date with her. This girl is so freaking hot. Can you share her digits brother? She wants me to let you know she was sick for a few days, utt kind of got her down because she couldn't make any dinero but now she's back feeling good and ready to go.

Get a hold of her and help her out she's awesome at what she does. Had the pleasure of having her visit me for a little bit yesterday. Loved the hot tub. Had some new ink she had to keep out out of it. Loved using the hitachi on her. Great time, fantastic skills. Going to see her again soon. What is she like in person? Thru texts she seems really cool and laid back. But in person she might be really cold and robotic, so that kinda ruins the whole mood.

She's definitely cute in the face, which matches her really cute little body. She's a little thing, very sweet girl. We had many communication miscues leading up to our first meeting, informed her that telling me no or that she was busy was much preferred to just going silent.

My availability does not match up with the sleeping habits of most providers so I understand if someone isn't an early bird, but just be upfront about it. Not a dig on this padticular provider, just a rant. Thanks to xxTonyxx for the info. Thanks to a fellow senior I got Raven's digits and spent an hour with her recently. She had a room at a notel on the north side about 10 minutes away that we drove to. Sexy 5'0, 22 year old probably around lbs, nice curves.

Vocal enough to know she is in to it. Great girl and will definitely repeat. I don't have permission to share digits because I forgot to ask, but wanted to at least write a review. New ATF for sure. I will ask about giving out digits next time I see her.

If you can get her digits she is definitely worth seeing. Yea glad you had the chance to meet up, she is certainly a pleasure to be around. Hopefully I'll get around to seeing her this weekend. BTW spoke recently and she is possibly interested. Treat her good guys she is a Sweetheart. She's back under a new name, new digits. I saw her recently as well.

Cool girl, good time. After I saw her she texted me daily afterwards for more "help". Hopefully being introduced here helps her get the help needed. I couldn't keep up. I got a pm from Stephanie digits end with I couldn't find an ad anywhere but seem to think I remember seeing one a while ago. She said she has been out of the game for a while so I'm wondering if any seniors can help me out with more info on her?

Thanks and stay safe, Daz. She is such a petite cutie, good oral, but doesn't catch. Anyway I might have to try FS. I just got done with a visit and had fun as always. She took that down and put up a new one already. I'm not sure what is she trying to do. She wants to advertise but not to be reviewed or not to be identified? I ran into Violet last week. She is a half Korean-Caucasian 20 yo. This post by SliceJimbo is perfect introduction for her.

At that point, I didn't know she was Violet, thought she was a new girl. Not light like feather anymore though. Communication is sub par. I don't even know what name she wants to use. She was a former member of now defunct Team Kitten, the tattoo girl.

She changes her name and phone number every week back then. She's been quiet for a few months after the Team fell apart. I had a chance to see her again recently. Whatever the reason we synced well. I had fun time as always. She is thick and cute, a lot of tattoos. She is trying to stay sober and her mind was clearer. I skip the introduction. Those who remember her, yep that young girl. Countryboy gave me a tip a few months ago, and we reunited.

Why didn't I report? Because every time I asked if she wanted referral, she told me no. Too many people, too much money, too much attention, and she burned out quickly.

She said she doesn't need that. She knows what she is doing now. She calls me sometimes, and we have fun. The same quiet, soft spoken girl after all these years.

She was a favorite SW for many. A fun 20 yo, 5'6" lbs brunette. She has been on the sideline for a while, regrouped. She doesn't walk anymore. She reached out to me out of boredom. That's a good reason! Much better reason than being sick and desperate. She is a fun loving sex bunny. She was a bit rusty though because she hasn't fucked too many guys lately.

I was like her preseason training partner. Loosen her up, stretched her legs and everywhere else. I think she is getting ready to play in full speed soon. I never got the chance to visit her during the very brief team Kitten fiasco. We are connected thru a social media. I may have to message her thru there one day. After I get around to some girls I'm yet to meet. Kaysee, Utr Latino our schedules keep missing Charlotte Rae, can't get enough of her and raven, only 1 visit had to postpone was busy with another but I miss her cute face.

I like your selection. All great young ladies. The Dayton board is blessed. The Kitten tattoo girl is equally great, especially if your mood is for a curvy girl. Those tattoos sometimes intimidate some gentlemen. She is a real nice and her dirty talk with her cute voice between gasps get me going. I do believe her dirty talk is genuine. True, she is on FB often. And thank you DenMark. I realized I was trolling on this thread with 6 consecutive posts before yours.

