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One year ago in this space, I introduced our five-year strategic plan and its foundation of innovation and creativity. Inthen-president Ronald Reagan appointed Roger as a district judge for the Denmark transsexual escort of Arizona, a position he held until the day of his passing. Notably, Burjus claimed, "not one ISIS militant has been prosecuted" even though the organization's gross rights violations are well documented. In the recording, he bragged about sexually assaulting escort montreal selina wang. There are fears over the proposed removal of safeguards from the Gender Recognition Act.
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With this scholarship, the Perrier spirit of building character in young men will endure at the College. To donate, please visit www.

Here they are in London, Toronto, Waterloo, and Kingston. He holds 60 percent of the national records for his age group and 80 per cent of the provincial records.

In , he broke Ontario or Canadian records 92 times. I believe that I owe my health and my quality of life to swimming, and not just physically. Ketchum had been seconded there as commandant during the Second World War. Swimming stopped during those years due to chlorine sensitivity in his eyes, a common problem in the days before swim goggles. When he graduated, his U of T professors convinced Chris to study architecture in Sweden, where he lived for several years.

He returned in , joining the Toronto firm of Page and Steele. By the late s, he was project architect for the massive Commerce Court complex at King and Bay streets. I began to move toward the reintroduction of affordable housing in downtown Toronto, which led to my being the development coordinator for the St. This was another great project, but then I was ready for change again. I was interested in co-op housing. I had worked on a Toronto project in the s and had learned a great deal about co-op housing in Sweden.

So I spent the rest of my career developing co-op housing projects. That lasted until when then-premier Mike Harris torpedoed the affordable housing option. He retired in In the s he swam when he had the chance and became a swimming official in when his oldest children began to swim. He became involved in Masters Swimming in the s, not only as a participant, but also as an administrator, serving as president of Masters Swimming Ontario and Masters Swimming Canada, among other positions.

More latterly he has became a Masters historian and archivist. Thinking back on his early years, Chris recalls when, as a six year old, circumstances found him on a British ship anchored in a port in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

The attack affected him profoundly. A few years later, living in Bermuda during the Second World War, his mother worked for Royal Navy Intelligence, so the family knew German battleships like the Bismarck were close by.

U-Boats patrolled within shooting distance. But we had to live with it. Math teacher Thomas Tudball and others were Great War veterans. They understood my terrors. Tudball had been badly wounded in the war and had constant back pain—except when he was in a pool. He influenced my future, and those teachers helped me cope. They were tremendous mentors for me. Chris was on the architectural team that designed the model community in the s. Chris continues to train for two hours a day, four days a week and walks daily for 40 minutes.

I figured that was the humble start of my journalism career. But after a year of making no money and having too much. His father, Hal very good people whom I Jackman, had run for fedtrust to do what I used to eral office three times, and do myself. He later encing his decision to major in literature. Professionally, start with grandfather Joseph, who went into the insurance business with London Life in after returning from five years in the war.

He was followed into the industry in by his son, Brian, who later introduced his wife, Kirsteen, to the industry a big change from her original career as a dancer on the Tom Jones show. Brian and Kirsteen subsequently founded Etherington Generations, and encouraged their sons to pursue their passions. Fast forward a number of years and Mark and Paul now run Etherington Generations, an insurance and benefits advisory firm in downtown Toronto.

Enter motionball, a charity that aims to introduce donors, volunteers, and sponsors to the Special Olympics movement through social and sporting events. During those years we fell in love with the Special Olympics cause. When we graduated from university we decided to create something of our own. We knew that we wanted something different, something that would resonate with our peers and that would put the fun back into giving.

It was a benefit concert, and, by pure good fortune, the band ended up being The Tragically Hip. A pretty amazing start for motionball! It is a day-long sporting event where co-ed teams www. The Special Olympic athletes are our celebrities for the day, and as an integrated team, they compete in a variety of sports, including flag football, soccer, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, beach volleyball, and others.

Something new is that we are currently in 10 universities with our motionballU program, where students volunteer and run the events for us. They take time out of their lives to run events for the benefit of Special Olympics athletes. As motionball has evolved, it provides opportunities for people to become leaders in their community, to network, and to give back. Over the years, motionball has involved many Andreans.

At the most recent motionball gala in February, as many as 50 Andreans were in attendance supporting the event. The motionball movement has spearheaded an awareness and anti-bullying campaign called NoGoodWay. Therefore we are asking Canadians to think about the impact of the words we use and to eliminate the R-word from their conversations.

We are proud Canadians and we recognize the importance of trying to make a positive impact. So far the three boys have provided Brian and Kirsteen with five grandchildren in total: Mark also continues his deeper involvement at the School, having served as president of the SAC Association from to He has served on the Board of Governors since then. But as often happens at SAC, he met the right people. Tomi majored in biology. It was a four-year program, but was interrupted after third year when Tomi returned to Singapore for two years of mandatory military service.

But it turned out to be a really good experience. First year I was trained to be an infantry officer, and second year I was a platoon commander and trainer in the basic training centre. So I prepared recruits for their two years of military service. I never felt like I lost time. I actually enjoyed military service. I had two years to think about what to do next, so I came back with a little more focus. And I would start out being guided by doctors, just as I was guided by superiors in my first year in the military.

Medical School for four years. After that came three years of internal medicine residency at Stanford Medical School in Stanford, California. I found it very meaningful to take care of cancer patients. Residency consists of busy and varied work. You might be doing a busy rotation in the intensive care unit—maybe up to 80 hours a www.

Old Boys Profiles week—and then you might have an outpatient rotation, which would be a month with more normal hours. You see a patient, you come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan and your supervising physician signs off on it.

It never gets boring. You have lots of difficult cases to deal with, but those can be very rewarding as well, just to see how you can be of service. We study hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common liver cancer. Over time it can lead to liver cancer. One of the challenges we have is to figure out which of these people will develop cancer. People who had hepatitis or cirrhosis were being monitored and diagnosed early and regularly, but many of those who just had fatty liver were falling through the cracks.

The next step is to figure out how to fill this gap without having to ultrasound one-quarter of the population every six months, which is not realistic. After that, the job will be to identify people at high enough risk to warrant surveillance.

Mount Sinai is strong in liver cancer, so it was a good match for me and I was accepted. Does Tomi think SAC was the right choice for him? I got involved with very ambitious people like Faisal and was around lots of high-achieving colleagues. His family continues to live in Toronto. OldBoysNews Bob Jackson sent along a photo taken in of himself posing on campus with classmate Jim Knowles in their Cadet uniforms. Bob last visited the School in and says a lot has changed since he was a student.

Douglas subsequently joined the United States Air Force, becoming a jet fighter pilot in After leaving the USAF, he entered the legal profession and practiced as a criminal lawyer in California. He and his wife, Dianne, have been married for. They reminisced about the people they knew during their years at St. Garth lives in Toronto with his wife, Betty. Ian has returned to his law practice in Toronto, where he lives. To be nominated is a very special honour. It was displayed at the Toronto International Boat Show in , at which time Malcolm proposed that show organizers run SeaFlea races on the indoor lake at the Boat Show.

As far as Malcolm knows, in January, he and his group of volunteers and builders ran the first indoor powerboat races ever. Steve and Diana were travelling to Carbondale, Ill. In June , he completed a two-year teaching commitment at the Caribbean International Academy in St.

Steve and Diana live in Barrie, Ont. Mike and his family have a storied history with the sport of football as there have been four generations who played at the college or university level in either Canada or the United States.

His business dealings with the NFL are particularly exciting for him. Mike lives in Falmouth, ME with his family. Members the lives of Friday, Sept. His career focused on a Todd Dow civil society and opportunities for was feeling old, but proud, all. He continues to provide some as he read communications guidance to the YMCA as the from the School organization makes plans about the for a new facility in Barrie, 35th Annual Ont.

He is looking He recalls the forward to the annual Manhatprivilege he felt tan Open with his classmates at playing in the first MacPherson Muskoka Highlands Golf Course Tournament and says it feels in June. David and Deb live in like yesterday when he and Orillia, Ont. He has also been involved in the admission and examination processes at both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels while acting as a mentor within the post-graduate program.

