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This dress is typically the first adult dressing that the girl quinceanera escort wear, as per escort naples florida tradition started by quinceanera escort Duchess of Alba in Spain many years ago. They will help walk her through the day and celebrate with her as she graduates to womanhood. This celebration sprung up as a result of this important age. Their role is to support the honoree, share the spotlight, and make the date fun. Inthe Spanish attacked and invaded what we know as the modern day Mexico and took over their leadership.
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A group dance is often included, occasionally this is a waltz, but more modern quinces treat it as a flash mob. An important part of inviting members of the Corte is to remember to ask their parents.

The details of accepting a court invite may become expensive with gowns, hair and makeup, special shoes and more. Asking the parents is polite and lets them know what kind of commitments they need to make, both financially and in terms of time. Due to the cost and expectations of a member of court, it is courteous to ask friends well in advance. A suggested request period is at least 6 months before the affair. This gives attendees time to learn the dance, attend fittings and rehearsals and other requirements.

Not all quinceaneras are formal but many are, and planning is often a year long process. It is wise to let the Damas and Chamberlains involved as much notice as possible. Sometimes, an invitation may be denied because of the stresses incurred. This is not surprising and should be treated with grace. Sometimes the young Latina invites her court verbally, but more often girls perform the request in a creative way.

Many entertaining methods of formal invites play upon prom-vite ideas. These could be as simple as ordering your friend's favorite coffee drink and penning the request on the cup or as extravagant as creating a You Tube channel. Handwritten or designed paper invitations have an elegant feel. Beautiful handmade paper invitations take time to arrive, so plan well in advance for specialty crafts that you make yourself.

Once you have the invites, send them snail mail or do something fun like have a get-together with each child that is being asked to attend. Hang a pinata with the invites inside and once it bursts each guest can find their special request in a fun way.

Before you go too far with deciding who you want as your escort, think about who you can trust. Your escort will be in the spotlight with you throughout a very exciting but also very long and very hectic day. The job of head chambelan demands maturity, and the more mature your choice is, the easier it will be to trust him. A guy who is a really good friend to you can be a great choice. What better way to make sure you have loads of fun no matter how awkward the situation becomes?

Your best guy friend understands you completely and will support you. Still, consider his love interest or interests before you ask him to be your head chambelan. If your boyfriend has a responsible side—works hard at school, or maybe holds a part-time job—consider asking him. Also, just imagine you and your boyfriend all dressed up in church! That might make the bond between you even stronger.

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Some girls choose to make the fourteen people her damas, with the fifteenth being her mother. Here, her parents will make a toast to her, while emphasizing her achievements and virtues. Sometimes, an invitation may be denied because of the stresses incurred. This has been done through entities such as NGOs and sponsors who are the richer people in society. The family of the girl and the neighbors are the ones tasked with the duty of helping to prepare the food that is eaten during celebrations.
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