Anyone seen this one yet? I seem to recall her being prolific on BP a few years ago but was mostly bad news because she was was tweaking so bad on H. Hit it once but then never saw an ad again. Was a good time but she was tweaking something but wasnt H. Decent body has a little damage under the hood though. Those pics look old. Thank you much goes out to Slice, for the digits on this little hottie.

Worked out all the details and we met yesterday for a fun little romp in the sack. Super cute, intelligent, no signs of use, crazy. What the hell, what a find. Started out with some great BBBJ, then led to a little taste of that sweet little giner til she got her nut. Then all the focus was on me, she climbed on top, then a little mish, til I couldn't take anymore, with a lovely BBBJ finish.

Down to the last drop. I even checked her arms for needle tracks. Very refreshing to see a girl who isn't hooked on something these days. Those tits are quite pendulous and I enjoyed fondling them while sucked me like a champ. It's Halloween and are you ready for your treats and no tricks Torri wanted me to post this ad that she was on a short vacation and now back in town.

And ready to service your needs seniors pm Me FW. There are other places where they can shoot up that are hard to detect. Can I have the phone number. You guys are so naive sometimes! It is a rare find that the motivation for these girls is not addiction. Those looking for needle marks should know the needle is often never used or is the last stage. Not to mention they can be creative and it can be difficult to tell. Most of these girls come up smoking their drugs.

As for the young lady mentioned of course there is a habit. Why else the desperation to see several guys a day. Nothing out of the ordinary. A regulation par on the golf course. Just don't think for a second it is something else. And then have fun wisely. But How about you go out and experience a little bit. And post some of those experiences.

First before thinking you can just stroll up, and get any info. And especially on such a hidden gem. I haven't seen her as of yet but from the reports she is. No, sorry, gain some points on here, then we will talk. She is clean and outstanding from all reports. Thanks to SliceJimbo for the digits. Unfortunately, that's where the goodness ends. Tried to set up a meet on multiple occasions. FIrst time schedules didn't jive, next two times we texted to set something up and then I was ghosted.

Maybe it was me, maybe her, so not a knock on her. Probably just a bad hand dealt to me. Congrats to those who've enjoyed it. I'm just going to move on to another possible UTR I discovered. If things work out and she's willing I will pay it forward. Be safe and accept no BS. She is every mongers dream. Plays excellent tonsil hockey, has an oral ability that will raise you up off the bed, loves to have her neck, breasts, and nethers stimulated as much as you want to.

Absolutely adores DATY over and over and over. Loves all positions except back door which we never got to. She has specials going on I understand so run do not walk to try her out You will be glad you did She literally loves what she does and the more the better.

Dawn is a close second who I will be trying out when I get to Dayton again. May try a duo if both ladies are bi. What a ride that would be. Quoting myself because I could not find an Edit button. UTR Latina reached out to me today to explain that life happened. Not necessary but very much appreciated. If anyone here was involved, thanks for the assist. We are going to try to set something up soon. The totally sober, chasing no deamons UTR Latino ask me to mention, she's handling some family issues, not purposely ignoring people.

Had another great visit this morning. Love having my world rocked in the morning to make the day awesome. I have a girl in piqua looking for a ride to Dayton.

Rules of the road only apply. Only if you can help her out. I'm sure she will entertain other activities than the rules of the road for an up charge.

There is really nothing more to add than has been reported. Only problem I have is that at my age one must take a nap to recover. She is pretty solid. What a great time was had by us both. I plan on another visit soon. Thanks to a fellow senior I was able to setup an appt earlier this week with the UTR Latino for a nooner car date. I texted around 9: Met her a little north of Dayton in a fairly secluded parking lot and hopped in the back of her vehicle.

She is short and petite with a nice ass and small a cup breasts. She is not a knockout but very cute. Very good BBBJ skills and takes direction well. Not a clock watcher. Enjoyed a nice bbbjnqns and off I went. She is available today, "she wanted me to post" If any senior in good standing that doesn't have her info. If you already do, and need a friend to shoot the sh! T with, give her a call. Now I see why she drives that truck with dark-tinted windows. Perfect for quickie car dates.

Well I texted Raven to get her side. This report was deleted because the content of the report was pointless, unproductive white knight drama. Yes you are, you can tell because you titled the report "Ravens Side. Maybe the issue is you don't know what white knighting is.

That's when you jump on your trusty steed to ride to the defense of a damsel you think to be in distress doing battle with all manner of villainy. Ouchy ouch, spectacular young hard body. Pretty good BBBJ, took direction well, easily fine tuned the action to my exact specifications. Top one or two CG Rides I've experienced.