Mike dian leader in Private Equity: Buyouts by Chambers, which is considered a global leader in Mike Mills lawyer rankings and has been ranking lawyers since , now covering jurisdictions. He lives in Port Credit, Ont. Now in his 21st year as a resident of California, he admires the MacPherson traditions from afar, but does so in the warmth of the California sunshine with golf courses always open and waiting nearby.

He is also a member of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, where he teaches medical students and residents. Many areas of the Keys were devastated by the hurricane. Mike and Jeff piloted two airplanes loaded with supplies to provide aid to those affected. David was in Manila for business and reached out to Kelvin. Both Kelvin and David were members of Memorial House. Peter lives with his wife, Rose, and their two children in Richmond Hill, Ont.

He and his wife, Alison, are kept busy with their two-year-old son, Thomas. The family lives in London, England. Jeff looks forward to connecting with any Andreans in Florida or visiting the Miami area.

Todd and his wife, Louise, live in Richmond Hill, Ont. He lives in Vaughan, Ont. As president, he formulates the vision and mission, and provides an overall direction on the strategic plan for the organization.

Sean and his wife, Andrea, live in Toronto with their daughters, Kaya and Sarah. Derrick Gray is studying part-time at Athabasca University working on his doctorate in business administration. His research focus is on management information systems and their application within the Canadian television industry. He is now working for Forest Technology Systems Inc. Sean and his wife, Kendra, live in Victoria, B. He went on to complete three more degrees, all at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad.

He earned his joint bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery degree, his masters of medicine degree, and most recently, his Ph. He currently works for the government of Barbados at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as an anesthesiologist. He and his wife, Kadisha, have two children, Ember, 8, and Eli, 3.

Bob Perrier, former SAC housemaster and teacher, for much of his success. Older brother, Hugh, is delighted to have a younger sibling in the house. Ted is vice-president of sales for BlueRush, a marketing technology company in Toronto. He is one of two sales personnel in Canada and travels throughout Ontario selling aggregate equipment to quarry, sand, gravel, and mining operations.

Drew Ripley set a world record in October for the longest distance riding a minibike with his head inside a giant balloon! This unique record is part of his job as the owner and primary entertainer of Drew Ripley Entertainment. Drew is currently waiting for results on a second world record attempt, the coldest.

He helps organizations focus on the mindset to drive continuous improvement, to maximize flow and efficiency of processes to improve customer experience, and to leverage technology to reduce cost. He says the DNA of his former teachers is imprinted all over him and that attitude and character development are unique to the exceptional educators at St. He and his wife, Clare, live in Markham, Ont. Daniel continues to work at Arch Insurance in Toronto. He and his family live in Schomberg, Ont.

Ryan is now managing partner for Alibaba Media Fund. He is now working as assistant professor at the Peter A. Andrew lives in Vancouver. Older sister, Angelina, is excited to have a younger brother around the house. Chris continues to work as general manager of Quantum Allergy Canada. The family-owned business has grown to be the leading Canadian company specializing in compounding sublingual and subcutaneous allergy immunotherapy products to doctors across Canada and has now expanded to international ventures.

The family resides in Newmarket, Ont. Older sister, Anna, is happy to have a younger brother around the house. Ben continues his role as president of Craig Manufacturing and lives with his family in Fredericton, NB. Barry Wai has been living in Hong Kong since He and his wife, Linda, welcomed their first child, Austin, in The wedding took place in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and the couple enjoyed their honeymoon in the south of Asia.

He and his family live in Toronto. Kevin resides in Toronto with his wife, Michelle, and their sons, Luke, 4, and Connor, 1. He oversees a group of welders, electricians, engine mechanics, and firefighters who repair the ship when it is damaged. The ship sails to Europe for six months this year. Jimmy Healey and his wife, Lori, visited campus with their son, Noah, 4, in October.

Tim enjoyed touring campus and visiting with former teachers, like David Joiner. Tim is a land surveyor and operates his practice, Thwaites Surveying, in Kingston, Jamaica. Jimmy continues to work as vice-president, relationship manager at Salem Five Bank in Massachusetts. Warren and his family live in Thunder Bay, Ont. He is now managing his own technology startup, KALO, a machine learning, fashion social platform that enhances social shopping experiences.

He is happy to connect with any and all Old Boys passing through New York. KG, a German global discount supermarket chain. Tyron Vogt went on to the University of Ottawa for a year after graduating from St. The family lives in Milton, Ont. Kyle, Ashley, and Ella live in Kitchener, Ont. His role includes teaching, event planning, administration, and pastoral care.

He and his wife, Jessalyn, live in Toronto. He has been with Manulife for more than 11 years, having started as a part-time employee during his second year of university. Ryan and his wife, Laura, live in Woodstock, Ont. He worked in Miami Splendia. In addition to working for Autodesk, he serves on several boards of directors of various family businesses.

They will be moving into their new house near Bern in June. Basim and Ramsha have founded and invested in multiple e-commerce brands in health and wellness. They are enjoying their new parenting life, living in Oakville, Ont.

Katie met Lander a little over a year ago while she was visiting Mexico City. Lander has graduated as an orthopedic surgeon and is currently in Luxembourg to further his studies in hand surgery. He has fond memories of SAC and was really impressed with all the new facilities and programs.

The family lives in Aurora, Ont. Behind him, from left: Justin and Sarah live in Toronto. David Luther and his wife, Chelsey, welcomed their first child, Hannah, in June He works for Scout Logistics Corporation as a freight broker and capacity buyer, specializing in moving time-sensitive and perishable commodities across the U. Scott says his daughter is a feisty little girl who keeps things interesting. At age 24, Jason is a self-made multi-millionaire, making him one of the youngest blockchain investors in the world.

He is launching a non-profit entity with the co-founder of Ethereum to educate the world on blockchain technology. He is an active advisor and mentor to many blockchain companies and start-up accelerators around the world. Jason graduated from Bentley University in having majored in finance and economics and minored in law. He works as a software developer for Tata Consultancy Services writing test automation for client companies to use for quality assurance.

The award was presented by Prince Harry during a ceremony in Toronto. He was a member of the cohort of The Next 36 N36 , an entrepreneurship and founder development program, which accepts 36 participants every year, ranging in age from 18 to early 30s. His startup, Softdrive, is putting the personal computer into the Cloud.

With Softdrive, you can access your programs and files from anywhere. All Class of at the five-year class reunion in September, from left: Following graduation, he began working for Empire Communities, a housing development organization. The family lives in Etobicoke, Ont. He recently started a position as development manager at Osmington Inc. Sofia, met with him. He graduated cum laude in with a bachelor of science, management degree. He is working under his father, Bruce, in their family office specializing in investment management.

Adam lives in Toronto. Pat Root is in the second year of his master of education degree at Ohio Valley University. In , he served as graduate assistant defensive coordinator and is now the interim head coach for the season. Since graduation, Steven has been an investment banking analyst at Echelon Wealth Partners in Toronto, working with entrepreneurs to raise capital across a variety of industries.

Steven enjoys the travel that is associated with his position, travelling as far as Brazil this past March. In September, he was accepted into the Regular Armed Forces as a pilot trainee. Ben expects he will be a fully qualified Canadian Forces pilot in three years. Michael is commissioned as an aerospace controller while Ben is training to be a pilot with the RAF. Following graduation, he joined Emerson Electric Canada as a senior associate within the corporate development, strategy, and innovation team.

He is responsible for driving business growth through a variety of actions including mergers and acquisitions, new product development and commercialization, and implementation of digital transformation processes. Craig lives in Toronto. Following graduation, he created an app, called Javelin, designed to make playing sports easier. Javelin helps users find leagues and pickup games in their area.

The app also lets users track game schedules and communicate with teammates. Justin is currently working in Aurora, Ont.

He is working on a small startup company in the technology space in Toronto. Andrew Papousek graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in with a bachelor of business administration degree, specializing in finance.

