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I have already submitted a question. Hummel Figurines are each hand painted so there are many variations. What is that ts donna escort Hummel signature again on the base. The current trademark dating a hummel TMK-8 which has been in use since Other Goebel products will bear a different mark than that used on Hummel pieces.
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This new trademark was a bee with sharp angular wings, the wing tips are parallel with the top of the V. The Stylized Bee, sometimes abbreviated as Sty-Bee, appeared in three basic forms through This form of bumblebee was used one way or another until A new trademark was introduced and ran concurrent with TMK Developed and occasionally used as early as , this major change is known by some collectors as the Last Bee mark as the next change in the trademark failed to incorporate any form of the V and Bee.

This time they started printing the name Goebel with the Stylized Bee and V above the name and positioned between the letters b and e. Generally the mark was placed under the glaze from and is found placed over the glaze In a new trademark was introduced which is easy to distinguish. The Goebel name remained, but the company removed the Bee and V from above the name and added W. Germany under the name. In conjunction with this change, the company instituted the practice of adding the date to the traditional artists mark after the artist finished painting the piece.

Because the white overglaze pieces are usually unpainted, it would be reasonable to assume that the date is omitted on them. In another trademark change was needed. The Goebel name and Germany remained and the W. Also the original crown was added under the word Germany.

The mark illustrated here is for exclusive use on Goebel products made from the paintings and drawings of M. Other Goebel products will bear a different mark than that used on Hummel pieces. This new trademark was used until the year The only item that remains is the name Goebel, but they added a very large Bumblebee. Your figurine has 2 datestamps on it because it is a transitional piece. The blank figurine was stamp in the era and the finished piece was stamped with the datestamp. I have a Ars Sacra Hummel of a girl holding a doll.

It has both a B Hummel and a Herbert Dubler stamp on it. Where can I find its value? I also have a boy similar to the one at the top of this page- taking a big step forward, umbrella in the right hand but a dog is on his left side. It has the M I Hummel stamp on the top of the base but no V mark on the bottom.

There is an ink stamp that says Made in Germany and a tiny number stamp that is hard to read but might be 01 or The raised portion on the bottom is an oval rather than a circle like my other MI Hummels. Is this a counterfeit or could it be a very early MI Hummel? It looks older than my other ones. This Hummel is Hummel 7 it is called Merry Wanderer. There are many variations of this Hummel figurine. I would need to know the size of this figurine and the age to give you a accurate value.

Without seeing a picture and knowing some information I can not give you an estimated value. I have recently inherited a small collection of Hummels and would really appreciate some help in pricing these fine pieces.

These Hummel names and numbers do not match. Is there any other numbers on your Hummel figurines? These numbers should be on the bottom of the base along with a Goebel backstamp. You can use my Hummel age guide to help you find the age of your Hummel figurines. I have a hummel 86 of a little girl hholding a basket with one hand and a flower with the other.

My mother has a small painting signed by Hummel. It shows a boy and a girl sitting on a fence. He is playing the flute whilst they are looking at some resting sheep. Can you tell me anything about the value? Unfortunately these paintings do not have much value. I have a hummel 80, i believe it is a little boy and a little girl standing under a big umbrella. The boy is holding a walking stick. The Hummel number 80 is a different Hummel then you have described.

Can you please check the number on the bottom? Could you please tell me the value of this piece. Can you help me? From your description this sounds like it maybe a Goebel figurine not a Hummel. I will need to know the age of these Hummels. You can date them by the backstamp on the bottom of the figurines. You can then compare the stamp to the following age guide. Hummel has a A-E version each one is a different Hummel. I have a rubber? Any idea as to its value? I am not sure of the value of this doll.

I would advise consulting an Hummel specialist. You can also consult an auction house for an estimate of value. I have a Hummel with a blue V on bottem and M. Hummel on back of figurines base, W. Germany marking, with date od on bottom. This piece in perfect condition. Can you please tell me the vaule of it. Thank You Terry Georgio.

It also has what looks to be a number stamp 75 on it. I am not able to maek out what it is. But it looks like a round circle, or a blue round cylinder shape to it. Any help with this? After the war they stopped using the W.

As for the mark you are describing I would need to see a picture of it. You can email one to me at admin antique-hq. Bruce, This Hummel comes in a variety of sizes can you please tell me how tall this Hummel figurine is?

I have a Ars Sacra Hummel with the date on it and the foil stamp on the bottom. The figure is of a boy sitting down with his legs straight out in front of him and a bird is sitting on his shoes. It is approximately 3 inches tall.