Easy set up, has a driver, but not intrusive whatsoever. Very pretty young girl, clean, nice skin, gorgeous teeth. Tiny A's up top, but they look sexy on that hard, tight body. No endurance problem with this little tiger, oh how youth is wasted on the young LOL. I highly recommend and will repeat soon. As for the situation discussed earlier in regards to Raven, IMHO, you should disregard the negative review and judge for yourself, you'll be glad you did!

I concur all with her, friendly, hardbody, no problems except she does not catch. So a lady I; and some of you know, may try to start bartending and or dance at a local establishment. I hope if anyone sees her that they don't make a big deal and post details. Like her name or where you saw her working. I'm sure the young lady nor the establishment needs the extra scrutiny that detailed information on an open forum can provide.

Especially with the the recent events that have come to past regarding local clubs. If not I understand I'm not a senior. Pm and let me know either way? Got lucky to meet with utr Latino this morning, had her drive to north of Dayton to meet me.

Cute little 23 yrs old, tight body and nice Cs on top. Got the hr and tip her a little on top cause the drive, had a lot of fun. Cudos to Mr Slice to share the contact info.

Will repeat as often as budget allows be safe brothers. Was here 30 minutes after texting for an Unrushed HR of complete and utter bliss. I'm skipping cardio today at the gym, this little acrobat wore me out. If you haven't already, I recommend spending some time with this hard body vixen. Some will be put off by the NO cim, but after hitting all the positions, you'll be too worn out to care.

I approve this message, Slicejimbo. Thanks to FreeWilly12, I connected with Torri today, and as all of you who have seen her know, she is one helluva woman. Not only does she moan, she can scream and holler. Holy Moly, her clit is sensitive, or my tongue is super, or both. I knew she was going to be a challenge, but I survived and made it to doggy for a super completion.

She really has an excellent location for privacy and discretion, and if you act cool, her pit bulls will lick your hand. Let's hope she stays UTR. Just checking on this one. Would this be also AKA Pixieluv?

PM or post appreciated. She has been reported on before as Pixie. You should be able to search the forum for reports on her under either name. Does any one recognize this lady? She contacted me saying we had meet year ago. We texted for a few days. She even gave me an address to meet off of Springboro Pike. I thought we had nailed down all the details but then she went quite. Just wondering f anyone else had talked to her. She has advertised on CL looking for guys but is very selective. Not quite sure what it is that she's looking for.

I would categorize her as a tease trying to get into the hobby. Reviewed her about 3 weeks ago. Woke up with morning wood and watching PornHub wasn't doing anything for me, so I drove south and saw LaceyFoxx again at her Springdale location. Very quick on text response. Stopped by Starbucks to get her a tasty treat. Turns out it had benefits for a "cold mouth BBBJ" which is a nice perk!

She gave me a friendly hello kiss and was wearing a sexy pink teddy when she opened the door which only made my morning boner even more engorged and tingly and ready for action. Laid down on her comfy queen-sized bed and let her curl up between my legs and work her magic. Oh, that wonderful mouth of hers gently massaged my morning wood in all the right places. While she was slurping away, we had a casual funny chat about other girls on the USAG board and the current rash of GPS affecting donations.

When I erupted, she lovingly licked my love pump as that 5 days of saved up warm goo splashed high in the air and then all over my belly. She is NOT a goo dodger and that's why she is so precious and wonderful. Shared a hug and another passionate kiss and I left satisfied and my loins drained of every drop of liquid love.

She commented that some mongers are giving her bad reviews. Are you guys mentally defective? Her lips and mouth should be declared a national treasure. Went and seen torri today I needed a nap after but had to wait an hour and a half one of you guys took way to long. What can I say that already hasn't been said about Torri. Thanks to Freewilly for the number. Meet her last night at her place by the grave yard like everyone has mentioned, meet at the door wearing just her panties and a see thru nightie showing her well blessed chest.

She is a sweet young and hard working single mom. She is drug and disease free which is refreshing in this business, house was clean and no smoke smell. Will repeat sometime in the near future. As always everyone stay safe out there.

Wow, let this poor girl have some rest already! She got kids to raise! How many gallons of protein has she consumed in the past couple weeks? Seems like she's drained half the sacks in Dayton by now. Not that she complains about it.

Has anyone seen her lately? Had several great meets when she was in her apartment in North Dayton. Then she lost the apartment and went South by the Mall. Spoke with her several times there but haven't received a text back in the last 2 weeks. Hope everything is ok with her and also hoping she is not out of the business. Always a great time! Some of the providers prefer to get the mongers verified through a website. There are so many sites that provide these services. It has become so difficult to trust them.