He is senior associate, client services at Lannick, a finance and accounting recruitment agency in Toronto. He visited the campus in September and was excited to tour all of the new facilities. He was impressed, to say the least.

Louis lives in Hong Kong where he works for the family business implementing production automation within a toy manufacturing factory. The advice Mark and Thijs provided helped Jay choose between the position with Barclays and an opportunity with Goldman Sachs. Instead of pursuing a career in science, he took on the challenge of competing for a career in finance because he saw his strengths were in line with the demands of the industry, plus he is passionate about finance.

The dispute advisory team handles projects ranging from shareholder valuations to audit negligence. He is also working toward building a business that provides professional services and support in foreign exchange trading and other assets.

He thanks his triathlon coaches at St. They inspired Mihai to change his lifestyle for the better, and he will never forget that. All the hours in the pool, on the bike, and running through the SAC trails helped him cross the finish line.

Mihai is in his first year at Carol Davila University in Romania. Also included was a directory of all Old Boys who had enlisted since the beginning of the war. Macdonald published in the three editions of The Review. The parcel of sweets from the present boys of old SAC brought back some very fond memories of the old times at school, which we used to think were so hard but which now seem the best and easiest of our lives. We still carry on with the war, and it is not a very nice war in the winter.

Of course, there is not the shell fire we get in the summer, but wading knee deep in mud is not an occupation. Am just dropping a line to thank the boys of SAC for their very welcome Christmas box which arrived this morning. You probably realize just what it means to us out here to be remembered by the people at home.

The old war still drags on, and the end still seems far away. I read my letters and destroyed them, and not having time to read The Review, slipped it into my pocket.

Since I last wrote we have had three poor chaps killed and several wounded, not to mention two chaps who had to land in Bosch lines and were taken prisoner. I picked up a bag of bombs on the way and got round on the right of the square.

I used all my old baseball training with the bombs to the best of my ability and this drove the Huns out of the square where our chaps could get them. It always cheers us to feel that good old SAC still thinks of her Old Boys who are striving, each in his own way, to prove themselves worthy of her glorious motto.

It is also a massive understatement. Gilbert far surpassed the predictions made in The Review the year he graduated from SAC, when he was awarded top prizes for both sports and academics. After graduating from U of T in , Gilbert travelled to England to study at Cambridge, having been granted a scholarship for proficiency in mathematics.

After earning his Ph. He remained at the university until he retired in He was also a codebreaker during the Second World War, from to For his war work, Gilbert was made a Member of the British Empire in This work remained under wraps for many years, until the publication of Best-Kept Secret: Back in Toronto after the war, Gilbert co-founded the Canadian Journal of Mathematics in and was its editor for 30 years. It is still published six times a year and is devoted to original research work.

Robinson Award was established in to recognize the publication of excellent papers in the journal. When Gilbert started his St. Robinson was the first classics master appointed at SAC in , and he remained on staff for 48 years. Percy was also an accomplished artist, specializing in oil painting, having rubbed shoulders with members of the Group of Seven.

She was one of the first women to graduate from U of T. All in all, an amazing life, no matter how you add it. George Brickenden, 95, passed away March 27 along with his wife, Shirley. They received a doctor-assisted death together in their Toronto home, and died holding hands. During his time at St. He played 1st Hockey, 1st Rugby, and 1st Football. His athleticism continued beyond his four years at St. He was also an international show jumper.

George and Shirley are survived by their children, Pamela, Saxe, Angela, and Dal; eight grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren. Keith was born in North Bay, Ont.

During his five years at the School, Keith was a member of The Review yearbook staff. He also launched an intramural school publication called The Angus. He graduated from the University of Toronto and worked at Royal Trust for 24 years, retiring as executive vice-president. He served on the St. He was a student at SAC from to , where he excelled at bagpipes and swimming. Bredin was a corporal in the Cadet Corps, a member of The Review staff, served as a librarian in , was involved in set design for school plays, and on Prize Day, he was awarded a rifle in recognition of his proficiency in shooting.

He is predeceased by his wife, Beverley. Murray Hall passed away in Aurora, Ont. He spent six years at St. Murray attended the University of Toronto Medical School and went on to practice internal medicine.

After the war, Roy spent 42 years with Abitibi Consolidated. In his retirement, he was passionate about speaking to students about the War. Roy is survived by his wife, Dorothea; children, Allison, Warren, Joanne, and Paul; 10 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by his daughter, Kathryn; his brothers, Gordon and Alfred; and his sister, Jane.

He served as Prefect in and Head Prefect the following year. He was also a gymnastics champion and broke the www. He became a professor of physical education.

His nephews are also Andreans: He is survived by his wife, Frances; son, J. Joseph; daughter, Margaret; six granddaughters, and two great-grandsons.

Pedro is survived by three children and six grandchildren. He is predeceased by his wife, Patricia Cartmel. Martin e Yturbide passed away January 16 in Mexico City. He attended SAC starting in and stayed until graduating in Pedro played 1st Basketball and won the Armstrong Trophy twice for boxing. He also won the cross-country ski race event in his last year and was a scratch golfer. The Martin family has a long association with the college, starting with his father, Pedro Martin W.

Dan Poyntz passed away March 19 at the age of 91 in Toronto. He came to St. During his time at the School, he was a member of The Review staff, serving as advertising manager. Danny attended the University of Toronto and went to work in the publishing industry before starting his own company, Dan Poyntz Sales Media.

He is predeceased by his wife, Joan. During his seven years at St. Bill was also vice-president of the Literary Society and had the lead in the School play two years in a row.

Bill then attended Osgoode Hall Law School and was called to the bar in He was a founding partner with Dutton, Brock, Somers. From until his retirement in , he served in the Ontario Court of Justice. Bill also remained involved with the School, first as president of the Old Boys Association from to and then on the Board of Directors from to He is survived by two sons, Sandy and Tony.

Roger graduated with a law degree from Cornell University in Six years later, he was appointed a judge of the Arizona Superior Court, where he served for more than 17 years. In , then-president Ronald Reagan appointed Roger as a district judge for the District of Arizona, a position he held until the day of his passing. He is survived by his wife, Joan.

Burns finished first in the annual cross-country run; his time of He was a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. His business career was spent with Union Carbide and the Bank of Nova Scotia, and he retired from his position of. He is survived by his wife, Betty; son, Jim; and grandson, Adam. Parker passed away July 13 in Toronto, where he was visiting from his home in Florida.

He was born in Sarnia, Ont. In the late s, David launched an award-winning home-building company in Sarnia. He is predeceased by his son, Stephen. Dave, who was born in Montreal, is survived. Coulson passed away on February 22 in MontTremblant, Que. Jock graduated from SAC in , having entered in While at the School, he was the photography editor of The Review.

Wharton passed away November 7 at his home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. David was also a member of the Canadian Equestrian Federation and represented Canada on several equestrian teams. David is survived by his wife, Christi; sons,. Jim played 1st Hockey and was team captain as well as the winner of the MVP award in McClocklin Award, established by Jim in David was born in Toronto and attended St.

He had a career in journalism, retiring in A young boy, probably in grade 5 or 6, caught up with me, eager to join the lineup of hungry boys, excited to catch up with classmates, or just plain ready to eat, as boys often are.

The young man, his dress shirt tucked in neatly and his tie knotted almost perfectly, offered his hand and introduced himself. I told the young man I was doing well, and we wished each other a good day. Overall, it was a fairly innocuous encounter; however, the impact was deep and lasting. It was my first inkling of what it means to be an Andrean.

Nowadays, as I walk around campus enjoying the sunny spring weather, I see evidence of decades of tradition: But mingling with the old is a whole lot of new! I began my St. A record-setting crowd of people danced the night away at the La Brier Family Arena for the first time ever.

Gala chairs gather on the dance floor: McHenry, Headmaster Our holistic approach to education is demonstrated in all corners of the School and beyond our gates H ow do you measure the success of a strategic plan when so many of the strategies are not physical in nature? Strategic Plan — Year 1: Authentic Learning We continue to affirm the primacy of teaching and learning at St. Engaging young change-makers through coding classes W e talk a lot about what students get from their education, what our boys take away from classroom lessons, and what they gain from co-curriculars.