Can you tell me the value. There should be a number on the bottom of the figurine. Can you please tell me what number this is? There is no number on the bottom of the figurine. The bottom is covered in green felt and has a foil sticker that reads: The only other marking on the figure is along the side of the base which reads C Herbert Bubler Inc. Just wanted to check back to see if you got my post regarding the lack of a on my figurine.

If you have any idea what it might be worth, I would love to know. I was asking you about a hummel back in may. I sent you a photo as you asked; Just wondering if you have had a chance to track it down,.

Can you tell me anything about the clear glass bookend Hummel figurines? I have the Goose Girl but there is no number or marking. Are these just rip-offs? There is a line of crystal Hummel figurines but I do not see Goose Girl on the list. This does not mean it was not made by Hummel. I hope you can help me. It is a little boy with rabbits and a basket. I cannot seem to locate this number. It is stamped with a v with a bumblebee and w.

Estimated value is Hi Korin I have a hummel that I got from my grandmother. It is marked on the bottom with ab and it is a little boy with a boot in front of him and he is putting a fish in the boot.

I know nothing of the year name or value. I hope you can help. The number you gave me does not match the Hummel numbering system. Hummel uses a digit number that can usually be found on the bottom of the figurine.

Please check the number and let me know if you find one. Did you ever find any information on this figurine. No I did not find any other info on mine.

My grandmother is no longer living and she swore it was a hummell. It looks genuine to me but I can find no signatures or anything on it. If you find anything out then let me know and I will do the same. I have several Hummel figurines from my Grandmother and cannot find them anywhere on the price sheets. I was wondering if you could help me find what their worth is: Iam seeking information on two Hummel or Goebel bears that i have. The other bear is sitting and is about three inches high and on the base it has a blue V with Bee also inpressed in the clay is the initials C.

Although i have other items of hummel and goebel … i am really interested to find out as much as i can about these two bears. As the detail on them is absolutely superb! And as of yet i have not been able to find out any think about them although i have searched through numerous items on E. Any information whats so ever would be most welcome.

These sound like Goebel figurines. The 33 should be there figurine number. Is there any other numbers on the bottom of the figurines? I have already submitted a question.. And am there fore going to send my question in again. I have two bears of either hummel or goebel origin … the first bear is standing up and about 6 inches tall on the base of its foot there is a blue V and a Bee.

W 33 any information at all on the said two items would be welcome as i do have other items of hummel and goebel. I also have 2 hummel collectors plate. Thanks for your help! I think i made a mistake of one of my posts. It has Mary holding baby jesus on a donkey, she is wearing a blue cover. I enjoy looking at your answers here! There are 4 Hummel Nativity sets. I will need the number off the bottom of the figurine to identify which one this is. I have three wooden figurines that look like they should be Hummels until you realize they are wood.

I know they were purchased by my mother-in-law in Germany has German price tags on bottom. I have not heard of wooden Hummels. There is always a chance they are prototypes or they could have been made to resemble Hummels. Hummels where very popular and reproduced in may different ways. Is there a number on the bottom of these figurines? I am fairly certain they were purchased in Germany and you are probably correct that they are prototypes.

I just recieved a Hummel from my grandmother that passed away. I had never even heard of a hummel. The number on the bottom is 95 The 95 is larger than the Can you give me an idea about this hummel?

It is in Summer wear. It has on brown shorts and a blue jacket. She also has on boots and a hat. The price on this lamp vary greatly from trademark to trademark. I would need to know what trademark you lamp is to give you a accurate value.

You can use this age guide to help you with this information. Could you tell me the value? The Full Bee trademark started in If this has a full bee if would be from You can use the age guide on this site to help determine the date your Hummel was produced. I have no intentions of selling it, but i would like to know its value since i do have many other collectibles as well.

Thank you for your help! I will need to know the age of the Hummel before I can give you a value. You can use the following age guide on this site to help you. The Girl one says on it, the boy does not, but they have the right Goebel marks, and they were purchased in Germany They are both in very good condition. I do not detect any chips or scrapes. The value does change with the age. Also guides go out of date rather quickly due to market changes and the time it takes to produce a guide.

Most guides are about years behind the current market. These values should always be used as a guide. I can not find information on Hummel making a bible. Where did you buy it from? Can you send pictures? Can you please help? He is holding a horn in his right hand and a toy horse under his left arm. He is wearing a brown hat with a feather on it,red scarf around his neck, white shirt, blue and brown plaid jacket, brown pants, white?

