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They also were disapointed in the crowd at the playhouse. This place was absolutely gorgeous. This is the most fun 2 be had in this town Bar None!! Join our discreet parties where like-minded adults gather exhibitionist dating sites enjoy the fun and social times as well as enhancing thier lives through imagination and fantasy. We are friendly people that go to alot of the clubs on the east coast and north as well, so we are always ready to mingle, but SWF Play Palace is not a place where we would return. We had a great time. I hooked up lehigh acres swingers a lehigh acres swingers couple and we did escorts cy we went there for.
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You can do better. Take the time, go to Miami, Ft. Thanks SDC for promoting and bringing so many sexy people together!! The host and hostess were extremely helpful and introduced us to several other couples. We enjoyed several games of pool and met several couples. We are really looking forward to partying with this group again and again. We have found a new home for our Saturday nights. We KNOW who you are and why you were there. It's sad that people have to bash other clubs in order to feel as though they have gained something.

We don't bash other venues or parties in the area and quite frankly we promote that there is a place for everyone. There are several opportunities in Lee County for couples to choose from and they do just that. Try dressing more appropriate for the evening and being more sociable and perhaps you would be approachable.

It's not the fault of the venue or the party that you presented yourself the way you did and chose to distance yourself from the group. Good luck in your search to find your niche.

The people all seemed to be a big click. We did not fit into there "schedule "it seemed. We left and went to the Lizard ,met two other couples and had a great night. They also were disapointed in the crowd at the playhouse.

Nicest people in the sceen Date: Been to the "other" places and there is no comparing the very different crowds that those wannabees draw. PlayPalace does a much better job of hosting parties and thinks outside the box. Upscale parties with Upscale people are where we like to party.

We will support those who support us. Thanks for all your effort,you guys ROCK! We attended the first Hotel takeover and it was a very well done event. We are going to the next one and the next one!!!

The roof was incredable!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Darlene and Joe. I will KEEP going!! Well if you dont care what the people look like jenny craig is an understatement have at it. I have visited 5 other clubs around the state and this is a fine place for lifestylers to go and meet good people. I dont go to listen to music! Make the effort Date: Chances are that the sexy couple at the Bar are new, and just a bit shy, and remember we are all there to meet new people.

Come on SW Florida, its a venue on our doorstep,lets make sure it does well. We went there a year ago and it was lame then and still is now from what we hear.

No one dresses sexy. I've seen hotter outfits at church or at Lazy lizard. I think they hire or have a resident stripper who goes out there every once in a while and tries to get things going, but the DJ sucks so bad and the crowd is so lame that nothing happens. I don't know why they don't change their tune over there. Will never go back Date: It is basically a dive bar and the few times we have been there there has never been more than 6 to 10 people.

It is very cliquish and not very friendly. We are friendly people that go to alot of the clubs on the east coast and north as well, so we are always ready to mingle, but SWF Play Palace is not a place where we would return. The good thing is that there is the gay bar next door to it and it really is fun with alot of friendly people and actually met more couples there. We are from the area and always wish that SWF Play Palace would be a good venue, but we have always been dissapointed. We recommend that you dont waste your money, have a house party and actually have fun or just go to a regualar dive bar.

SWFPP is not much more. Granted it was a slower night but with Fantasy Fest, Homecoming AND Swingfest all the same night no one expected that there would be a huge crowd there. Those that were there went out of there way to make sure everyone was comfortable though. Even bought Pizza for the entire group.

It's a shame that you couldn't have mingled with the couples that were there and had a great time. There were several couples even enjoying some Girl on Girl fun. Sorry you didn't enjoy yourselves but it's not fair to judge the party on a weekend with so many other activites going on. Did you have any pizza that a few pitched in and went to go and get for the room to enjoy and meet and mingle?? WHY do people attack the club when they sit and do nothing. In the lifestyle you get out exactly what you put in to it.