Our Vision We believe in teaching our boys to see themselves as connected to their communities and the larger world, and we will help them to find meaning in their lives such that they will become role models and inspirational leaders. A place to meet and eat T he kitchen is the room in a home where families share meals and people gather at parties.

All fired up in the pottery studio I A ceramic pear made by grade 11 student Isaac Bradbury. Teaching students to think about thinking M elissa Tackaberry is giving a lot of thought to the process of thinking.

Graffiti as therapy at SAC W hile art has long been used as a tool in our Health Centre to help boys improve their mental and emotional well-being, expressive therapy has been expanded to include a drawing wall. Chapel reimagined for 21st-century Andreans W hen the Memorial Chapel officially opened on May 10, , it was a cloudy, rainy afternoon. And that must stop. What such studies discovered about the character of these men was less startling. Were rapists less empathetic than other men?

Were rapists more self-centred and manipulative? Did rapists have negative attitudes towards women? On all these parameters, the difference between rapists and non-rapists was small but significant.

Again, this was not earth-shattering news. In a month-long investigation into how police handle sexual assault allegations, The Globe and Mail gathered data from more than police forces.

The findings expose deep flaws at every step of the process. Federal Court Justice Robin Camp, dubbed the "knees together judge" for his comments in a sex assault case, has submitted his resignation following a recommendation from Canada's judicial watchdog that he be removed from the bench.

In a ruling announced Thursday afternoon, the Canadian Judicial Council CJC said that at a sexual assault trial he was presiding over, Camp "showed obvious disdain for some of the characteristics of the regime enacted by Parliament in respect of sexual assault issues. The sex-trade is often pretty easy to spot. A teenage girl accompanies an older man at a motel front desk as he pays for a room in cash.

Men come and go from the room for 30 minutes at a time. A scantily dressed girl wanders the hallways in the middle of the night. Motels and hotels across the country are facilitating sex trafficking, often cloaking the traffickers in anonymity and profiting from their business. The pimps and prostitutes are occasionally nabbed and criminally prosecuted. But rarely does anything happen to the hotel owners and staff that turn a blind eye. Dwivedi, The Link, March 4th, It is a global movement founded by Eve Ensler to end rape and sexual violence against women and girls.

It is a biggest mass action to end violence against women in human history. Some of the victims can't speak. They rely on walkers and wheelchairs to leave their beds. They have been robbed of their memories.

They come to nursing homes to be cared for. Instead, they are sexually assaulted. The unthinkable is happening at facilities throughout the country: Vulnerable seniors are being raped and sexually abused by the very people paid to care for them. It's impossible to know just how many victims are out there.

But through an exclusive analysis of state and federal data and interviews with experts, regulators and the families of victims, CNN has found that this little-discussed issue is more widespread than anyone would imagine.

A Toronto bar owner has apologized and says a staff member will be fired following internet backlash over a bar sign that angered people who said it was joking about sexual assault.

The RCMP says it plans to review sexual assault cases that were labelled unfounded in to see if they comply with police policy and appropriate decision-making based on evidence. The national police force said in a statement Thursday it would also look at a sample of historical cases.

The moves follow a report by the Globe and Mail that the newspaper says exposed deep flaws in the way investigators treat sexual assault allegations They argue that this area of criminal justice needs a drastic overhaul, and that judges, lawyers and police officers need retraining to rid the system of its combative stand toward victims of these violent crimes, not to mention the rape myths that linger in court rooms Exhibit A: NEWS — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says more needs to be done to combat violence against women, after a new report sheds a disturbing light on how many sexual assault cases in our country are dismissed by police.

Who Killed Alberta Williams? Weekly Download episodes from this podcast for: The Democratic Party was convinced it was about to ride a feminist wave all the way to the White House. But as we know, women were part of the reason why Donald Trump was elected President. Letty Cottin Pogrebin is the founding editor of Ms. She suggests that women wondering what to do to counter Trump's victory visit https: Sex trafficking study wins European group award As part of the study, about 80 economically disadvantaged men and 20 women, mostly belonging to Scheduled Tribes and all having teenage daughters, were interviewed in West Bengal.

A study conducted to understand the trafficking of sex workers from West Bengal to Mumbai has found that a majority of these girls are sent off to the city by uneducated fathers, who are misled to believe that their daughters will get employment or prospective grooms. Post-election messages for US women pour in from women leaders across the world. The well-being of a nation has been proven to be directly tied to the well-being of its women. My country, the United States, is in free-fall.

According to the World Economic Forum, in the US dropped out of its top 20th status for global gender equity to 28th place. In we plummeted to 45th place. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has withdrawn a bill that pardons men convicted of sex with underage girls if they have married them. The bill, part of a package of amendments to the legal system, was sent back for further work just hours before a final vote in parliament.

It had sparked protests across Turkish society and was condemned abroad Indigenous women who came forward with allegations of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of Quebec provincial police in Val-d'Or say they're disappointed and concerned to learn the Crown is not expected to pursue charges. Dubai's interpretation of sharia law means it is almost impossible for women to prove rape allegations A campaign to help end violence against women launched Wednesday, asking locals support the cause with the purchase of a purple scarf.

While the purple scarf is a symbol of the courage it takes a woman to leave her abuser, her courage alone is not enough, said Jen Cureton, director of philanthropy and communications at the local YWCA. Organisers have called on women in Argentina to take part in a national strike to protest over violence against women. Hundreds of thousands are expected to join the protest on Wednesday after a year-old girl was raped and tortured.

Pamela Anderson has suggested porn addiction is leading towards sexual violence against women and child abuse. The first call went out in Wroclaw, western Poland. It was Sunday, September 25 and about people had gathered to demonstrate against a bill that proposed, indiscriminately, to ban abortion across the European country. Good-intentioned as the small protest was, organiser Marta Lempart decided something more had to be done. Poland needed a Black Monday strike, as Icelanders had done four decades earlier, and, there and then, Lempart proposed October 3 as a day for national action, when women would ignore work and instead stand in solidarity against the government Woman was too intoxicated to have the ability to consent to sex — and accused ignored the clear signs, judge rules It's only been a few hours since TrumpTapes, and internet users are rightfully outraged by the predatory and misogynist language Donald Trump used in a recently uncovered recording of a conversation that took place in a men's locker room in In the recording, he bragged about sexually assaulting women.

What may be even more disturbing than his comments are that some people continue to support him and even deny that rape culture exists. In response, New York Times best-selling author, survivor, and Twitter legend Kelly Oxford asked sexual assault survivors to share their stories. The result is nothing short of harrowing While some of the male demonstrators preferred to focus on police inaction and racism, the women demanded to speak about what is actually happening inside Arab society Research finds women were illegally arrested and raped to justify war on drugs and only a handful of perpetrators in law enforcement have been prosecuted "Wang is one of scores of innocent women illegally arrested and tortured by Mexican security services looking to boost arrest figures to justify the war on drugs, according to damning new research by Amnesty International.

Electric shocks to the genitals, rape with objects, fingers, firearms and the penis, severe beatings and near-asphyxiation, are just some of the brutal abuses routinely inflicted on women during arrest and interrogation with almost total impunity. Bonnie Wilson asked that her identity not be protected by a court-ordered publication ban so that it would be publicly known that her father pleaded guilty to voyeurism for taking thousands of photos of her in her bedroom without her knowledge.

A young woman whose biological father will have to enter the National Sex Offender registry after spying on his daughter with a camera that she says he installed in her bedroom when she was as young as 12, is hoping her story will encourage other victims of voyeurism to press charges instead of feeling silenced by shame.

Under a heading called "emotional impact" she said, "I have no interest in sharing the emotional, physical or psychological impact of being raped. As I expect you and your lawyer to minimize my claims because I do not want to go into detail, I have attached an overview of the time and money I have spent attending therapy.

Politics revolves around what is seen and what can be said about it, around who has the ability to see and the talent to speak, around the properties of spaces and the possibilities of time.