Do any of you have any insight into, which of these sites are genuine. If you have tried and tested them to work. I am little skeptical in providing credit card numbers on some of these websites. Does that quantity of clients over a short period of time concern you. I'm just worried that she's stacking too many visitors in a short period of time. All those balls bouncing off her chin and her house is probably sounding like an NBA arena. Doesn't look like her add is up at the moment, but still has same digits.

Great communication and attitude. Thanks to Freewilly also, met Torri for the first, and second time today Sunday.

Initial half hour romp. Sexy, skilled, great body fabulous chest and ass, soft firm skin, energetic. No problem reaching the finish line, as others have mentioned no clean up necessary. Was 15 minutes out the door had to try and see her again, she had a cancelation, back with her 45 minutes later for a one hour massage, which was just plain amazing. Almost never see same provider twice in a week, let alone twice in the same day.

Fabulous person, could probably hang out a week straight without losing interest, great conversation too. Could also take her to a family event and she would more than fit right in. This report was edited or deleted because it appeared to be a public effort to discourage members from posting information.

If you have a concern about information posted by another member, then please contact them privately by PM. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information. I texted her the other day also, and got crickets. So not sure what is going on. I'd appreciate any help in locating Kate shown in the pics below. I've texted her about three times and never heard back either.

I will say this about that: It isn't possible to get a credit card without giving your real name. Gift cards can only be used in the United states. There are so many better ways to prove we are not cops that I think anyone asking for a credit card is running a scam. What we do is illegal. I think it is entirely possible that the ads asking for credfit cards are run by cops!! What is the only clear advantage to asking for a credit card. To get our identities. Who has a reason to know our identities.

Indys has a vouch system that works pretty well but they are not really in Dayton. Perferred seems legit, but these girls never suggest that one. Got to meet up with raven Saturday for a car date. Real good time, easy setup. All that is said about her is true.

Hard body and a super ass. Ran into an old contact that used to advertise a year or so ago near Piqua. Got her new digits and payed her a visit the next day. Awsome visit in quite location! She trying to stay utr but is still receiving a few new ones. Saw Torri again the other day. Safe location and totally unrushed. Same here, it just gets better for me with her, 3rd time enjoy the conversation and her company almost as much as her off the charts skills and body.

Strikes me she functions at a very high level raising those children and all of her other responsibilities. I'm biased now, but I have a great deal of respect for her and discount circumstantial reports if any that she is anything other than a tier one provider and human being. All the times that I've seen her I have never noticed anything out of the ordinary but Complete pleasure, Always alert always a 10 of always a great time I've never seen anything out of the usual so I would say go see her she's amazing.

I just signed up, but have been around for a while. Hopefully you will answer me. Is it Jessica who used to post I Piqua you are talking about. I saw her multiple times. I'm interested in this Torri and coming in town for the holidays and was trying to see her after hearing of these good reviews.

Anyway I can get the info for her? Also want to know if this is worth it or not. She is legit and sometimes on but sometimes offers lackluster service. Just had another great visit with Torri. As with every time I've visited my toes were curled the groaned with great pleasure. Pops had by both of us. Oral was amazing and covered full service was just what was needed.

Great attitude and still one of the safest locations in the area with no sign of troubles by me. I've noped away from situations that make me uncomfortable. There are ladies on my never see again list. She's not on that list. Was a pleasant experience. Both ladies knew their way around. I am Based out in Indy after seeing all the posts about Torri.

Interested in seeing her. Anyone who can pm her Info would be appreciated. She used to advertise on BP. She got busted with some guy in Kettering for running a brothel in the houses behind Town and Country. I never saw her, someone else will have to comment on quality of service. If she got busted they may have her phone and contact list.

Could be mining it by contacting guys. I never saw her, someone else will have to comment on quality of service.. She's a rare gem for this area and I hope she can hold up. Can you guys back off a little and give her some breathing room? Sheesh, have some compassion for a working Mom. I met her few times. She also posts ads on CL on her own. Her location on s-pike is an apartment on 3rd floor. She has a roommate with some odd and limited hours of privacy.

She goes by different names. She is light skinned AA and bbw. Easy to talk to. I enjoyed my time with her. She called and texted me few times with some little drama which was not an issue.

If anyone interested to know about the drama can pm me. I also remember during one of our meetings that she is from Louisville, KY. Some of her pictures have spectacles on. She is near Dixie and needmore. No anal incall only. Roses in hand before anything happens. I met her in the past. My experiences were not too great and bad. She used to operate from a motel near dayton mall area. There are few other reviews on her. Some of her ADs are misleading too.

