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But what Jayden seems to forget is ruse escort she is also a hooker according to The Erotic Review. Jayden goes on to write that the blonde is fat, has small boobs, and is a hooker probably having sex with someone at Myspace in order to get special privileges. Or is jayden james an escort she always thought so highly of herself? Sorry to inform you mature escort in los angeles but myself and others that I know were watching that special because Shelley Lubben was on it. Email Address never made public.
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Be the fish that got away. If a person won't video chat or carry on a telephonic conversation. Do they send real time photos of themselves. Do their stories match up.

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But step outside of California and you might very well be arrested for making a porn movie. So how legal are they? And having sex with strangers in front of a camera is no different than having sex with strangers behind closed doors except there are more people watching you.

I think Jayden is borderline. Her family seemed normal on the show, maybe she was born unstable. But they do seem to love her and hopefully now that her erratic behavior is on display will encourage her to get help. She has very low self esteem. Doing porn is way different than escorting, because your face is publicly known.

Porn performers look more stressed and used up on average with few exceptions usually the ones that do not live in LA or keep a good distance from the business if not working, like Nina Mercedez, Sophia Santi.

PW have the regular stress of having sex with strangers for money that all whores have multiplied by the stress of having sex in public so all the world, including her family and chilhood friends knows that they do.

That eat up the girls very fast. If I were a woman and I have to put in the position of have paid sex with strangers I rather escort. The to end escorts I have met have a more realisting outlook on life that PWs.

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Disclaimers Disclaimer Copyright Infringement. My New Blog http: He's wishing cancer on me shows what a freak he is and what little regard he has for people. Where are they now? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Ahosaho on Why is everyone blaming Jayme….

Harold and kumar on Carmen Luvana retiring at the…. Now thank you to the person who sent this in to me, The Erotic Review clearly shows that Jayden Jaymes is also an escort and the same dirty hooker she attacks the real porn stars for being! Her breakdown on the Brazzers forum is also after the jump. She was crying that she did not get some AVN award and the fact that if she won it her family would accept her.. She is listed on a pornstar escort site, and not even UTR, but she downs other folks who are doing the same thing.

She knows the game and she knows what is true and what is not. So being a pornstar is a job… so is being a Mafia hit-man. Their porn stardom MADE escorting financially appealing, especially in light of the current economic state of the industry. And finally, the claim that the PSEs are fucking clients indiscriminently without using condoms and bringing disease into the industry is absurd.

While we all know that unprotected intercourse does occur, when it does the great majority of PSEs insist on seeing valid and current tests, just like they do in the industry. The fact is that the great majority of the general population leads a much lower risk lifestyle than the male talent in the porn.

While HIV is closely monitored in the porn biz, the incidence of non-leathal STDs is much higher in the industry than it is in the public arena. I put them in their place when needed. Co-stars end up hating me because I say what others think: As for directors and producers… funny, cuz most of my friends in this biz are directors and producers.

The ones that hate me are the ones that have tried to push me around like they do the other girls and unlike the other girls I stand up for myself. This industry is a bunch of fucking hookers trying to legitimize themselves by doing it on camera. So, what about those like me? I actually want to take advantage of the business aspect of the industry and make some real money!

But a good business woman is always considered a bitch. Ever hear of a JOB? I show up, turn into a nympho for the camera, and go home. I treat it as a job and not a party, like most. I make my money and get out. And the whole Rachel thing. I actually used to like her. She started dating my ex, we did a scene together, and she was nice.

I was actually happy he was in good hands. THAT pisses me off. And yes, there is an elevated risk of spreading disease when you start having sex outside of a limited pool of people, regardless of testing. But using a condom will protect you more.

And I always hear most escorts and their clients will not go any further without a condom. But The Erotic Review is where the hobbyists go to critique the escorts. Are they all lying about Jayden? It might be true or it might not but by stating it as fact you invite the scrutiny of those that read your comments and yes, Jayden could find it actionable. I remember reading all about how Jenna Jameson could be had for a few hundred bucks too by some of those hobbyists, would you believe them sight unseen?

Don, I do not think so. The Doctor who designed the testing for the condom only bordellos in Nevada is very critical of how the Cali porn industry is run. As a reformer whoremonger I only have met two escorts that let me fuck them without a condom. Most porn stars fuck without condoms all the time.

They often get reinfected by the same people over and over again. So porn stars on the average are lest healtier that comparable high end civilian escorts by far. That is not true. I have lived in countries with legal prostitution and they are often healthier than civilian women. Compare that to the handful of AIDS cases in the domestic porn industry over the years the straight industry at least.

And if my quote seems wrong, let me revise it for you just a touch: That they are eating regular meals elevates their immune system and their diseases are treated much more quickly due to regular testing much like performers get.

Testing helps people treat the majority of STDs before they become a problem and condoms certainly REDUCE the chances of catching something if you engage in specific behaviors but there is a valid argument that hooking increases the chances of contracting an STD. In New Zealand prostitution is legal as long as condoms are used.

Looking at some STD stats, the outbreaks have mainly been in the gay community, not spread by female prostitutes. The thing that gets me is that so many johns want to have unprotected sex with hookers. Guys offering extra money for the privilege or slipping off the condom half way though.

I doubt many prostitutes go out of their way to risk their health like that. This kiwi hooker had her john arrested for trying that shit. Jayden has severe self esteem issues and is very insecure. Hopefully, some day, she grows up and accepts herself, warts and all.

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He called Jayden and was extremely upset she posted all over the internet her Youtube video claiming they were dating, their Mexican vacation pictures , and wrote about their phone conversation on her Myspace blog. Part of paying you all that money is for you to keep your mouth shut and not tell everyone so to get publicity. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jealousy does make people say stupid things. Harvey Dent June 21, I do see a pattern where she is very competitive with other females to the point where she cannot be hired for certain things. The biggest names in porn also escort.
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