And this sort of problem within the left runs from the political theatre all the way through academia and publishing. What a woman on the left is allowed to say is still largely administered out by males who either applaud or cast her out of the party. And this elision of women is taking place within government and publishing, both in the UK and the USA Many survivors of domestic violence have had their attempts at work and creativity sabotaged for years.

On these 40 acres of rolling farmland, they're being restored McLEAN, Virginia, August 20, LifeSiteNews — The worldwide Hilton hotel chain has removed all porn channels from its hotels in 85 countries after a campaign that saw top executives each getting as many as 1, emails a week opposing the presence of porn in the hotels. Twice, she was forced to return. Women's shelters were only a temporary refuge.

It was too expensive for the NDP member of the Alberta legislature to break her lease early and find a place of her own On July 17th, a friend from my hometown, Lima, Peru, added me to a private Facebook group called Ni una menos: Launched by a small group of young Peruvian women, the group described itself as a platform for strategic mobilization against violence, harassment, and discrimination against women in the South American country In August , fighters with the extremist group carried out a massacre in the Sinjar region of northern Iraq.

Thousands were killed, thousands more girls and women were kidnapped as sex slaves, and hundreds of thousands were forced to flee In Ottawa, advocates and Opposition MPs have asked the Canadian government to allow for the resettlement of five to 10, of the most vulnerable Yazidis.

On July 19, Taha was in Ottawa and shared her story to a Parliamentary Committee studying how Canada's immigration system deals with particularly vulnerable groups like the Yazidis.

It's not known how many Yazidi refugees have been resettled in Canada since because the federal government does not track the race, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity of refugees. But Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel claims that only nine cases have been processed. The victims, who had been taken by ISIS terrorists as sex slaves, were placed in iron cages in central Mosul and burned to death in front of hundreds of people. A girl for sale is "Virgin. In a fusion of ancient barbaric practices and modern technology, IS sells the women like chattel on smart phone apps and shares databases that contain their photographs and the names of their "owners" to prevent their escape through IS checkpoints The Commonwealth has launched the first ever resource in East Africa to provide legal bench-marks on dealing with cases of violence against women.

The cutting-edge publication, which was launched yesterday in Nairobi, Kenya, establishes what constitutes violence against women and girls and how the judiciary can apply national laws in the context of international human rights laws. Did SFU fumble reports of rape by male student? A male student at Simon Fraser University is being investigated by police after three female students within the last six months reported being sexually assaulted by him.

The student is no longer on the Burnaby campus. The two men told police they were riding their bikes on Jan. Arndt said Turner started to run and Jonsson went after him. The two men then pinned Turner down and held him until authorities arrived, Arndt said.

That we are looking out for one another. To have known all of these people, to have felt their protection and love, is something I will never forget. Women shoulder the burden of keeping quiet amid harassment and casual misogyny: A new set of awards designed to recognise the best reporting on issues of violence against women and girls has been launched.

Making cities less dangerous and more livable for women actually makes them better for everyone. On one typical day late last year, women and children across Canada sought shelter to escape violence. Of that total, however, shelters were forced to turn away 73 per cent of those in need due to a lack of resources and capacity, an annual tally to be released Thursday shows MPPs should unite to pass it The science is now beyond dispute.

How Porn has Hijacked our Sexuality. After 40 years of peer-reviewed research, scholars can say with confidence that porn is an industrial product that shapes how we think about gender, sexuality, relationships, intimacy, sexual violence and gender equality — for the worse. A hotline will connect women to a service for people who want to report assault and sexual abuse at the hands of police.

Discussions are also underway to improve police training. Service parajudiciaire autochtone of Quebec is a group that works in English and French. The aboriginal assault hotline is A half-dozen armed men swarmed into her one-room house, blocking her exit and helping themselves to the meal she had made for her children Skhumbuzo Khumalo, 24, fled her home country in fear of her life after suffering a violent attack at the hands of police. Male homosexuality is illegal in Zimbabwe, and though female homosexuality is not a crime, the LGBT community faces violence and regular clamp-downs encouraged by President Mugabe.

After fleeing to the UK and claiming asylum in , Ms Khumalo spent weeks at a detention centre. She narrowly avoided deportation back to Zimbabwe, and was granted asylum in June Around 1, British girls face harm from the 'abhorrent' practice of breast ironing, ministers have warned.

In the brutal procedure, hot objects [stones, a hammer or a spatula] are used to pound and beat girls' breasts to stop them growing in the belief it makes them less desirable and discourages premarital pregnancy. Breast ironing originated in Cameroon, where it affects as many as one in four. It also takes place in Nigeria, Benin and Chad. Lucia March 29, These horrific acts appear deliberate and calculated to bring fear to the female population in light of the frequency and gruesomeness of the attacks.

We strongly urge all stakeholders i. In more than 85 interviews researchers found that almost all the women had experienced some form of gender-based violence perpetrated by the authorities as a result of their work.

TORONTO - The ruling formally acquitting Jian Ghomeshi on several counts of sexual assault starkly illuminates the various flaws in a legal system that rarely dispenses justice to victims, lawyers and women's groups said Thursday. Protesters chant outside Ghomeshi courthouse after verdict Global News, March 24, I was not alone. The personal became political, and I became an embodied feminist.

I had gone from believing that women's issues were a distraction, mere ancillary problems to be addressed after everything else had been taken care of, to the realization that women are the issue, the core issue.

We will fail to solve any problem — poverty, peace, sustainable development, environment, health — unless we look at it through a gender lens and make sure the solution will be good for women. It took me 30 years to get it, but it's OK to be a late bloomer as long as you don't miss the flower show. The Ovas, an all-women-of-color feminist and punk-inspired collective that reclaims contested spaces through empowering mass bike rides, are the subject of a new documentary that premiered at South by Southwest.

While being asked what Khumoro did to her, she hides her eyes. The girl says, instead of going to school, she was repeatedly raped. If she denied to submit, she was made to watch videos of people having their throats cut and was told others would be killed in front of her The War At Home: Canada's troubling responses to domestic violence are exposed in a new documentary and how the judicial system fails when charging in cases of gender-based violence.

Australian girls have had it with porn-conditioned boys March 13, by Melinda Tankard Reist. The survey, conducted by Ipsos, gathered responses from the girls and young women aged in all states and territories.

The number of extreme pornography cases investigated by police in Greater Manchester has doubled, according to disturbing new stats. Officers have investigated hundreds of cases where internet users have downloaded or created illegal material - including bestiality, extreme violence, or rape Washington - The Islamic State is using several forms of contraception to maintain its supply of sex slaves, the New York Times reported on Saturday, citing interviews with more than three dozen Yazidi women who escaped from the militant group.

How Abusers Manipulate their Victims. Via Shahida Arabion Mar 9, Society assumes that everyone has a conscience and the ability to empathize. In fact, 1 in 25 people in the United States are estimated to be sociopaths, according to Harvard psychologist Martha Stout. Narcissists those who meet the criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder , sociopaths and psychopaths, speak in the language of crazy-making, of projection, of word salad, of gaslighting and of pathological envy.

AP A new grand jury report claims two Roman Catholic bishops in a central Pennsylvania diocese helped cover up the sexual abuse of hundreds of children by over 50 priests or religious leaders over a year period.

Brianna Jonnie, 14, holds the photo of herself that she submitted to Winnipeg police Chief Devon Clunis, along with a letter about her fear of going missing.

Brianna Jonnie is an intelligent year-old. She has dreams of becoming a surgeon, lawyer or a police officer. College Jeanne Sauve student Brianna Jonnie supplied this photo of herself to police chief Clunis along with a letter about her fears of going missing like other aboriginal females.

Brianna has everything to live for. Why does she think few people would care if she went missing? She believes there are differences between how the community, the media and the police treat cases of missing indigenous girls More than 30,—some estimate as many as 90,—women perished there from starvation, disease, gassings, hanging, torture, or execution by shooting I should be going to school.

Zimbabwe's Constitutional Court outlawed child marriage on Wednesday after two former child brides took the government to court in a ground-breaking case to challenge the practice that is rife in the southern African nation. The problem of women being harassed online — both on social media and in the gaming world — continues to be a tricky one for technology and Internet companies to deal with.