On the bottom is the year and the number W. She is wearing a dress with short white kind of poofy sleeves, black top to the dress and red skirt to the dress, blue?

Her left hand is on her chest and she has a basket in her right arm. On the bottom is the the number 96 and off to the right under upside down is the number 15 W. There should be a trademark on the bottom of the Hummel you can use the following age guide to help figure out the date your Hummel was produced. My mom has two Hummel plates she wants to sell.

Pleasant Journey and Spring Dance. She got them from my grandmother. Can someone tell me what they are worth and how I can sell them for her? You can sell them on eBay or a site called Ruby Lane. I just inherited a collection of 40 hummels from the early 80s, 3 collectors plates and four rubber dolls. With this many Hummels I would suggest using a local auction house. If you where to eBay them it would be a lot of hassle with shipping and packing. If you need help finding an auction house in your area please let me know.

What is the difference between M. After researching these for weeks I am more confused now then when I started. How can I find the value of these? There should be a number 7 or 11 on it can you tell me which on.

If not then can you describe the Hummel to me as it might be a different Hummel. I am trying to sell these for an 83 year old lady friend of mine who is like a grandmother to me and want to make sure she gets what they are worth. Do you have any suggestion on how I can sell them or who may be interested in them. Thank You again, Joe.

I personally do not like to sell items on eBay. You can try a site called Ruby Lane. I personally have not sold any items there but I do browse the site for items to buy. If you need further help please let me know. I have inherited a complete collection of Hummel plates and was wondering the value.

There are no boxes, but all plates are in good condition with only 3 or 4 having small less than 1cm chips, mostly on the edges. Hi, My grandmother left my sister and I her collection of Hummels. There is a number on the bottom of the Hummel figurine. Goebel uses this number to id the Hummel. You can get my Complete Hummel Value Guide which is listed by number and includes the names and values for all the Hummel figurines and other Hummel products. West Germany, from when my aunt lived there.

Do you have any information on this? They each have a small birthday candle sized holder next to them. One is blowing a horn. The next one is playing what looks like a mandallin or some string instrument.

The third playing an accordian with the blue v and bee inside it The bees wings are level to the top of v and next to the v is W Germany in blue. Can you tell me anything about these angels? How much they are worth. Hi Korin, I hope you can help me! Hummel Merry Wanderer Plaque, I am confused by the markings on the back! Goebel and West Germany, all tiered and an open circle cut out at the bottom.

One email I got back said That it is considered a rare signature stamped Hummel but did not know the worth? Thank you, Allegra Kelley. Markings are both the Crown and the Full Bee. Your assistance is MOST appreciated! It is dated under the Goebel mark and is number It is also initialed by the artist. Unfortunatey, I do not know her name. Can you tell me her name and value? I also have an angel ornament. She is holding a string instrument and she is a bell. It says on her side.

Can you also tell me her name and value. Her trademark is the one. Thank you so much. I have three Hummels from my grandmother maiden name Finsterbach—German enough?: One of his wings is broken. It is in excellent condition, in the original box and also has the Certificate of Authenticity. Made in Ireland in Can you tell me the value?

The bell is a bit harder to pin down without knowing the markings or having a picture. If you could email me a picture of it to: My husband has a Hummel that has a mark on the bottom that would date it from the chart between It has the bee between the V on the bottom, but it has a capital R right beside it. The word Germany is on the bottom.

The figurine is a boy with brown hair sticking from under a black hat with a burgandy color spot on the right side with a black band around it. He has on a carrot colored jacket or coat with what looks like a red scarf around his neck. He is wearing blue pants and brown shoes. He is carrying a large instrument on his back that looks like a large fiddle. He is holding the strap of the fiddle with his left hand.

He has a stick in his right had that is long like a walking stick. He appears to be walking. The Hummel signature is on the top base. He has something green sticking out of his right pocket that looks like it has a small brown top or cap on it. Can you tell me how much he is worth? If you could please send me a couple of pictures of the side and bottom as clear and detailed as you can manage of the figurine to admin antique-hq.

Are you sure that its the 3. I have a figurine of a girl holding a sun or a mask on a rod. The bottom says Goebel. There is a 1B 59 on the bottom with the year On the back there is a name that looks like Lora. The girl has brown hair with a green bow in it. Can you give me any info on this? Hi Korin, I have several Hummel figurines and am wondering if any of these could possibly be genuine?

