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Its just escorts austin pictures impossible. They been around a long time, are well established and its strange to see this implosion and to watch them self destruct. A dc eros guide escort of possibilities awaits! Kelly Smith Washington DC. You Are Leaving Pornhub. Did i accedently click on Backpage?
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My photos are real and recent. I am an enchanting, exotic and beautiful woman from Europe. For an erotic, relaxing time call me. Hello Fine Gentleman, Chardonnay here and it would be my pleasure to meet you. There are few pleasures in life to surpass the merriment that accompanies the meeting of minds.

Escort Washington DC, Georgetown. Lebanese Porn Star Back in town! Visiting Sepember October 7 Worldwide Entertainer. A Top DC Girl! Just tap on our menu. Alexis Hunter from Australia Tysons Corner area. Kelly Smith Washington DC. Olivia Brookes DuPont Circle. Top Rated - Kennedy Nicole. Sexy Savannah Andrews DC. To further add to that perception they are offering a free lunch no such thing as a free lunch! Let me rephrase that. Where escorts will be captive audiences to people who want to sell them stuff.

The frame is, come to our one stop shop and walk with everything you need to market yourself as a high end hooker. Advertise with us and not with them. And thats what pissed me off most about this. Because when you start thinking like that then it becomes crystal clear what a rip off this is. Is Eros luring ladies with the promise of getting more money per hour because she has an ad on Eros and some assembly line photos?

Really thats all it takes? If it was that easy everyone would a high end hooker. I have been critical of them in the past but they spent a long time building up good will, trust and reaching out to members of the escort community. That effort was reflected in my continued support of them over resent years and my personal efforts to try to always answer questions when i was asked to help them understand sex workers and their needs better.

Years of trust crumbled in just a few hours. How fucking sad is that. You could get a big glossy ad in any major city in the US and even some not so major ones. They had some kinda link exchange deal with the big national review website, yanno the one that boasts a gazillion escort reviews. If you had a profile on that site you would often find a link to your ad on Eros or some other site replaced by a link to City Vibe.

When I started touring, City Vibe would often give me a free ad in what ever city I was traveling to. They would call me every once in a while and ask me to advertise with them often giving out great deals and every once in a while I would bite, hoping they could bring me more work but it never seemed to play out that way.

Other people did though, some big named girls always had ads up on City Vibe. It just never did for me. Did i accedently click on Backpage? I promptly forgot about them and their free ads when I stopped touring. Until the other day. It started on Twitter when a friend who was a regular City Vibe advertiser was having a fit about some redesign changes. Apparently City Vibe was now adopting the look and feel on their front pages of Backpage.

Once you did find this escort sites escort ads, you find that they are heavily pushing their new VIP ads, which look strangely familiar. Its like a scavenger hunt to find the escorts Skip ahead a week and its all over my twitter stream City Vibe is being sued. Trying to be in direct competition with the most high end of all the escort advertising venues.

I thought good for them, there needs to be more options for escorts. So my first thought was really suing over a design? Is that even possible? To the smallest of details. Maybe they think they need to swipe ideas from everyone else to be competitive, or maybe their art department is lazy or …who knows the why of it all.

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Trying to be in direct competition with the most high end of all the escort advertising venues. It seems to me Eros is trying to compete with Backpage. Best of the best! Olivia Brookes DuPont Circle. Just tap on our menu. They listened to my concerns, they shared information with me on things they they had in the hopper that would they thought would help understand their position and things they were doing to make what they hoped would be improvements in both customer service and business in general. Angelique Alexandria VA, dc, md, va.
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