The letter, which was dated Jan. As faculty members, we share in a responsibility to ensure that UBC fulfill its obligations to protect its community. When Sushmita woke up on a warm day in Bardiya, Nepal, she had no idea that it was supposed to be her wedding day. But many others did, including her parents. They had hastily planned the wedding in secret, knowing that many people in the community would not approve and would fight to prevent it.

They also knew that their daughter, the bride, would not approve. Half of girls and women cut live in just three countries as Unicef statistics reveal shocking global scale of barbaric ritual The huge global scale of female genital mutilation has been revealed in disturbing new statistics, which show at least million girls and women alive today have undergone ritual cutting, half of them living in just three countries.

The latest worldwide figures, compiled by Unicef, include nearly 70 million more girls and women than estimated in because of a raft of new data collected in Indonesia, one of the countries where FGM is most prevalent despite the practice being banned since The once prominent child psychiatrist Richard A. FSU must report on these efforts every year for the next five years. NEW YORK, Jan 25 Thomson Reuters Foundation - More than a quarter of the world's nations have sexist laws on nationality, such as stripping women of citizenship if they marry a foreigner, that can deprive women of access to jobs, education and other benefits available to men, a new study says.

Sophy Ridge explains why we can't ignore them, Jan. After a two day offensive to recapture Sinjar, last Friday, Kurdish forces were met by young Yazidi women who had somehow managed to escape the clutches of the Isil kidnappers. They led their liberators to ditches containing the bodies of their mothers and grandmothers. He and Annese had dated for three years until she broke up with him and moved on. When the police showed up, all three were dead.

VANCOUVER -- A chairwoman of Vancouver's annual memorial march for missing and murdered aboriginal women says she's concerned a national inquiry will leave out a crucial issue -- feminism.

Fay Blaney, who co-chairs the February 14th Women's Memorial March Committee said the starting point of an inquiry must be the barriers indigenous women face in Canadian society. It took one Facebook message and three days for a U. Critics say a highly-touted national DNA databank that's expected to be in place in Canada by may not improve things because local jurisdictions will still have to foot the bill.

Korean troops for the first time Hankyoreh, Apr. Elderly Vietnamese women who were victims of sexual violence by South Korean troops during the Vietnam War who were interviewed by Yoon Mi-hyang in March and spoke about their experiences for the first time.

The old women reached into their memories. Slowly, haltingly, they began to speak. Some had been hiding it all their lives and were only talking about it now. Pink autorickshaws for women, of women, by women!

First Post, Jan 13, For the first time, the government introduced a five percent reservation system for women and women from across Maharashtra were granted permits under the system, reports The Times of India. Of these, women were from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region while the other 83 are from other parts of the state.

The government is welcoming more applications from women as there are still 1, permits remaining to be allotted Women are bearing the brunt of an invisible rise in violent crime, a new analysis shows. Domestic violence and violence against women have increased since , researchers found, pushing up overall levels of violent crime.

Vancouver advocates The Liberal government is in Vancouver for design meetings with Aboriginal groups ahead of missing and murdered indigenous women inquiry. Around women staged a noisy protest Saturday in the German city of Cologne against a shocking rash of sexual violence during New Year's festivities that was blamed on migrants.

Carrying signs bearing slogans like "No violence against women" and "No means no! Stay off of us! German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised to respond decisively to assaults on women in Cologne on New Year's Eve, which have stoked a fierce debate about her refugee policies after police said the attackers appeared to be of foreign origin.

Some women are reported to have been robbed, threatened or sexually molested there by gangs of mostly drunk men between 18 and 35 years old while out celebrating. Psychopaths make up one percent of the general population and, contrary to popular belief, most of them aren't serial killers.

They're manipulative people who intentionally cause harm to others without any sense of remorse or responsibility. In the United States, a woman who publicly speaks out for equal rights for women or states that men should stop harassing and abusing women may be harassed or might even face rape or death threats. A year-old girl has killed herself after being gang-raped for revenge by relatives of a political rival after her mother won a local election.

After the girl, her mother and family reported the crime to the police, police refused to file a report and sent the family home with only verbal assurances. The girl then hanged herself in her home the same day. Police have now arrested the two men responsible for the rape. Femicide is predictable and preventable but we need to name the problem by Elizabeth Sheehy, The Feminist Current, Dec 30, Giblin first stabbed his pregnant partner seven times.

Then he threw her 21 flights to the ground, ensuring her death. After that, like many men who cannot — will not — live without her, Giblin committed suicide. The report focuses on cases of missing and murdered aboriginal women in the province and comprises 18 months of testimonials from people in various indigenous communities. Noam Chomsky was right about porn. Just take a look at the pictures. Women are degraded as vulgar sex objects.

There is much more to the story here than a porn star who has allegedly sexually assaulted women. The Judeo-Christian framework for sexual morality has been dismantled, and the secularists have erected a single, flimsy barrier between the predators and the prey: Rashida Manjoo said states are not held fully accountable for ending violence because there is not an international treaty compelling them to do so. Manjoo called for a binding framework within the UN system to tackle what she called a pervasive human rights violation.

For this episode, Ninotchka discusses third wave and transnational feminism, social transformation models, prostitution, the Nordic model, Karl Marx, Gerda Lerner, Picasso's Guernica, and the role of art and the artist in social transformation.

Are things really that bad? As a country, we can and must do better. Yves Francoeur [head of the Montreal police Brotherhood] says a federal firearms registry would be much more effective, but in its absence Quebec's proposed firearms registry, known as Bill 64, is the next best thing.

What if "self-defense" made its way into school curriculum? Victorian police officers have been sexually preying on victims of domestic violence in a dramatic widening of the sexual harassment scandal facing the force. A Fairfax Media investigation can also reveal that a soon-to-be-released report by the state's human rights agency has found that levels of harassment or discrimination inside the Victoria Police may be on par or worse than that previously discovered inside Australia's Defence Force.

It is understood the abuse or harassment of vulnerable victims of crime, including domestic violence victims, by a small number of police officers has been detected by the force's professional standards unit and Victoria's anti-corruption agency, IBAC. Domestic violence and Facebook: Domestic violence is now widely recognised as a national crisis. However, there are significant gaps in responses to the intimate violence enabled by social media platforms like Facebook. Cyberstalking, non-consensual internet pornography, exposing private information, reputation damage, impersonation or false representation, and other online attacks carried and amplified by networking technologies constitute the new face of violence against women.

Such pervasive and intimate abuses of trust further isolate victims from their social supports — especially when victims are compelled to close down or withdraw altogether from social media. Women were turned away from homeless shelters , times in the past year because of a lack of space. The Federation of Shelters for Women, which represents one-third of the shelters in the province, said the real figure could be triple their statistic.

The last time Maria Fitzpatrick left her violent ex-husband, she and her two young daughters stuffed what belongings they could into pillowcases and ran for their lives. The abuse had left Fitzpatrick with black eyes, broken bones and miscarriages.

When she fled after nine years of marriage in , he was threatening to kill her and their daughters Fitzpatrick told her story in support of Bill , which will let victims of domestic violence break their leases early without penalty from landlords. Women all over the world are now contacting the year-old grandmother, who talks to all of them. Please let me begin by acknowledging the traditional owners of the land on which we meet, the people of the Kulin Nation.

It is upon their ancestral lands that this place is built, I pay my respects to their elders, both past and present. And today … on this International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Children … I also acknowledge the many thousands of woman and children who have been murdered, maimed or otherwise harmed by those men who professed to have loved them, it is for them that we do what we do.

This story is part of an ongoing Globe and Mail investigation into the hundreds of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada. Indigenous women in Canada are roughly seven times more likely than non-indigenous women to die at the hands of serial killers, according to a Globe and Mail analysis that found at least 18 aboriginal females were victims of convicted serial killers since The University of British Columbia took more than a year and a half to act against a grad student despite mounting complaints of harassment or sexual assault by at least six women on campus, an investigation by the fifth estate reveals.

