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I am overly careful and anything that seems a little strange puts me off for kelowna swinger own safety. Busty 38H all natural and 54" hips. Mature Neat Sweet Fun Petite!. Nikki, Nicole, nicala, Elizabeth, Candi escorts sarasota, and Jaz la belle. She is posting on BP but she has told me she is leaving Friday. Not bad, Candi escorts sarasota know that I would repeat the dream any time soon as just not what I was looking for.
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Quite firm at times. She's friendly but aggressive as would be expected from someone who specializes in fetish when she's not massaging. At some point she asked me to flip and said she'd be back when we'd have some fun She reappeared with bra and panties, which she soon discarded as she gave me a little striptease.

Her breasts are perky but smaller than you'd expect on a woman that size, and although she has a few pounds on her her butt is nice, and her pussy is very attractive. She bent over in front of me and fingered herself for a minute, which was nice, then climbed on top of me in reverse cowgirl position and rubbed on me and she allows touching of everything but her pussy.

She tugged on my balls quite firmly, and made jokes about how she had me right where she wanted me, etc. Then she went into the closet and put on some latex gloves and I knew I was in trouble. To finish me off she gave me a prostate massage and jerked me off, with some nice hard dirty talk about making me shoot across the room, etc.

The only thing I didn't like was she started spitting on my cock, which I know some people like but I don't care for it, especially since she doesn't offer a shower afterwards. And she uses a lot of oil, so beware if you have things to do afterwards before you can get somewhere and rinse off.

She really gets into her work, so I can recommend her with the few cautions noted in the review. Can't go wrong with Spice, she is a no BS good time. Summer is very petite, discreet, and sweet. She's also very clean and straight up. And my dream about her skills was that they are above normal. I was out strolling on 41 again this morning and ran into some talent from Backpage. The Asian girl is super hot.

Check them out before they leave. I've seen desiree before very nice ebony, looks better in person than in her pics. Does anyone have info on this one? I assume then that Summers pictures are accurate, yes?

Summer is very petite. She said she took those pictures of herself, which is why they're a bit blurry. I did see some of the same photos used in an ad by a girl in another city - Tampa or Orlando, I think, and wondered. I really cannot categorically state that they're her, but I'm willing to say they could be her. Visiting from Raleigh, called her number seems very professional and polite on the phone. I will post if I do. Her pictures are somewhat accurate the one's posted appear to be Pre-Child since she now has some stretch marks on her stomach and breasts but still a decent body.

All in all I would repeat. Who are willing to share all! Anyone have any experience or comments on this lady? Looking for some descreet, but playfull, fun, openminded company? Tired of wasting your everything on not getting exactly what you want and need? Then give me a call, i am fun, slim, pretty feet, thick full smile, and a nice round bottom, i am very into just doing whatever you and I both feel comfy exploring!

Looks do not matter to me, its what kind of fun you're into having! Oh I travel to sarasota, saintpete, and south clearwater, and largo, if you want me to come to your place and be your company.

Thank you, everyone is appriciated and made known that you are! I saw nothing by way of reports about Tammy from our brothers in Raleigh. I found ad's for this phone number for Tammy,Tammi and a male escort by the name of Mike. Which may or may not be an issue! Thanks for the Intel I saw nothing by way of reports about Tammy from our brothers in Raleigh. Anybody enjoyed the company of weekend resident Holly? Well I arrive in Tampa and she never answers the phone. Left numerous messages, never heard back.

Oh well guess the nature of the biz. Not saying don't try her number, just posting my results. Had a session with this provider based on a PM from another member, my session varied somewhat from his. She gives a nice massage and rubs you all over.

And I mean all over, ass and all. She ends up nude and climbing on you. You cannot touch her but she will be all over you. She also pulls out a vibrator and stands next to you with her pussy right next to your face and lets you stick it in her while she enjoys.

