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Other soldiers stenciled identification on their knapsacks or scratched it in the soft lead backing of their army belt buckle. Wooley, Captain Richard W. It also sends personnel to the scenes of disasters where American servicepeople are known to number among the dead. Dating dog tags army tags added religion, e. The disks are dating dog tags army from one long chain 24 inches long and one short chain 4. In the more turbulent world of the military, however, a hardier ID token is necessary. The first dog tags were issued in Poland following the order of swinger clubs in nyc General Staff of December 12,
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In the more turbulent world of the military, however, a hardier ID token is necessary. It also sends personnel to the scenes of disasters where American servicepeople are known to number among the dead. In recent years, this branch of the service has expanded its deployment of personnel to assist in mass fatality situations outside its ordinary sphere of responsibility, such as Bosnia, Somalia, Croatia, the Middle East, Oklahoma City, and Hurricane Andrew.

It is to Mortuary Affairs we therefore turn for the answer to why the older style of dog tags i. Dog tags are issued by the military for the purpose of tracking the identities of their wearers, either to identify the remains of those who have died or to put names and medical histories to those who have been grievously injured and rendered unable to provide that information for themselves. The tags which are now worn in pairs hung on a beaded chain around the neck bear the following information about the person they were issued to: The tags are issued in pairs because upon death of the wearer one tag needs to be retrieved from the body and sent to Mortuary Affairs along with intelligence about where the body is, and one must be left with the remains for identification purposes.

Battlefield rumor held that the notched end of the tag was placed between the front teeth of battlefield casualties to hold the jaws in place. This lack of romance is perhaps some of the reason for the popularity of grisly rumors about the purpose for the notch — what reality fails to supply, rumor agreeably contributes.

More than thirty years since the cleft was last a part of these tags, mail from our readers confirms the story is very much in circulation. Indeed, some have heard unusual variations on the theme:. My dog tags in WWII had a notch in them. The story was that this was to hold a dead soldiers mouth open to allow gases to escape until the body was attended to. These vapors eventually escape as the tissue containing them breaks down, allowing them to leak from the body.

Twill Subdued Ranger Co. Use the search box to find the product you are looking for. In this section, we will attempt to show the "most common" style for different time periods.

The main difference is the use of a "notched" tag or of a "regular" tag. The notched were used from WWII until about when the regular tag was adopted. During the Korean War, there are several variations for tags, but the one below is the most commonly seen. The Army began using the Service Number Prefixes: The last name is on the first line and the second line either has both of your initials, or your first name and middle initial.

For the third line, the Marines used service numbers which could be 5, 6, or 7 digits. Fourth line is USMC followed by gas mask size.

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The round piece is tied to the main loop on a shorter loop. Retrieved from " https: Before the Service Number was introduced in the s, military personnel were identified on the I discs as well as other documents by their Social Insurance Number. Army Human Resources Command, said in an Army press release. During World War II, an American dog tag could indicate only one of three religions through the inclusion of one letter: In , the army adopted and allotted the serial number system, and name and serial numbers were ordered stamped on the identification tags. Dog tags used to have notches so they could be wedged between the teeth of fallen soldiers.
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