The women allege Dmitry Mordvinov, a year old PhD student in the history department, committed a wide range of offensive acts against them from inappropriate touching to sexual assault, starting at least as far back as the spring of The university quietly expelled him last week National inquiry into indigenous women to launch by summer: They also demanded an inquiry into the operation of summer homes for the disabled The partially decapitated bodies of seven Hazara civilians were dumped on the side of the road in Afghanistan.

Two of the people killed were women; three were children, one only nine years old. The militant organization behind their deaths has yet to be identified, but the United Nations have condemned the killings as "potential war crimes. Their deaths inspired 10, Afghans to march through the streets of Kabul yesterday, toward the palace of Afghan president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. Thousands of women were in the crowd Host Ali Hamedani speaks with several LGBT people who have moved to Turkey and discuss their coming out processes and how they reconciled their sexuality with their gender, and the pressures they faced from their communities, who deny the existence of homosexuality and instead offer free sex change operations, paid for by the government The conviction of Nathan Matthews will focus attention once more on the threat posed to women and children by the viewing of violent pornography and sexual abuse online.

Thirteen women came forward to accuse former police officer Daniel Holtzclaw of misconduct. Why aren't more people outraged? Charged with 36 offenses including sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, stalking, and rape, ex-officer Holtzclaw allegedly targeted 13 women during his three-year tenure with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

His victims reportedly ranged in age from 17 to late 50s, but the unifying thread of his accusers is race. Holtzclaw targeted African-American women. Details of a lengthy record of criminal sexual misconduct while on patrol surfaced after an extensive investigation by the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The investigation commenced in June as a result of a year-old black grandmother immediately coming forward to report his sexually violent behavior The council announced on Monday it will review a decision made by Robin Camp when he was a provincial court judge in Alberta.

Todd Stone, the B. Minister of Transportation, wants to hear from residents who live along the Highway 16 corridor in the north.

His ministry is hosting a symposium in Smithers, B. The reasons for this round of consultation are inexplicable. Stone already has a shelf full of reports and documents — internal and public — to guide him, much of it based on extensive consultation over the past decade. Today new campaign HerVoice launches, which calls on the Indian government to end violence against women and children.

Last year, 1, acid attacks were reported globally - 1, of these took place in India and 72 percent were against women. A woman is raped every 34 minutes in India, and murdered every hour over her dowry "Sexual violence against women is not just India's problem, it is a global issue," said writer and Her Voice campaigner, Jenn Selby.

It quickly became clear to me that while culture differs from place to place, the reasons why rape happens is predominantly the same. A new study aims to help Ottawa police improve their response to violent crimes against women. Ottawa police officers could improve their response to crimes of violence against women with more charges and less victim blaming, a University of Ottawa report recommended after surveying women who had reported partner abuse or sexual assault.

It started on October 23 as women protested in 50 countries, united in their opposition to Amnesty International's recommendation for full decriminalisation of the sex industry, including pimps and johns.

It continued with a groundbreaking panel at Feminism in London, in which exited women and women's rights activists rejected the "sex work" myth and told the truth about the abusive trade in women and girls. Organizer, advocate, warrior woman November 6, by Jess Martin. She runs the Warriors Organizing Women group at the DEWC, a social justice project aimed at empowering marginalized women to create social change in their lives and communities.

The interview took place in the context of a Warriors Organizing Women group meeting. Women and children are increasingly fleeing gang violence in Mexico and Central America in hopes of reaching the US, says new UNHCR report Thousands of women flee their homes in parts of Central America and Mexico each year to escape armed gangs and domestic violence and seek refuge in the United States, a flow that is becoming a refugee crisis, the UN refugee agency says It is no secret that rape is a huge problem in America.

One of the biggest reasons for that is the fact that rape kits often go unprocessed, sometimes for many years. The duo will be working with state lawmakers to draft legislation that would set time limits and other guidelines regarding the testing of rape kits Except in this version the girl realizes she was wronged, she speaks up, her family applauds her for doing so, and young women everywhere are empowered to do the same Dozens of Yazidi girls have been driven to suicide by the ISIS fighters who abused them, the people risking their own lives to rescue them have revealed.

MailOnline spoke to Ameena Saeed Hasan, a Yazidi mother-of-one who runs a 'smuggling operation' to rescue ISIS's sex slaves out of her apartment, and businessman Abu Shujaa who has been nicknamed the 'father of courage' for helping nearly people escape. They claim the girls who fail to escape are killing themselves so they do not have to endure a single more day of rape, torture and beatings at the hands of their captors When Susan Chapelle awoke in a stranger's home, her head pounding and her clothes on backwards, she didn't even consider reporting her rape.

Chapelle was 19 when she was drugged and assaulted after going to a man's house to buy a pet. She felt an immediate rush of shame that stuck with her for two decades A Chibok school girl who was kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists recently escaped from their grasp.

There were indications weekend that many of the girls of the Government Secondary School, Chibok abducted in April , are alive and holed up in the Lake Chad region of the North-East epicentre of the battle to dislodge Boko Haram terrorists from Nigeria. Sources disclosed to Saturday Vanguard that the girls who were relocated from the initial Sambisa Camps of the terrorists, following unrelenting bombardments by air and land operations, have been relocated to Lake Chad area with some of the girls spread along border communities.

Saturday Vanguard gathered that about two weeks ago, one of the abducted girls who was formerly kept in a Sambisa forest camp, escaped from the hands of the abductors and ran into the hands of some Fulani herdsmen. It was the Fulani herdsmen having confirmed that the girl was a Chibok girl, who assisted her to get to the Baga military base of the multi-national Joint Task Force.

At the Baga base, the escapee girl was said to have confessed that many of them were forcefully married to the terrorists who not only impregnated them but infected some of them with different diseases. On her part, she was not only impregnated, but she got the VVF disease from one of the terrorists The vigil is meant to honour the lives of missing, murdered and lost Indigenous women and girls, and their families.

The data compiled by the crowd-sourced site Mass Shooting Tracker reveals an even more shocking human toll: An artist is asking Canadians to take part in a striking one-day display of red dresses to represent the country's missing and murdered indigenous women. It collects red dresses from the community and hangs them in public spaces as a visual reminder of the women who are no longer present.

A Hidden Cause of Chronic Illness. An alarming 44 percent of women say they have experienced abusive behavior from a partner. Years after the bruises from domestic violence fade, the physical effects can linger in the form of serious health problems—migraines, arthritis, even gastrointestinal disease. Men stab, rape and kill women because they can. It's time to say they can't by Paul Daley, 25 September I fear for my daughters and I feel an onerous responsibility for my son.

Sixty-three women killed by violence in this country this year. Men who hate women so much they kill them with axes, burn them, stab them, beat them to death.

They kill their children too or otherwise ruin their lives. Nearly half of young people say tracking partners using technology is acceptable Read more I want to know the story of each, and I try to find out. I mean the set of circumstances that gives rise to Australian men doing such things. And in the end, despite the myriad personalities and the domestic circumstances involved, the family court orders and anything else, it crystallises down to one thing: These threats were of a very serious nature.

Students, professors and employees of the university were justifiably worried, and the university responded with gravity. It issued statements declaring its support of its feminist staff, and told staff and students they had the right to refuse unsafe working conditions A Saudi prince who allegedly tried to force a female worker to perform a sex act on him inside a Beverly Glen residence has now been accused of attacking other women in the home, according to Los Angeles police and court records.

Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 29, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of forced oral copulation of an adult. Police said Friday that they are investigating claims that Al-Saud also preyed on other women on the estate. Mallick Porny attitudes bleed into the mainstream where women are trying to achieve things, writes Heather Mallick. On the back cover is the British model- actress Cara Delevingne, 23, entirely naked beneath a black dress thrown open and almost revealing her pubic mound.

The reason for this is straightforward. As college master Dr. As a feminist faculty member, I awoke a few days ago to news about blog threats against women faculty and students at our university, also to an alert from the university administration.