Eventually there's a nice HE.. Afterwards she'll take a shower with you. No touching in there but she'll soap you down" In my case she did give an awesome massage, rubbed everywhere, did talk way too much about tantra and how it's supposed to heal your whole body etc. However on the flip she did not get naked topless only maybe due to the fact she was 7 months pregnant, plus no vibrator show for me, when it came to the HE she said she does not do that but she will dance for me and I can take care of it myself which I did.

She did then take me to a shower and wash me down which was nice. I wonder if the forum member that sent the pm got the same service? Hell, we can stay home and beat off right? LOL, that thought crossed my mind but hey you can't win em all so lesson learned and on to the next one! I did a search of the boards and I didn't find anything. Anyone have any experience with Jaysha? I have not seen her but there are reviews and replies on "escorts.

I had done some research on this board regarding Angelina, as she was visiting Tampa, so I thought I'd thank you all, and post my review here as well. Wound up having a dream of Angelina while she was visiting Tampa. Her picture is accurate and she actually wore the black outfit. She is a slight bbw, but extremely cute. And while they may not be the "best" boobs in the biz, they are nice.

As for my activity, started off with some Lfk, and attention on her breasts, which led to a cbj then the main course. Nice hotel not a rat trap.

She was clean, no smell of smoke, and she was friendly. Yyvm, but I wouldn't mind seeing her again. There is a reason that you have not seen any reports on her.

That aside I dreamt that she has too many rules about touch, and what you can and can't do. I dreamt that things did come to an ending and I walked away less backed up, but I was regretting having that dreamon the way home.

Have you guys noticed that some of the ladies walking the streets lately look better than the ladies running ads on BP? I am amazed at the low quality advertising lately. Maybe they need to post better photos. There is no way I will spend on a BP sw when I can find better quality on our streets for 25 - BHNot seen to many at all on the streets.

Maybe they are avoiding me. Not seen to many at all on the streets. If you go back to the post you called the BS flag on my post and re-read it you may find a tip about mongering the streets of Sarasota. I said It takes some gas and time burning if you have the time and money but they are out there.

I am only posting this as an answer to your question. If you want to score in this town you have to drive and look a whole bunch. The pay off is running across many interesting finds. They are popping up all over now. These grounds have been dead for years and now due to the economy ladies are doing what they have to do to survive.

Do some driving if you are looking for a score in our area. I have lived here for 20yrs. Never had a hint of a SW. Though I must admit I am no expert. Have tried Sarasota and FM, when in those areas, but usually end up calling a lady. Speaking of which does anyone have any info on an ebony beauty on BP, Jasmine. Not sure if anyone noticed or has visited her. She is like 16 on Tigers list of mistresses. Spoke to her on the phone and she seemed very energetic. I did a quick search on this board and came up empty.

I seem to remember reading somewhere a less than favorable review for Devon. Was that the ho that said of Tiger, "datmybabydaddy? I think it was on Travslist where I saw some not so good reviews of her. Kinda like she upsells once she gets you there after you already pay. Not worth the hassle, other, better girls in Sarasota. I seem to remember a scathing review on TL - Sarasota quite a while back. It is no longer there.

It seemed more like a rant than a review. She wanted too much money for her average looks on the old non pro photos she was using. I am glad that I chose not to see her after she made Tiger Woods texts and everything she had saved public. This one saves info on clients and I am not taking chances on a provider who could turn over your info to LE if caught or even try and blackmail you.

She may have gotten 15 minutes of fame from telling on Tiger, but she lost an credibility with me as a safe provider. She took any temptation away from me she had with her new photos that Bubba plastered everywhere on his site when she became a rat. Curious if anyone has experienced or has any intel on this one? Thanks for your time. Felt like a scam, but I could be wrong. I called and made a date usually 2 call system she was in a gated condo in sar.

She was'nt home but I waited for her at the gate. I followed her to the condo and we chatted outside for a few and went inside. I got comfortable and she has you lay down for a massage to break the tension after a little bit do a flip and she has removed all her clothes.

