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Popular cities in China. Toggle navigation Live Webcams. All will use a condom. This area also has many rubntug shops and include a massage, rmb. Further on, past the university and over the bridge, are a host of knock shops on the right before the zoo. If you live and work here, find a gf. Southern girls are particularly ameniable to western men. Hotel Sauna Experience This happened several months back now, but I have had some requests from a couple people to post my experience here online, so I thought I would go ahead and do it.

When I first moved to Nanning, I didn't think there was anything there. I found one BBS near the campus as well as another foot massage place that offered some things in the back [the girl wanted me to take her to a hotel], but other than that I was worried that there wouldn't be much else.

The site had mentioned that there were some saunas on the other side of town in hotels, one of which was called the Gold Diamond International Hotel. I had gone to this place to preview it once or twice before, and they gave me the thumbs up on the full service, telling me about it when I walked in, but they quoted me 3 different price ranges that seemed a little high.

Near the end of my year in Nanning, I went back, checked out the room, and was told that they had soapy service there. They brought 3 girls in, but because it was the weekend, they didn't have any more to choose from.

I didn't like what I saw, so I left. The girls were okay, but not up to standards with the experience I had with the other sauna in Nanning. Just know that it is directly across the Gold Diamond International. All these hotels are located on Minzu Dadao on the "posh" side of town, near the convention center and the new "Mix C" mall. Once you see the convention center, just keep going and you will start to see the high-end hotels.

In fact, I have also been informed that most high-end hotels in Nanning have saunas. I was introduced by the man, quoted the price, and then taken back to the room. It was quite interesting: Two men took me through the secret room, and they both had to use their cards in order to open the doors to the secret room. On the other side was a series of rooms with beds. They were quite upscale, with petals and everything. I was left for a few minutes, and then was given a selection of 3 girls, all of which were fairly beautiful.

I chose one, and then the fun began. She was extremely beautiful, stood out from the rest, and she told me that she was a Chongqing girl. She did everything as usual, and because of the atmosphere of the room, it was quite relaxing. The second time I went back was even better, because she massaged my ears with her breasts, which I will never forget. Both times I went there I was offered to stay for the rest of the night, which was quite nice, since it was on the other side of the city.

It was a very comfortable place to stay: I think I was also offered a free breakfast in the morning, but because I have never been offered this before, I'm not sure. The price was quite steep, as I recall.

I think it was around But I didn't care, because I think it's nice that Nanning has these kind of services. I thought I would have to go to Shanghai to get this service.

Had a day sightseeing the city, but no luck, walked along Dongee where advised and also on Shuangyong opposite the uni and again couldn't see the places. My advise is not expect too much. Or become better at hunting than me! No luck, so be prepared! Donge lu I went to check out these places, found the signs and posters but upstairs they were shut this was around A little further to the west on the same side of the street, I saw an "an mo" sign with pink lighting inside.

I was happy to find seven ladies in sexy clothes upstairs. Was quoted which I accepted. At the point the boss starts talking to me in Chinese, I've only been studying the language for a few months so have no idea what she is saying. I guess she was asking me to choose a girl because eventually she motions one over and we go upstairs. As I remove my underwear I her a gasp of shock. This conversation continues a while before I lie down and motion for her to come over.

She starts halfheartedly tugging me off, pausing occasionally to offer some criticsm of my manhood with an acusatory look in her eyes, as if being well endowed was something I came to be with some sort of malicious intent. This is not exactly getting me in the mood. I attempt to touch her a few times, but she bats my hand away with a glare.

Eventually, to my shock and horror, she puts a condom on my limp penis, mounts me and attempts to insert me inside her.

I don't know the Chinese for,"given your line of work, I'm sure you know this isn't going to work. Eventually I take her off me and motion to continue for her to continue with her hands. I shut my eyes and try to think of better times. The embrassing part occurs, when, dispite the total lack of eroticism in this encounter, its been so long since I have lain with a women in the biblical sense that I ejaculate before I've even got harder than a semi love on.

I really need to get my dick wet more. During the course of our disjointed conversation I gathered that she was 18 years of age, so probably the boss sent out the least experienced girl, so if your in the area the place might be worth a look in.

Just don't choose the tiny 18 year gal from Gaungxi. Another option I saw was in the alleyways to the north of this block was a street level massage place full of sexy girls. Probably worth a shout later on in the evening. Same area as the last report of Dongge Lu but across the street are a couple more massage places. You can tell by the generic posters they have at the entrance of a woman getting a massage.

Upstairs to explore and you enter a large room with girls in everyday clothes and sexy clothes sitting around watching tv, eating and doing their hair. Just like a BBS but not on the street level and you get to check out the possibilities rather than just be assigned a gal, there are 5 gals present. I ask for an mo and am quoted I select a cutie with a teddy on and showing lots of cleavage.

Small room with a bed and small shower area. I shower and then she undresses to reveal it was not just a pushup bra for she is rather well endowed for a 18 year old. She gives a lame massage and then down to business. Very nice body and I just can't get over her nice rack and slender frame. Best of all she is tight too. And I do not last too long but I am smiling none the less.

On return visit, I am there earlier in the day and there are only two gals present. The gal I select is young and slender and turns out she never smiles or is pleasant the whole time.

I am afraid her bad attitude will not allow me to perform but I luck out and end up giving her a longer pounding than I ever have in recent times. When done she is rubbing the top of her head from it bumping up against the headboard, fortunately it was padded and she left a indentation with her head. I am thinking if she would have been nice and sexy instead of being out in left field, I probably would have shot my load too soon and she wouldn't be rubbing the top of her head.

Call girls Hi guys, I will be visiting nanning soon, give me the locations of the best places to find call girls for and the cost. High Class Hotel Yes, that is the name of the hotel but not really reality.

I forgot to file this report when I was in China. As you face the train station, it is the first building to the right on Zhonghua Road. I have forgotten the floor but it must have been listed on a sign or next to the elevator button, I think 3rd or 4th floor.

This is an older place and this 'sauna' operates out of regular hotel rooms. Not too much selection, I was shown two and picked a mid to late 20's average looking gal.

Very good service, she washes you up, routine catbath stuff, BBBJ and then the deed. Perhaps if you are early to the train station, you can make a stop and just wheel your luggage into the room. Dongge Lu Same area as the last report of Dongge Lu but across the street are a couple more massage places.

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Looking for my Mr. I chose one, and then the fun began. My offer was but I was told that was the minimum. Donge lu I went to check out these places, found the signs and posters but upstairs they were shut this was around Forget about those meetings in which the girl does not do more than hurry and look at the clock. Login, if you have an account.
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