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So whether you enjoy pain or pleasure, or a perfect mix of both Domina Detroit escorts ads near Bar Harbor Experienced! Kitty J 1 I'm a latina pornstar and stripper who loves to be kinky and la escorts spanking She has a very wide range of interests, from nurturing to sadistic. La escorts spanking visit my dungeon in Austin, Texas about once a month. Won't you be mine?
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Can you tame me and give her something to really pout about? Submissive Tatiana has a new picture on her page for you to enjoy. She is very eager to fulfill your most desired fantasies while being disciplined in the process. A mixed girl with Irish, German, Welsh, Scottish, and Belizean roots, her buttery caramel skin and long legs are waiting for your firm hand and she would love for you to take control.

How would you like to play? Congratulations on her new status to Mistress Leslie! She has a very wide range of interests, from nurturing to sadistic. Are you ready for your session? Please help us welcome new Submissive Suzie who is very excited to begin her training here at The Dominion.

Craving both punishment and praise, Suzie is very shy and needs to be coaxed out of her shell. Since she still has a lot to learn, she would love to include another switch or dominant lady in her sessions with you. Suzie looks forward to meeting you and hopes to be able to serve you soon! Congratulations to Mistress Selene! Formerly known as Switch Zoey, she has changed her name along with her newly earned title to match her true dark nature.

A very sensual Mistress, her mischievous nature will have you addicted. Highly intelligent and playfully sadistic, Selene loves to toy with the mind. She takes pleasure in laughing at you, humiliating you, and putting you in your place.

Have you fantasized about being tortured? Do you crave submission and pain? Mistress Lowen is accepting subs, slaves, and sissys for Her exclusive entertainment. San Francisco Bay Area Mistress with over 13 years of experience. Seductive dominance and sincere connection. Miss Lydia of New York Discipline. I am a firm believer that a sound spanking makes everything all right. You will be seduced by my charismatic and devious nature; ultimately, you will be eating at the palms of my hands and I will be your biggest weaknesses.

Open-minded, intense, sensual, skilled professional. Slim,dark blond hair,5'6" tall. Read about Miss M on her website or call on Are you a Sissy, will you worship me? I love to humiliate sissy men, make them worship me and only me, want to role play your wildest fantasy with me? Do you like Latex? Me dressed to dominate you? Feel my Latex clad body rubbing over your face and body. Would you like to be fucked with my Strap on? I will force you over the bed.

Lube your stupid Bum Hole, make it wet and oily, like a sissy baby Hi, I am a professional oriental in London working most days, but in the evenings I enjoy being served by western caucasian slaves. Intuitive, creative, nurturing, yet strict and firm. I will have you at your proper place. Well mannered and polite submissives may apply for consideration of my attention. Pandemos Profile Mistress Marcella.

I am a mature Dominatrix, in my early 50's. I have a very good sense of humour with a relish for intelligent, stimulating conversation I also cater to cross dressing and make overs.

I specialize in spankings, strappings and cannings. I have many things for the fetish hungry client. I have a beautiful, fully-equipped, air conditioned dungeon. Very clean and discreet and your safety is always a priority. Madame Michaela of Vienna Dominant governess, old-fashioned educational methods, sensitive to the novice but without any mercy to slaves who need it. In a private, discreet atmosphere you will become my slave, defenceless, absorbed I will force you to meet my challenges.

Role-plays are my passion. I'm your mean aunt and I will spank your bottom until you cannot sit anymore, but I will also be the strict private doctor or your teacher. Disciplinary home and hotel visits are possible. I have implements for all occasions. Mistress Montana of Dallas I am Mistress Montana I have over 22 years experience as a demanding professional dominatrix. I am based out of Dallas, Texas but travel frequently to South Florida.

I visit my dungeon in Austin, Texas about once a month. My styles range from sensual scenarios to extremely sophisticated power plays. Mystique Virtual Mistress to the feeble and pathetic who pay to worship me or face my wrath. Seemingly harmless, I am a half Thai, half Italian-American sadist, standing at a slender 5'6" sans heels, with a defined 25" waist and 35" hips.

My sensual charm and captivating doe eyes will dismantle your guard, just as I wield my cane. Although my skills vary, I am an artist in tease and denial, and I revel in corporal punishment.

Extreme sadism is in my nature, I must admit it, and with this I made a profession. Your fantasy is the only limit, as well as knowing your place. Sensual and Severe Domination and Discipline. Miss Nikki Minx Niteflirt. Her wish is your command. I have a deep understanding of and affection for fetishes and while sensually sadistic by nature all play is safe sane and consensual. I am intelligent,creative and highly intuitive in my approach so each session is unique. BDSM only- not an invitation for sex.

Mistress Olivia Vexx Niteflirt. Domina Papillon near Bar Harbor Experienced! Mine is one of the finer privately owned dungeons in the Northeast. Positive connection and a quality experience is my goal for our visit. Travel includes visiting excellent facilities and other top fetish friends in Massachusetts, Florida, Costa Rica, California, Hawaii.

Care to invite Me to your haven? Pavlovia Denver Pavlovia is Denver's premier house of domination. We're dedicated to providing a quality experience for the submissive, fetishist, bottom, switch, dominant or couple. With many Pro Dommes to choose from you are sure to find exactly what you need. We all have specialities. MistressGinger is a BBW who works with humiliation, discipine and femme worship. MistressTorment works with boot worship, human ashtray, humiliation and punishment.

And finally I, Mistress Divilment, am a sadist who works with edge play, role play, discipline and torture. Please note that this is not a sexual service. You can visit me in person to attest to this. I fully understand the feeling that implements and role play has upon a person. Thus I enjoy most aspects of the scene including role-play or not, it is up to you. Lady Regina of Pompano Beach Weird girl who gets off on beating up guys, teasing em and getting them all crazy and making them do bad things.