She has a nice body huge tits and a great ass now she asks what i want and i say the works but she only offers a hand job or you can upgrade to oral for a little more no fs on first date ever. So i go for a cbj she says its her specialty but i have had better. I really want to fuck her so I call a few weeks later she answers the phone and I guess she saved my number because she answers HI Al.

So I decided to pass 2 much to pay for not being sure that I can get what I want and I'm sure thats for only 1 cup Stay safe, Al. Use to frequent Gabby a few years ago.

She got me hooked in the hobby. Anyone have info on these three and if they are still active? The ladies advertised are certainly hot but the location is so open right on 41 I have no clue how they are still in business, uncle leo was all over the place in marked units I am sure there were undercover watching as well.

I will do a little more recon and might stop in, Of course I will report my findings! Has anyone heard any intel on the place? Don't be fooled by this one.

The photos in the ad are hers but that must have been before she burned herself out on the drugs. She is good for now is a BBJ but that is about it. She goes by the name of McKenzi. Seriously, your money is better spent elsewhere. Sorry I cant post links. Anyway she looked like a 4 on sw scale. Decent bbbj and average covered fs.

She was super druggeed up and had the smelliest pussy. Are you saying her ad is misleading? I feel it is important to have respect for one an other as well as it is to take good care of yourself as far as personal hygiene goes as well as it is for me". I decided to see Alex Starr this week. I asked her if she provided FS, and she said yes. I set up a half hour appointment for her South Sarasota location.

She arrived 15 minutes late. We got comfortable and she started rubbing her bolt-ons on my hydraulics. When I started playing with her bolt-ons, she asked me not to touch her right bolt-on because it hurt.

She then started a BBBJ, which was pretty good. I told her to put the condom on so we could get to the main course. She then informed me that she did not do penetration in a 30 minute session. I told her that she said on the telephone that she did FS.

She said that she said that because she "didn't want to disappoint me. She then said that she would do penetration for. She finally agreed to penetration and put the condom on. But by then I was pissed and I wasn't fully ten-hut, so penetration wasn't possible. She had a nice personality, but I wouldn't repeat. That seems to be the name of the game.

It's the old stripper upsell. There's nothing wrong with politely trying to ask how much You need to bring for the full monty. A lot of girls just don't like to offer it, or worse You get there like you did and an extra 2 on top of basically a 60 dollar door fee.

Of course she SAID yes, but was waiting till Ya a hard on and was hoping common sense would take a back seat. So was it for a half assed bbj and don't touch the tatas? I can see your reasoning. If she'd said yes to your FS question for the hour and no for the half-hour, would you have just done the full hour? No, for two reasons.

I had an appointment and didn't have time for an hour, and I usually don't do an hour the first time I am with a provider. Bummer No, it was for a pretty good bbbjcim, and only touch the left tata. I could also play with her kitty. I feel it is important to have respect for one an other as well as it is to take good care of yourself as far as personal hygiene goes as well as it is for me"HAHA!

I doubt she even wrote those words. Once you talk to her on the phone you will see she can barely put together a coherent sentence! I thought she left the area. She is still here. BTW, if you call and get a voice telling you that Mckenzie was just borrowing her phone and has her own phone now, it is a lie. The voice is her and she was doing that because she thought the heat was on her.

Thats a new one even for her. I'd rather whack it with a cheese grater than get a surprize with her at the door. Saw her about 8 months ago. By her new pics. The drugs have done its toll. She looks way drugged out in her pics and just looks like if she's doing meth she's messing herself up. Anyway, she did have a good attitude and was into it GFE style, for bbj and FS and was staying at a mid range hotel at the time. Would repeat based off that experience, but now from the reports of how downhill she's gone, probably won't.

I've seen this ad for some time but always had a distant fuzzy pic. She is now posting better pics and looks interesting. Has anyone had an opportunity to try her out? I can't find anything any of the other boards. There was a post a little while ago where she got picked up in a SW bust. Never heard of anyone seeing her.