I dont know you profile name , but I BET you have no friends or validations,whos fault is that?? Its been said before and i will say it again If you cant have a great time at any lifestyle event,its YOUR problem,not those in the room!!! I am winedine69 who R U? We figured "Hey, give it a shot! Well the place was basically a dive. And although the website says: No one said a word to us. We stood there for two hours smiling like idiots trying to look somewhat social even as much as when anything remotely "publically funny" happened that garnered a response from folks nearby we even made passing comments to them in the hopes of getting a simple "Hey you're new right?

Sadly we're extremely disappointed and don't think we will be going back there. Again high hopes and expectations but the place fell extremely short. On the plus side the bar tender made a great Long Island Ice Tea, a shame that was the highlight of my evening. A real night club exclusive members only! Nice change from the usual scene. If you dont have an incredible time there you wont anywhere. If your not fun, thats YOUR fault.

I hooked up with a local couple and we did what we went there for. Wore each other OUT! All the negative talk is pure bullshit from people that have their heads up their ass or some ones ass.

Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. I will go again. We will continue to attend the club every Saturday night and will continue to promote the parties to all our friends as a safe and comfortable atmosphere for like-minded people.

No it's not a TajMahal like you expected. I drive a very expensive vehicle and have never in 6 years had a problem. If you would have read the advertisement you would have seen that drinks were two for one until Unlike most clubs that pour a one ounce drink the drinks at these parties are a GREAT deal for the money.

I don't know who you are although I'm sure I know who sent you but you obviously didn't take the time to introduce yourselves to us because we would have shown you a good time.

Then there are those couples that choose to sit at the bar and not be sociable with anyone then complain. Can't please everyone but Joe and Dar sure do try. This place is a converted warehouse with some paint, a bad DJ, and a couple of pool tables. Apparently "the Loft" is something completely different. This was totally off premesis, but a couple who had been there before said that even at the so called "after parties" there was sometimes nothing going on but conversation.

Owner was introduced but barely said hello and couldn't be bothered - both rushed back to the small clique of young kids that you read about in other reviews. They clearly have no idea of the touches that make a place successful for attendees. Cover charge gets you a styrofoam bowl of pretzels and the opportunity to purchase expensive drinks. Nothing about this place was welcoming to newbies and we met other firt timers there who said it fell far short of their expectations.

It seems that a lot of folks came in and left shortly thereafter. The parking lot was not secure with a lot of people just hanging out. We were amazed at the detailed process to "reserve" your spot at the party Disappointing is an understatement. We hung around for 2 hours waiting for something to happen and finally left - with a new appreciation for other places we have attended.

If this place is in business a year from now, we'll be surprised. You've got to be kidding Date: Grand Opening at the loft Date: The couples there were sexy and on the younger side we thought. We met alot of new people we don't normally see. We played in the back and I know our room was full 4 couples and a single girl and very sexy.

When we came out, my hubby made sure we checked out the other rooms and they were full too, so I dont' get why people are saying this is off premise? It is definately ON premise We had fun! Ware looking forward to the Pajama party and will definatley recommend this party to our friends and to people who read this. This is a very upscale club and we can't wait to go back. We played in the back rooms and there were several other couples playing too.

It's great to finally have a place closer to home so we don't have to drive to the east coast. Not really for us Date: We checked out the Victorian Loft for the grand opening. Very nice decor but definately not on-premise like advertised.

Basically the same crowd and not very friendly. I liked that it was non-smoking but a lot of the people spent more time out front smoking than inside and even in the rain. The venue is awesome, very classy! We had a great time at all 4 parties. I did not feel it was clickish at all. Everyone was very friendly and we met alot of great cpls. The parties rooms are set up for private play. If cpls want to shut the door they can if not they dont.

We will attend more of these parties!! Loft Grand Opening Date: We are non-smokers and LOVE the fact that this place wont have you smelling bad at the end of a great night. I dont drink, but my better half does We also think that the atmosphere is like a big house party with 3 bedrooms in the back.

We are new to the scene and felt comfortable here, we didnt get to play but we met some really nice people at the grand opening with potential A little more variety in the music would be great.

