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I only used Eros once, back in eros escorts ads In vegas there is a provider that has been advertising on there for years has no reviews and has 5 or 6 different ads all with different names eros escorts ads different pics with eros escorts ads wearing different wigs. When confidentiality is important to you, be cautious of any unverified ads you see online. Any of the women profiled could have associations to pimps or be struggling with personal issues that cause them to be less-than-professional. Posted December 13, There is a beautiful girl named Kylie, escort services san francisco pics have been there for months. They reached out and are working to hard rectify any advertisers concerns.
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Advertising Marketing Site for Business, Jobs, Real Estate, Cars, Pets, Shopping. Find anything from pets, horses and stuff for sale to services, jobs and property. Tokyo free classifieds is helpline for foreign community in Japan and English Speaking Japanese as well. Eros escorts ads from items and swinger clubs indiana across Ontario.

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I did some quick calculations and in Los Angeles Eros makes 27, a month on average for their base ads. In LV another of Eros larger markets they make 50, a month on average on base ads alone. When you put that all together its 2 million a year for only 3 of their markets with no add ons and upsells. Now the dirty little secret is that Eros makes their real cash on the upsell and add on which can often double your ad prices. Want to be in top 10 for brunette escorts?

That will cost you another bucks a month. How about top placement in Asian? Animated thumbnail, tack on another How about featured category? They will even charge you to be put on a waiting list for a top placement. So Eros decreased their value to the working escort but increased their prices. Thats the bottom line. That 8 to 10 million bucks a year off the backs of hard working escorts. They like sooo many other business that cater to escorts think we are giant cash cows with money falling out our ass.

I still take out touring ads and up until this rate increase hullabaloo i was thinking it might be time this spring to take out a LA ad and track my ROI. However the market is changing and Eros would be wise to pay heed to that. Message boards bring me more potential clients then Eros ever did and their traffic and click-thru are down across the board and their SEO rankings are non existent in some cities.

So way to go on increasing your rates when your service has decreased. If i tried to pull that crap, id be out of business in a heartbeat. I have nothing against the Eros Guide personally, in fact I rather like many of my contacts there and generally have had good dealings with them but this latest stunt…. I have heard talk of boycotts and decreasing ads to every other month from regular long time advertisers.

When message boards, blogs, twitter and face book bring you more business then the Eros guide which you pay though the nose for and they in turn begin to take their advertisers for granted well its the beginning of the end …. There is updated info about Eros. They reached out and are working to hard rectify any advertisers concerns. I wrote about it here https: I know on two occasions where I have been forced to pay more for my add ons at least twice since One was just last year in the worst levels of the economy.

They had me over a barrel. I wholeheartedly agree with your position. I only used Eros once, back in ? I was not impressed with the lack of biz it failed to generate. One, the Vegas site is cluttered with duplicate ads the same girl, with the same pictures, but different names.

Three, they seem to have a marked prejudice against plus-sized escorts. I pretty much stick to TER these days. I'm waiting to see how long before Kylie disappears. And this is not even taking account for Denver Ladies et. Note all the above ladies' ads are similar: Back in the day, Eros was organized in a manner where they had clues in the URLs re: These girls' picture have been around for years and their "old" URLs had agency names and were based in AZ and Seattle.

Actually some reviews out there for a couple of these one guess re: Perhaps they still do? Like BP, many of the legitimate ladies also advertised there. When I asked them why be associated with that crowd, they said: Advertising sites take money for a service. They are not going to turn away business or take the time to research every buyer.

While I'm sure they wanna be ligit, it's about the almighty dollar. There are good and bad people everywhere in life. Stores don't screen shoppers. Bartenders don't get to pick patrons that tip every time. Dentist's don't get to pick patients with no bad breath. Businesses don't always get to pick certain clients. Screening and research weeds out bad providers and clients much of the time. It's up to you to pick wisely. Read up on the girl and be sure the facts back the photos But yea, I love the site.

Posted October 5, The clientele is fantastic from that board. My friend would always use it for travel and be booked out way in advance Eros is another tool for the gentlemen to use, just like P and some of the other national boards. ALong with the local board where one is, all have their value when used properly andthe consumer does his research.

Too many lazy people out there. Posted December 13, I'm Inga in Boston. I've used it myself.

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An unknown Eros employee screening flirty photos should not be someone you rely on to verify age. What happens if she is a no-show? Without an agency to cover marketing costs, spending money on an ad is a method of generating clients. Escort Miami downtown ,south beach, bricke. Any of the women profiled could have associations to pimps or be struggling with personal issues that cause them to be less-than-professional. Miami Ft Lauderdale Boca Hollywood 1hour roses 2 hours roses.
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