The split front teeth is a little wierd. I was actually interested in seeing her. Gives me some second thoughts. That is pretty messed up.

I think I'll pass. Thanks for doing the research and posting. Yeah, not sure where her mindset is to do something like that. I am glad we have this board. We all have to stick together, share information and look out for eachother. I read the artical thinking it was old not that that makes it any better. Went back to see a date.

WOW, It less than a month ago. They were running a passel of young girls at the complex of hotels at I and S. All their posts disappeared as of today, except for this. Looking for new meat. I won't be back if Sophia Loren's 23 year old body suddenly showed up for work for them. Save you penny's and bring asbestos gloves- HOT! Seniors only via PM. Just letting my fellow gentlemen know I spent a hour with lexi and it was well worth it.

Anyone else seen her. She just changed her name to layla also. The dream team is a fraud its run by tammy a 39 year old blonde. Don't trust them or her. But sexi lexi has nothing to do with them she is independent I'm a regular of hers. Visited awhile back 60 gets you everything covered. Don't waste your time on this one. She had a real hostile edge to her. Very prickly about everything. Moreover she could not stop talking about how much she hated coming to sarasota and how the people here sucked.

I'm new here, been lurking a while. Was curious if any one has tried these or has intel? I assume you mean the lady who is listed in BP as 42 and a huge rack. Thats the one, there is also one named Blair that looks kinda similar. The link you show is Anita. Those pictures are completely fake. She does have a nice rack. But she is much older and a plumper than the pictures. I just got a massage. I assume xtras are available. She just wasn't my type. So I saved my cash. I haven't seen Blair. But search the board there is intel on her.

From what I remember, pictures are legit. Bolt ons which were nice. Something about not being able to touch one of them because it's sore. Also something about her being hesitant about offering FS on the date. It may have been a YMMV. Anyone experience one of Jenna's sensual rub downs? I know at least one of the photos is fake. Showed up on tineye. I called her once.

She sounds cute and young as hell. Have met with her a few times now. Have enjoyed her company greatly and will continue to see her. She was into making sure I was pleased. Never felt rushed, and she is able to hold conversations before, between, and after. Price doesn't hurt either. Tonite I met a new lady who just arrived in town. Her name is Kira. The photos she has posted on BP are her but she looks way better than the photos.

Her service was very close to GFE. She is beautiful, friendly, she enjoys making you happy and she bent over backwards to please me. She really got into it. If she stays around I will be checking in again. She and her roomate do smoke, not too heavy but her place smelled a little smokey.

When we were kissing and during our time together she didn't smell or taste of smoke. She is a very clean and hot woman. I really enjoyed her visit. Just want some info on her to see if she is legit. I want to visit her but wanted to see if anyone had info. Curious has anyone seen this young lady? I have seen her advertising on and off again for the past year or so.

Any info would be great. Not bad but nothing to write home about. If I remember things specific. And mentioned kinda mechanical. Of course this is second hand information, and of course YMMV. But thought I would try to help with the little info I had. She's been in the are for quite some time. Kind of chubby, a lot of rules, nasty stretch marks, and not all that good.

I saw her on a cheap special, busted a couple of nuts and hauled ass out of there. Needless to say, I did not repeat. Not sure what the deal is with this chick but the first photo of the girl laying on the couch is not her. Its a girl in tampa named Jena. Here is the fake ad: Its usually a bad visit when you see someone who is stealing photos from others. I'm a sucker for red heads. Does anyone have any insight on Veronica http: Pics pass the tineye test, but the image filenames mention Jenn.

That's all I got. Shares the same number as Eden in Polk Cty who has no reviews either. Well, a proper search using A buddy from my usual board in Denver also turned up this employment ad http: On the other hand Renea http: Accurate pictures, no upselling, providing competent service. Does anyone have any info on this girl?

I have been looking but nothing to show for it. Please let me know. Ad for an employment agency Dream Team at http: Leana's ad was cashed on Google. I also found a Lexi ad http: All of this throws up caution flags.