In one such AD she claimed to be a student. After couple of bad experiences with her, I never seen her again. She must have changed now, never know. This conversation can help many other mongers. Just to understand the verification process. Can anyone shed some light on what verification process can a monger agree to without going too far. What are some of the common "verification" that providers use.

Any input is appreciated. NONE that requires a photo since they can Google Image it and find your real identity your place of business or anything else that can tie to your real identity. Never agree to using a credit card for a rerence site even if it is only one dollar.

You can give a provider reference if oyu have a cooperative provider. The best is simply tell them to look on HERE for your status and a history of your postings. Thanks for the info, I am have been reading the page for awhile but still had some concerns on this topic. I have had a couple gals want my I. On here even though I wasn't active but if I gave them my I. And emailed them thru here for the meet up?

Then I would not be anonymous anymore. She may keep it to herself? Then again if she passed it on then what, I just felt uncomfortable about doing that, for me anyhow?

Seems best to remain as anonymous as possible? I am thinking I do not want anyone to know who I am? Or am I over thinking this? LOL I just gave up on them and moved on to someone else but more input would be appreciated. BM, if you are talking about the Brianna with the wrap on her forearm from an injury, I also lost contact abruptly back in mid October.

I have also been a little bit concerned about her and hoping she is ok. BM, if you are talking about the Brianna with the wrap on her forearm from a nagging injury, I also lost contact with her abruptly back in mid Oct. Nice girl and very sexy, but was definitely going through some tough times. I"ve been a bit worried about her also. What's it matter if they know your made up screen name. There should be no identifying info associated with it so doesn't matter.

She was fun to be with, enjoyed herself as much as I did. More times too, the minx. Yep, the last I heard from her she was going to Montanna, but those pictures that were posted before of the couple in Kettering really did look like her. With all the drama that has occurred with her in the past, anything is possible.

She is pleasant soul, but there is too much drama with her. I agree, she can be deceptive and trick you with pictures of other girls mixed in with her's that were taken years ago. She wants your money, and she does not seem to care if you ever come back.

I don't think she is worth checking out, those of us that saw her five or more years ago were not thrilled then. First time I've seen this SkipTheGames site mentioned.

How legit are the ads on there? I think for the most part you will see the same ads as you do on BP. There have been a few that I didn't see on BP, but never contacted anyone from that site. But regardless, use caution. Add me to the list of fans. I'm appreciative of any gal that is having a good time like I am.

She's remarkably easy to communicate with and set up time with. Can't add a lot more to existing reviews. Has anyone seen her? She has a tattoo on her upper arm that ebbs with a flower on her chest. She also used to dance at the Harem. Shout out to the senior who shared her contact information.

I sent her an email--she has no phone--and set up a date in Enon. My experience was exactly like Ho Beau's. She has a crappy little room. But it was fine--it did not impede the deed. She is a nice woman. Not the spectacular beauty she once was. But she has a great chest, and is a willing and fun partner. I would repeat if I was in the area. I won't go far out of my way, but she is nice and fun if you are not involved in her drama. Had anyone seen her lately? I saw her back during the summer before she was in Enon.

A quick check of her facebook reveals lots of drama, homeless it appears, a bad about with bed bugs and skin issues, another failed relationship, and just in general problem after problem.

Way too much drama to interest me in ever meeting up again. Do you have her contact info? Enon is pretty close for me. Remember to make sure your thanksgving meal is properly prepared by inserting your thermometer and insuring your meal is hot, juicy and prepared according to the recommendations of the National Meat Foundation.

To the ladies offering specials might make sure they are out and open for view and good through the weekend. It is the season for pleasin and consuming main courses and any side dishes that might be available. You probably don't need to post this same question in every thread. I would guess most of the regular readers here check all the current thread posts. Fun girl, sweet too. Bring a raincoat or you'll be limited. Definitely a spinner 5'4" about lbs. She will negotiate that upon return adventures.

We've met roughly 6 times with nothing but a willingness to please, takes directions well, as the saying goes "you can have it your way".

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She could use visits like others have said and provided an amazing time like she always does. That's a perfect description of the Scarlett Dream experience and you simply won't' believe what you have been missing if you meet her. But I stuck with my original plans. Brunette sporting blonde highlights right now. She has specials going on I understand so run do not walk to try her out You will be glad you did She literally loves what she does and the more the better. However for a "tip" he gets to see the puppies.
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