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The negative feedback loop can easily be tweaked to alter innsbruck escort service treble cut and distortion in your amp. Do you already have an account? Do not use other types. In either case, the remaining 2 digits are the week of manufacture 01 to Second tube is vibrato channel preamp, is specified.
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In almost every Fender amplifier there are several EIA manufacturer codes followed by a date code, typically found on the speaker s , transformer s , tubes, caps, and occasionally pots. The EIA code will consist of 3 numbers followed by a date code of 3 or 4 numbers designating the year and the week.

Bassman 5B6 tweed to — to — to — Champion 5B1 tweed 01 to — to — to — to — Champ 5C1, 5D1 tweed to — to — to — Deluxe 5A3, 5B3 tweed to — to — to — to — to — to — Deluxe 5C3, 5D3 tweed to — to — to — Princeton 5B2, 5C2, 5D2 tweed to — to — to — Dual Professional tweed 01 to — to — to — to — to — Vibrolux 6G11, 6GA brown to — to — to — Bandmaster 5C7, 5D7 wide panel: Yamaha trapezoidal Bassman 5B6, 5C6: Jensen P12R Deluxe 5E3: Oxford 12K Harvard 5F10, 6G Jensen P10R Super 5F4: Oxford 10K5 Tremolux AB Your email address will not be published.

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It is so easy to enable and disable that it can hardly be called a mod. This is the preamp tube for the normal channel which you are not using when playing the Vibrato channel. This mod is safe. It has stood the test of time and been been done by players in 50 years in blackface Fender amps. Very practical mod at practice and low volume environments.

If you pulled the V1 12AX7 tube you may use it as V6 phase inverter. Reverb is an important character with vintage amps, yet so individual and mysterious. We all know that speakers change their tonal character during age. So does the reverb. Some amps have long, lush and soft reverb while others are mushy and overwhelming. We often find the reverb sweet spot around 2. Some amps are sensitive and difficult to control the reverb on.

The whole dynamic area can be within a narrow interval, i. These amps require a careful touch when dialling in the reverb, which irritates us. The reverb circuitry consists of two tube sections reverb driver V3 and reverb recovery V4 and the physical reverb tank.

If you replace the V3 12AT7 reverb driver with a 12AU7, you will reduce the effect of the reverb and it will be much easier to control with the reverb knob.

So simple as that. This mod is relevant only for two-channel amps with normal and vibrato channel. Plug your guitar into the vibrato channel, then unplug the reverb return cable on the back of the amp the one that comes from the reverb tank output and plug it into the normal channel input.

The reverb knob on the vibrato channel will have no effect any longer. This mod is not applicable together with the Pull V1 mod, as you need the normal channel preamp tube.

The effect of this mod is similar to pulling the V1 normal channel preamp tube when playing the vibrato channel. This mod suggests to entirly disconnect the tremolo circuit from the signal path by replacing the tremolo intensity pot with a switchabe pot spst. One side effect with this mod is a noticable click and a volume difference between tremolo on and off using the new spst pot. The spst pot is not good for enabling and disabling the tremolo very often because of the click and the volume difference but is a nice when you play without tremolo.

A good thing with this mod is that you have both the tremolo pedal and spst pot to use. We like this mod a lot for stratocasters wi the Fender ABsimilar circuits since they boost a relatively scooped and thin sounding guitar and amp. In addition to pulling the V1 tube, this mod is one of those must have mods which we never undo once having implemented it. This mod can be implemented in two ways, either by unsoldering the tremolo circuit or replacing the tremolo intensity pot with a swicthable pot, so-called SPST pot.

The switch is enabled when you turn down intensity to zero. You will not need to replace the intensity pot with a spst, but let the yellow wire to the tremolo pot go through the tremolo pedal.

In our opinion this is not a good idea since one loses the possibility to use both the spst switch and tremolo pedal. Using the pedal will now involve a significant click sound and volume increase. You may choose to go with 5U4GB in all Super Reverb circuits if you desire low wattage breakup before clean headroom.

The first mid tone cap is perhaps something you want to investigate further. The changes are marked with red circles in figure below. The negative feedback loop can easily be tweaked to alter the treble cut and distortion in your amp.

The NBF theory is that you take the signal from the speaker output, let it go through a resistor and mix it in at the entry point of the phase inverter. The speaker signal is out of phase degrees with the signal at the entry point of the phase inverter and will cancel out equal frequencies. Most importantly the tone gets rougher and rawer with more mids and higher frequencies, aka presence.

You may choose to implement the mod in several ways and in various combinations with the ground switch or a foot pedal. Where to install footpedal or switch? The ground switch is easy available if you disable the power supply wires and death cap. For amps with reverb you could use the reverb footswitch phono plug if you are not using it. Below is a precious 64 blackface Super Reverb with Jensen C10r speakers. Use normal channel for reverb control — Adjust EQ and depth of reverb.

Order a 50k SPST from one of our recommended amp part dealers. Remove the original 50k trem intensity potmeter by unsoldering the wires to the potmeter lugs and unount the pot from the chassis. The black plastic wheel is to be used for the new pot.

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Put your favorites instruments on your watch list. None will make a significant impact in tone. In almost every Fender amplifier there are several EIA manufacturer codes followed by a date code, typically found on the speaker s , transformer s , tubes, caps, and occasionally pots. Negative feedback loop The negative feedback loop can easily be tweaked to alter the treble cut and distortion in your amp. Reconed speakers may not even sound like the originals, sometimes they even sound better. I knew I could count on y'all! I would proceed with a little caution, as the earlier models may be a little sensitive about their age at this point