Great Time at the grand opening Date: As newbees we still had fun hope next time we meet more couple. Rooms to go Date: My wife really wanted to buy the lamp! LOL Playing was minimal if any. The staff was friendly tho Although the club says on- premise, that is misleading. Bascially, this is no more than a social venue for local swingers to talk and meet. Very cliquish as well. There are 3 small rooms in the back with a couple of mattresses on the floor.

Once a couple of people go into a room and close the door thats it. No real play area nad nothing happens in the common area. Otherwise clean, well decorated and nice staff. We would term this place a local off- premise venue where not much really happens.

Grand Opening Party Date: We had a blast mingling and dancing and playing. The people there were great. We can't wait for the next party. The Victorian Loft Saturday Date: Very comfortable and sexy atmosphere. Especially the play rooms, very sexy. The Grand Opening party should be amazing! This place was absolutely gorgeous. What a great set up. It was a little light for a Friday night but we definatley are going back tonight and the Grand Opening!

Thank you for bringing something with class near us! Seems like they are bullying people to not post a honest review. The new venue Date: LOL it is non-smoking and since we smoke, there was not even a patio or place outside to accomodate.

High end furniture, upscale party and all inclusive. West coast finally has something to compare to the East coast clubs. I know the "kid" who wrote the response below saw him at the party dressed like he was going to a local dive and you know how competitive other parties are Ask anyone who was there April 9 how beautiful this place was.

Nothing compares to this place on the West Coast. Finally an upscale party place! We'll be back again and again.. New Victorian Loft Date: We do know for a fact that a competing if you want to call it competition venue was in attendance last night to check us out and of course they are going to talk trash about what they consider thier competition.

We actually typed in things like "utcple" and "funcple" and so on and so forth but everything was taken. SO we live in UT and we wanted everyone to remember us Too bad we don't live up to the name Sorry, not too creative here!

South Swinger population - - So we have noticed that Utah has a majority of the swing-ulation swing population on the site and we're thinking it's because here in Ut. We are denied such liberties such as good beer, gay marriage, being able to buy booze in the grocery store, legalized pot, a corner or city block that dosen't have a Mormon church on it, or a town without a Temple being planned or built!

So we figure Utah swingers are mostly either church defectors or people who are just plain fed up with our Mormon dictated state so what we do we do to rebel?? So God bless Utah and this guys wife blowing me lol.

Tampa - in town whats the fun stuff to do - Here'ss Our on-premise, swingers club parties are held on Fridays and Sat. Our amenities are second to none. We are noted as one of Florida's finest swinger's club. Friday night open to couples, ladies and select single males. Saturday night we welcome couples, a limited amount of select single males and single ladies. Single gentlemen must call and reserve.

Please call us at for invitation and directions to our location. All of our indoor areas including dance hall are now non-smoking. We do have plenty of smoking areas available ouside for our smoking friends. Thanks for your understanding. I have never received a reply or met anyone from Houston on the site. Utah swingers do know how to have fun and we have enjoyed the company of the many couples we have met there. Not sure of the statistics but both of us were previously married for over 20 years and neither of us cheated or played around.

Data gathering for a study like this has got be difficult, most people do not admit they are consensually non monogamous. Many more just cheat on their significant others. There is a good reason: Prosexual people have a different set of values than the usual muggles we meet out in society. Being around them feels good, especially with the openness about sexuality that swingers have. And having a threesome is wonderful! Watching a woman be pleasured by 2 men is one of nature's best treats -- maybe even the way nature meant it to be!!!

So, it is mistaken to think single men are here only because they want to get laid. On the contrary, it's probably harder to "get laid" on a swinger's site than out in the everyday world.

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I liked that it was non-smoking but a lot of the people spent more time out front smoking than inside and even in the rain. Pornhub is the most complete and revolutionary porn tube site. We travel there every few weeks and have a great time and will continue to do so. This club in the past has been alot of fun. The owners are awesome people and are great friends of ours.
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