Yes she is the real deal and she got a special going on right now for 20min. I took a long look at this ad. The second picture shows up on TinEye with 6 results. The first pic does not. Otherwise if she looks like the pic.

Thanks for the reply but I was wondering regarding your info bc your older post's state that your were her regular but then you post another that states that you wanted to get info on her.

The last post was after the fact that you already stated you were a regular. Also what do you mean by the "real deal" that can mean many things. Not trying to bust your balls but it makes your comments a little questionable. Its 2 different lexi's one goes by sexi lexi and she spanish and then their is a white girl who goes by lexi and I was referring to the white one when I wanted info.

Does that help a little more. Has anyone had any experience with this one? Every once in a while her ad pops up. My travels take me close to her area. Anybody have any info? Any reports on Joy at massage de salon or heavenly touch Taylena Englewood and is there just one venice massage now and is in Englewood. If you want a good time go see Ashley. Its the ones that don't post any photos and really think someone is going to call.

Nothing says sexy female like a big ugly pink ring. Those of you who are here in sarasota know which ad I am referring to. I received enough info through PM's to pass on this one. Thank you to all that guided me away. That is the value of this board. All of us have to look out for eachother and all of us will gain from the benefits.

So I started investigating further and came up with several positive reviews on national sites and a webpage http: They were shutting down for the night, but I was close so they said,"OK. Upon arrival I grabbed a quick rinse in the shower and the fun began. The pictures are accurate, their bodies delightful. I did have to concentrate to understand through their accent.

But who was there for conversation? Sometimes tag team, sometime sandwich. I definitely had my hands full. Not exactly a full hr, but reasonably priced for a double. So I started investigating further and came up with several positive reviews on national sites and a webpage: Intelligent, Slender, fit, clean, smooth, wet, tight. Full menu except no greek salad and she spits.

Woke up from great GFE dream. If I'm back in the area I'll try to dream of her again! And thereby miss a good time. These gals were VERY safety concious with frequent cover changes. They tag-team VERY well. Hi I was on this site a few years ago under da1instp I'mback and wanted to start postin my experiences. Deliah great price and service. Offered discount for future trips. Offered bodyrub with titties out. Asked for more and she just did the HJ.

Joy in englewood is strictly massage. She talks a lot too LOL. Also saw CL ad I forget her name but has office downtown srq. Very hot but only masssage. I'm still learning what to look for so I've made a few investments being left unsatisfied. Hoping to help and get some help From you all. Who are the good FS providers? Who do I stay away from? Oh yeah also been to AMP japan sauna and was not impressed she said.

I'd rather have CBJ than a spitter. It just destroys the mood when she runs off to the bathroom or opens the car door. Now NQNS is a different story.

I enjoy the after sensations as much as the release itself. But my original point was that even if it was CBJ, two gals paying attention to willie for the price of one is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I saw Candi today and as usual she does not disappoint. She was an absolute GFE lovers dream with ridiculous sex appeal.

A true one of a kind. I've seen this BP Advert for some time. FlagrandI've heard she delivers as promised, extras OK, I believe. I've seen her use different names like Karis, Noelle ect. Was wondering what I can expect from her. Is she full service GFE? Will she allot me the full hr? Thanks in advance for any info. I've heard she delivers as promised, extras OK, I believe. Rub is subparSomebody said she did her work in a hot shead behind her home once.

Candi is the best our area has to offer in my opinion. You will not find a better GFE experience. She's hot as hell and is extremely sexy. Does she deliver a bag for that face? Ok is she in escort or bodyrub?

Having trouble finding her. Man I put all my info on here as far as. Experiences and I only get 1 response thanks for the one but damn forum help a brother out LOL. I enjoy my time with Gabby Formerly Kari. She allowed pictures, nice BBJ no swallow. She is a nice person who has had to deal with a lot in her life.