Here is what they are stamped with: Goebel Blue V stamp that says W. These are only a few, however if they were authentic I would like to sell them, could you give advice on where to begin? If you could please send me a couple of pictures of the side and bottom as clear and detailed as you can manage of the figurines to admin antique-hq. I have a hummel named The Builder dated and would like to know what it is worth.

I have not been able to find it on any sites or any listings. What can you tell me? All are imprinted in the glazed bottom — no ink. I have a hummel that has a scene of a boy playing a pipe to 2 sheep and a girl sitting next to them.

On that page is a list of the different TMK. If you reply to this message with what year TMK you have I then can give you a fair market value for your figurine. I have been collecting Angels for many years. Each time I took a trip, an Angel was my souvinere. Hi Korin, After reading some of the above comments I have more questions. Champaign coat Weihnacht DB 9. Goebel W Germany yl Angel with basket on R side, Champaign gown sitting with legs hangover shelf. You can see that dates do not fit the guide and most are not found in books or guides.

I was reading some of the comments above and read one by Cheryl. She said she had a Gra I also have Gra 89 4! You said it may be a Goebel. Do you only know about Hummels? When i do an internet search nothing comes up. Why is it so hard to find anything on the web about doubled over stamps? What is one worth now adays? I have not heard the term double over stamp. Factory flaws are know to occur especially with the double trademark stamp.

This is when two trademarks are present on the Hummel. These double markings do not effect the value very much. Without knowing the trademark of the Hummel I can not estimate the value.

If you can tell me what trademark your figurine has I can give you and estimated value. In my figurines case she is 96 clearly but over the 96 is another incised 51 again very clear.

The best way to find a buyer for this would be to use an auction house that specializes in Hummel or figurine sales. As for the double stamping I do not think this will effect the value of your figurine much.

Can you tell me what the variations yours? It should be one of the following. There is a TMK mark on the bottom of the figurine you can use the date guide on this sit e to help you with this. And is discouraging thinking that I could find someone who appreciates it, let alone a buyer, but still come up empty handed.

She had purchased it in Germany when she was stationed there. Germany underneath and the Hummel signature on the back of the base. I am trying to find out the value of my figurine but it seems that most of the information I can find on the different web sites are for newer versions of the figurine. Please let me know what trademark your Hummel is. Dear Korin, I inherited 2 Hummels from my mother with the bee inside the V mark on the bottom.

The first looks like 79 and is approx 6 inches tall. Looks like he could be singing or whistling. Hummel is printed on the bottom of each figurine.

Thanks so much, Sheri. I am not sure which TMK you have if its the Full bee this is the bigger bee or the stylized bee this is the smaller bee. Remember these are only estimates and the values may vary as the market changes. I always try to adjust with the market but it is a ever changing market. I have a a figurine of St. Francis of Assisi with birds on his shoulders. The number on the bottom is 38 and the figurine is 10 inches tall.

The symbol on the bottom says Germany, not W. Any idea about the age or value? Does this have the Goebel trademarking on it?

Goebel used the same trademarking on all its products until If so I believe this is a Goebel figurine. There is limited information on the other figurines Goebel made. I am currently working on a price guide for these but it will be sometime before it is done due to the lack of information. The writing on the sides of the box are in German and the copyright reads Goebel On the back of the plate it reads Hum The M.

Around the plate in a circle it reads: In the middle of the circle is Hi Charles, You can use auctionzip. This is one of the best ways to find one in your area. Hello, What is the best way to sell your Hummels?

Is it best to have a private sale,contact an antique dealer or what? I have never used EBay. Judi, The best way I would say is Auction house. But this also depends on your situation. Privet sale for Hummels is not a good way since most Hummels are in high supply.

Ebay is a fast way to sell but you wont get the fair market value for your Hummel. I have not personal used them but I have heard good things about them. Its in a frame stamped with Made in Germany on back bottom right hand corner. It shows a little girl sitting in the grass with legs straight out holding a blue flower in left hand.

Theres also a black bird singing and a yellow butterfly in the picture. Unable to find any other markings other than Hummel in bottom right hand corner on front of picture. It has the trademark from twice—one is imprinted and the other is a green stamped one. Also on the bottom of the base in the outer ring? Do you have an idea of the value of this Hummel?

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She is about 5. If anyone could help then that would be great. The figurine is of a light auburned jerry-curled Shirley Temple look blue eyed girl. My mother thinks that was the first year they started the plates. If there is a little cup on the side and it is small in size Thanks so much if you have any input, I have been a long time looking.
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