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Some of my female friends often ask the same cookie cutter questions when they have men in front of them that are dating neutral: This submitted swinger your opportunity to create those great memories with christian dating questions. Children Do you want any? Does he want to make a difference in the world for Christian dating questions Remember to simply listen and respond with kind banter. These questions are to be introduced into common conversation. These questions were progressive in nature and were freely integrated into the conversation where appropriate.
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If they seem offended or taken back by your questions, this could also be a sign of how they resolve conflict. These questions are to be introduced into common conversation. This question uncovers the depth of friendships in their life. It is uncommon for men to have deep emotional friendships with other men. What you are looking for is the emotional and intellectual depth that aligns with yours. Also, that they have people involved in their life. I am a firm believer that there is no wrong answer to this.

What you are looking for here are the things you are comfortable with that coincide with your history. This is a great way to get them talking. Remember to simply listen and respond with kind banter. This will tell you a lot about what turns them off and about their attitude toward the opposite sex in general. You can also determine their position in leadership. Do they like to lead a relationship or are they a follower?

This will also reveal their general mindset and expectations. If they speak of things that are unrealistic, and the relationship moves forward, you may have to deal with unrealistic expectations.

This is a great place to ask good follow-up questions. With this question you can get a sense of where they are in their walk with Christ and their core values. This is also where you will find out HOW Christian they are. Do you believe in abstinence before marriage? All of these things are revealed with this question. Spiritually speaking, you are always looking for someone who is at the same level or who has greater maturity. The broken heart question is by far one of the ones that uncover the most for me.

It should be asked at the correct time when past relationships naturally enter the conversation. We have all had our hearts broken one time or another. So the answer, unless you are 16, should be yes. Special attention to words is necessary during this part of the conversation. What should be closely observed is the direction they take and if it turns negative. If you are observant, this question will reveal if their heart is tied to the past.

At the end of the day, if it is raining out and I choose to go outside without an umbrella, I am going to get wet. I can choose to take responsibility for not bringing the umbrella, or blame the rain. Most will blame the rain.

Finally, if you have someone in front of you who has had their heart broken many times, this may be a red flag. As you closely observe you may find that they have an issue with guarding their heart and emotional judgement in dating.

These are the people who easily fall in and out of love multiple times. They find themselves the victims rather than victorious in singleness. Having a simple set of questions allows you to start to get a clearer picture of the person in front of you. You will want to continue to ask good questions around who they are and how they do life. This also means that you must ask yourself the same questions.

Any date that has answered these questions for me almost always ask for my answer. If you decide to move forward with a second date, you can start to ask some self-reflection questions to test each interaction. People can sense if you are more concerned about the destination of relationship and marriage than you are about knowing who they truly are. Asking great questions allows you to do both. They enable you to see things clearly while plotting a course for the future.

They look at the past with fondness. This is your opportunity to create those great memories with someone. Validating Marriage for Children of Divorce. Is Serving Jesus Biblical? Proper Healing From Pain. Letting Go — 4 Healthy ways to cope with breakups. He who mocks the poor, says Proverbs Does he exhibit the traits of Jesus? Does he forgive those who hurt him or does he enjoy nursing a grudge and plotting revenge? Is he generous toward others?

Does he stand up for what's right? Does he care about the poor and the downtrodden? My friend Gary Collins, a Christian psychologist, put it this way: Nobody is perfect and we are all tempted to sin, but the true Christ-follower shows signs of becoming more like the master.

Who does he spend his time with? Birds of a feather do tend to flock together. You can learn a lot about his discernment and what he values by looking at who he shares his time with. Is he constantly pulled toward the "in-crowd" whose main activities would be anything but pleasing to God, or does he seek relationships with Christians who can encourage him to grow in his faith and lovingly hold him accountable? Do not be misled, says 1 Corinthians Does he care about bringing the Gospel to those who haven't heard it?

People whose hearts have been transformed by Christ feel motivated to share their faith with others. But someone who's a Christian in name only sees no reason to bring the message of Jesus to those who haven't heard it. As one ancient saint said: Is he honest about the little things in life? Integrity means there's a consistency between a person's beliefs and behavior or between his character and creed. Does he have a reputation for being trustworthy, or is he known for trying to cleverly cut ethical corners?

One woman said her boyfriend's character was revealed when a waiter accidentally gave them the bill for another table. Instead of pointing out the error, he tried to quickly pay the lesser amount and leave - until she stopped him.

Seemingly small acts of dishonesty often reveal the true state of a person's heart. The godly walk with integrity, says Proverbs Through what lenses does he see the world?

We all view life through one kind of lens or another. Genuine Christianity is a way of seeing and comprehending all reality. Does he recognize and apply the Bible as the foundation for his whole life?

Does he take responsibility for his actions? Is he quick to candidly admit when he has made a mistake or does he try to justify his actions even when they were clearly wrong? Does he gloss over his own sinfulness or blame others for things he did? Instead, they "admit errors and sinfulness, seek forgiveness from God and from others who might have been harmed, make restitution when possible, and go on - determined not to let a similar situation happen again.

Does he possess humility? Jesus spoke out forcefully against pride, and Micah 6: Does this individual always have to be right? Does he hog credit or generously praise the contributions of others? Does he constantly put himself first and think he knows better than everyone else?

Humility is a quiet recognition that all we have and are comes from God. It is an attitude that is open to new insights and has little concern about inflating our ego or enhancing our image.

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Also, that they have people involved in their life. Vivvy November 7, at What do you see as my weakest character qualities? Ten minutes later we prayed, grabbed some food, and all finally took our seats. If you have dated before how did your relationships break-up?