Full service was good and I have been with her four times. I will send pics privately as she has not agreed to me putting them on the web. Just tell her her car dealer friend from the south sent you.

She is a really great girl. Loves what she does. If she likes you she will blow your mind. She is full service GFE. Treat her with respect and it'll be one of the better hours of your life. I was rained out at the Lakeland air-show last Thursday and decided to go and see Candi, luckily for me she was available on short notice and squeezed me in just before dinnertime which cut my meeting a little short.

Wow what an experience it was. Next time I need to take more time. She definitely is my ATF on the west coast, wish I was closer. It's a 4 hour drive for me to get there. Has anyone seen Madison before? I spoke with her on the phone, and she seemed friendly, she sent me some pics which looked good. Her prices were decent.

And she isn't too far from me. She has relocated from Port Charlotte to Englewood, so I was hoping maybe someone has had an experience with her before. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks brothersI have been with her many times over the years. She has gotten a little heavy, but she is picture friendly, will dress up and do anything you want.

Only no greek on the menu. PM me for pics. I saw her recently as well. No condoms and was ok with it? Is this the norm or a way out of FS? Also was offered with or without raincoat. She saw me on short notice and was well worth the visit. Definitely will be repeating. What is it with these girls offering FS with no condom? I see more and more of that lately. Anyone catch anything from these providers that do that?

What girls have you seen that are offering this? I would like to know to steer clear of them. I see a few of you have been with Krissy. She is also on the Tampa Bukkake page under the name Cathy. Your favorite sweetheart, Rain. Check me out on instagram My body is like a playground. Sweet, clean, safe, and discrete. You don't want to miss seeing these huge ta-tas ;.

Read all of my ad: My personality is just as sweet, so be cautious cause I tend to be very addictive! Text Busty Gianna No drugs or thugs! I do NOT send pictures. You you want to have a great time come see me. I have many pictures online.. I do NOT send any so don't ask. Hey daddy I want to suck every drop of cum out of your dick I wan spit to be running down your ball with your toes curling I love being nasty girl. If you like freaky big girl come see me tia The perfect girlfriend Do you have a sweet tooth?

Is it inner calm or relaxation that you seek? When it comes to Pinellas. Thank of our time together as a retreat. A chance to recharge your batteries and face the rest of the week with a sunnier disposition than you ever imagined possible.

A purr of a kitten, the giggle of the one that got away, and the smile of a sunbeam; I am the perfect mixture of the light and sultriness. Raised a true Florida girl, my skin is sunkissd and my booty delicious and ready. My big brown eyes will capture your attention and you may never want to look away.

Our time together is something you will never forget and leave you only wanting more. I am witty and bright but still as sweet as a kitten, my giggle is enchanting, you are sure to be enchanted.

I am excited to meet you! So what are you waiting for? Look at my website www. Just ask me for more info. Soooooo excited to see you and be in your arms. Come enjoy a non rushed experience that will leave you craving for more. I love what I do and so will you. Very exotic and ready to please. I'm available to provide sensual company here at my incall location. Call or text when you're ready to relax and enjoy yourself. Are u looking for a sexy BBW who enjoys ur company as much as u enjoy theirs?

Call me anytime Ali. Hey guy,My name is Alicia. Hi I'm Kayla, I am a short thick curvy Latina. I have big boobs and a soft big butt the Curves in all the right places. I'm very reliable and have great reviews. Looking for serious people only over the age of 25 no thugs no drugs. I do in call doing out calls as well in the pinellas county. North pinellas today Thank you so much for speaking up for me.

I have a very nice sense of humor I love having a great time and leaving a smile on everyone's face including mine:

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Looks do not matter to me, its what kind of fun you're into having! Took the board's advise and drove north to see Candi. Anybody have any info? She has a friend who I think lives with her and who was also available. The pay off is running across many interesting finds. I assume then that Summers pictures are accurate, yes? I really cannot categorically state that they're her, but I'm willing to say they could be her.
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