I'm a happy sadist and natural born Domme. I enjoy what I do and take pride in the art of Female Domination. Some of my favorite things are: CBT, NT, tease and denial, Old fashioned discipline sessions, medical roleplay, chastity training, sissy maid training, humiliation, behavior modification.

Pandemos Profile Command Performance. I look forward to having submissives completely engaged in the scene and fall to their knees in admiration and gratitude of their Mistress' attention placed upon them. I am a Strict but Attentive Mistress.. I enjoy pushing your limits and sharing the experience. If you are ready to Obey.. Interesados en la sumision contactar con ama NO es una casa de putas no contesto Llamadas ocultas y cabina sopedaso de me encuentro en Fuenlabrada.

I can be found at My Private Premises in the west of Cardiff. I offer Lifestyle Training, Ownership and Collaring for those that desire a long term commitment to their Mistress.

Mistress Saleme of Sydney I am an intelligent, sensual, curvaceous dominatrix based in Sydney, Australia. As I am quietly spoken, I feel no need to raise my voice, rather, I prefer to command submission through a calm and confident presence.

Whether you are on my lap, over a bench or on your knees, I require complete and total submission as well as loyalty. I am a sadist. I find things that cause you pain, amuse me. I love heavy corporal scenes, as well as psychological play and slave training. These aren't my only interests, there are many, many more. If at this point your intrigued by me than just message me or check out my website. You will get nothing but honesty from me. Pandemos Profile Serena Von Cure.

Madam Soozie of Leeds More than just a Mistress Female Domination at its pinnacle Yorkshire based with access to Domestic setting which includes its own Fetish Playroom. While she is unpredictable and changing all the time one day she is blonde, the next brunette one thing always remains the same: Lady Sophia Kate's Palace of Sin.

I eat maggots like you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am NOT here for you I am solely here for My needs and desires. I am selfish, rude and demanding. I get what I want and step on everyone in my way. I'm going to boss you around until I turn you into a whiny bitch. And if you whine too much, you will be punished severely.

You were born beneath Me. You will serve under Me like the good pigslut you are. Switch Spanky of Los Angeles I am a pro switch specializing in extreme spanking and severe corporal punishment in both Dom and sub roles.

My other interests include NT, CBT, foot fetish, wrestling, whipping, flogging and just about anything unusual or exiting. No sex, please don't ask.

I am available at Sanctuary Studios days a week, and by apt. Mistress Stephanie of Telford Mistress Spankies! I am exceedingly stern and spiteful being experienced with the use of my floggers, canes and whips. So will you succumb? Avail 7day 9am 8pm. But I'm ready for a slut to control and cum all over. I recently have been craving a gentle sub to cuckhold and lick my clit as a nice hard strong cock penetrates me. Where O where is my perfect Dirty Boy?

I need to wrap my thighs around some slut's neck. Or have him lick in between my toes as my stud strokes my cat. After I have cum he would lick me clean, bathe me then take me shopping for the perfect heel. Pandemos Profile Mistress Taha. I have very lethal skills in the arts of Domination that ensure my subjects never forget their place.

I love to control the mind, soul, and wallet of men that cross my path. I am 5' inches well over six feet in my heels , lbs. Honesty, loyalty, intelligence, a sense of humor, integrity and a love of fun are what will get you into my good graces.

I am not particularly cruel but I do enjoy inflicting pain mixed with a bit of sensuality. I wish you to be anxious and uneasy wondering what will happen next. I thrive on eliciting a mix of emotions from those I play with. Sessions are held in a fully equipped private studio in the Chicopee area. I am both a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix and have been in the lifestyle for 17 years. I do not tolerate disobedience and will punish severely any slave according to MY rules!!

Pandemos Profile FemDomme Society. Mistress Vera of Chicago I am a nymph-like tease, a cunning seductress, and a loving sadist. A perverted classic beauty. Deeply intelligent and wickedly creative, my passion lies in creating enthralling experiences through erotic power exchange.

Size 10 feet, high arch, long toes. I specialize in getting into your head and staying there long after you have left. I deliver sessions with a level of sophistication and experience like no other. Do not confuse me with what else going on out there - I am the real deal: Pandemos Profile The Clinic Twitter.

I have been involved in the BDSM community for over 20 years. I do not engage in sexual behaviour with clients. She considers herself very fortunate; she has slaves worshipping at her feet, willing to take pain, punishment and humiliation for her pleasure each and every day. Even so, she is almost insatiable in her lust for power and dominance and is always in need of fresh slaves for her entertainment.

She craves new willing subjects to offer her new challenges and complement her host of loyal devotees - the question is, are you ready to submit to The Violator?

Do you want a beautiful woman to use you and abuse you? Come see me and we can make all those dreams come true. Miss Wednesday is here to punish you and fulfill your dark submissive fantasies. Bring me your ideas, your secrets, your desires let s work together to make them a reality.

Mistress Zariah Simone of New York Midtown Manhattan Besides training under a legendary Mistress, Mistress Zariah's voluptuous curves has been known to bring many men down to all fours. Her assets will bound to have you lusting and salivating to worship her. Her plump backside and my powerful thick thighs were made for dominating her victims. I am an Experienced and Sadistic Dominatrix. Attributes I utilise in all my sessions to great effect.

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Here with some of mine statistics Origin: We have escorts on Massage Republic that offer Spanking: Where O where is my perfect Dirty Boy? I want to give you pleasure and companionship. I expect to be worshiped and adored. Positive connection and a quality experience is my goal for our visit.
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