Within a very short time highly concerned students began writing to me asking if my Monday class would be canceled. One emailed me a copy of a letter which they'd sent the president of the university asking for the cancelation of classes throughout the university. And one sent me pictures of some of the threats that had been issued, gleaned from the internet. Both had messages written in black across their chests with one translating as: Moments later the two women were hauled away as the event descended in to chaos.

Sep 11, Updated: The University of Toronto went public this week about violent online threats against women in two of its departments, and have now informed staff and students that similar threats were made last June, with critics questioning why it wasn't revealed at the time.

Sep 10, Updated: The University of Toronto has increased its campus police presence following violent online threats against women and feminists — though a Toronto Police investigation has not identified a "credible threat.

Heads ordered to draw up code of practice over concerns male undergraduates are subjecting women to unwanted sexual advances Press Association, 6 September The business secretary, Sajid Javid, who ordered the review, said: If my children choose that path, I would expect my daughter to be as safe as my son on any campus in this country Canada is falling behind the developed world in women's equality, as poverty rates climb for elderly single women and for single-parent families headed by women, says an internal report by Status of Women Canada.

According to the report, this country is in the bottom ranks in terms of the pay gap between men and women; support for child care and parental leave is well below average; the country registers 57th for gender equality in Parliament's elected members; and it lacks a national strategy to halt violence against women.

The International Federation of Women Lawyers FIDA , Nigeria, has expressed concern over the increase in violence against women, especially rape, sexual assault, female circumcision and genital mutilation in the country.

The cases of violence against women increade in Nepal since the earthquake of April 25 according to the Women Rehab Center.

One of the reasons for that increase is the lack of spaces because of the destruction of the infrastructure. During June and July there were cases of violence against women according to the document.

During that period of time, women and girls were victims of domestic attacks of different types, 22 suffered rapes, 4 were victims of human traffickers. The report states that the quakes of April 25 and May 12 created damages for 5,13 billion and 1,87 billion for economic losses. Both events left 8 thousand and dead and more than 22 thousand and injured.

Hannah would have turned 18 on August 28, Women protest decision to allow men in ladies special train by Pooja Mehta, 17 August The men and women got into a scuffle and even pelted stones at each other.

The police resorted to lathicharge at the Khardah station in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal after an altercation took place between the female and male passengers A man is expected to survive after setting himself ablaze outside Japan's embassy in Seoul.

Anti-Japan Protest in Seoul A man set himself ablaze during a protest calling for Japan to apologize for forcing Korean women to work in military brothels during World War II, days ahead of the anniversary of the end of hostilities. Manitobans are remembering Tina Fontaine, whose body was recovered from the Red River one year ago, with memorial services in Winnipeg and the Sagkeeng First Nation and a new headstone at the spot where she and her father are buried The body of a year-old French art history student has been found decomposing in acid at her Toulouse apartment in what prosecutors have said was part of a murder plot inspired by the US TV series Breaking Bad That's slowly changing, thanks to years of pressure from local and international organizations.

This government-funded facility opened three years ago and attends exclusively to women who've suffered some form of crime A man has been charged with two counts of first degree murder in a Coquitlam double homicide. A London court has issued a new-style protection order to prevent a father from taking his three daughters to Nigeria to have them undergo female genital mutilation FGM. The mother of the three girls, aged six, nine and 12, submitted evidence that her ex-husband had been pressuring her to have the procedure performed on the girls either in the UK or in Nigeria—though it is illegal in both places.

Both parents are Nigerian. It is one of the first cases where such an FGM protection order has been granted. Aimed at stopping the practice, the new legal power only came into being in the UK this month. Dozens of Afghans have rallied to denounce last week's court ruling that overturned the death sentences for four men convicted for taking part in the mob killing of a woman outside a Kabul shrine in March. The protesters, mostly members of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan and women activists, staged Monday's protest outside of the same shrine where Farkhunda Malikzada was killed by mob.

Many carried posters of the slain woman and shouted, "We want justice! Record numbers of people are being convicted of violent crimes against women in England and Wales, but the rate of conviction has still fallen, figures show. Convictions increased to 78, in the past year, up But those figures also showed the conviction rate for rape fell to About , cases concerning violence against women and girls were prosecuted over the 12 months, a rise of Solving the cases of hundreds of missing and murdered indigenous women should not be so difficult in "rich" countries such as Canada, says a forensic anthropologist from Argentina who's a member of an international team of investigators.

All indigenous women who were murdered over the past two years in the parts of Canada that are policed by the RCMP were acquainted with their killers, says a report released by the Mounties as the Conservative government rebuffs calls for a national inquiry to explore the causes of the tragedy. Martial said in a statement.

The provincial government and aboriginal groups have agreed to host a gathering for families of missing and murdered indigenous women.

The gathering, to be held in B. The man accused of murdering a Melbourne schoolgirl has made a brief appearance in court as her family and supporters rallied to end violence against women. There are good and bad things in our society, successes and failures. But there is only one fundamental reality that remains unaddressed. That is the situation of indigenous peoples.

This is the single most important issue before us, whether we are recently arrived in Canada or have been here for centuries. This is the prime issue on which we should be judging governments and potential governments Some , people marched in Buenos Aires this week amid outrage over two deadly attacks against a teacher and a young teen. Thousands took to the streets in other Argentine cities as well as in Chile and Uruguay.

BOGOTA Thomson Reuters Foundation - Colombia is to impose tougher punishments on those who murder women and girls, as part of a government bid to stem high levels of violence against women.

Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to pass a bill that defines in law the crime of femicide - the killing of a woman by a man because of her gender - and carries a prison sentence of 20 to 50 years.

You would think those savings would be a huge impetus to make the changes, especially from a government that boasts about its management of the economy. The sociopath behaves badly: Lying — and then lying to cover up the lies. Disappearing for days without explanation. Cheating — and you have proof! You are understandably upset. You should be committed! A group of elderly women in a village in northern Uganda did something culturally taboo to express their anger - they began to strip.

In front of two government ministers, soldiers, policemen and hundreds of people from their community, they started removing their clothes. Off came their tops - then some of the women pulled down their wrappers and skirts so they were completely naked. Others remained seated, but showed support by wailing in unison with with the women as they stripped RCMP officers and civilian staff from across Canada are seeking certification of a class action lawsuit.

C judge to certify a class action lawsuit filed by Cpl. Janet Merlo over sexual harassment and gender discrimination at a hearing Monday. The silence and denials about the existence of violence against women in Sudan is a challenge that needs to be addressed as a matter of priority, according to Rashida Manjoo, UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against women, its causes and consequences.

For 10 seasons, viewers—either in admiration or guilty-pleasure gawking—have watched the large brood live their lives according to evangelical Christian values, which include the total submission of women, sexual purity, homeschooling, and adherence to a particular sect known as the Quiverfull movement, which among other principles eschews all forms of birth control.

It will replace the existing Women's House Emergency Shelter to meet the needs of local women and children who have experienced violence in their homes. Egyptian security forces have stepped up sexual attacks against detainees following the ouster of president Mohamed Morsi, using them as a "cynical political strategy" to crush opposition, a rights group charged on Tuesday.

Tackling violence against women is not a priority in South Africa. This is the message that the South African government is sending out, a group of civil society organisations and individuals have said in the wake of the cancellation of the United Nations special rapporteur on violence against women's official visit to the country. Canada's Information Commissioner says she's never seen anything like this.

Following a long investigation, Suzanne Legault concluded that the RCMP illegally destroyed records related to the long-gun registry. Now, she's also publicly questioning the federal government's attempt to create a "perilous precedent" by retroactively rewriting Canada's access-to-information law to absolve the RCMP of wrongdoing.

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In a fusion of ancient barbaric practices and modern technology, IS sells the women like chattel on smart phone apps and shares databases that contain their photographs and the names of their "owners" to prevent their escape through IS checkpoints In some respects, it is a MeToo for Holocaust survivors. But it turned out to be a really good experience. A social and emotional learning program started by actress Goldie Hawn to help schoolchildren be more caring, and less stressed is now backed by scientific evidence. And it all started with TK2C. Our last stop was the music capital of Europe, Vienna. Peter lives with his wife, Rose, and their two children in Richmond Hill, Ont.