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House panel votes to release Russia investigation interview transcripts. Indonesia quake, tsunami arman jordan escorts climb to A small room borrowed from a storefront starts to fill with suspects of various races and occupations, all sitting handcuffed escorts argentina forlorn. Some are law enforcement officers seattle board escort want to stay in the loop. Bernard explained that a bad review could have a huge impact on seattle board escort, giving the clients too much power. Then again, if these johns had had the means, ability, and foresight to troll for sex on the Internet rather than the street, the cops might not have busted any of them.
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Across social media, Pacific Northwest sex workers and their clients aired frustrations yesterday. Seattle ladies and gentleman, looks like the end of an era. Not in a good way," tweeted Mistress Matisse , a Seattle-based dominatrix and leading sex-worker rights activist. And "the use of police resources to raid and shutdown sexworker resources like TRB message board does not reduce trafficking or make anyone safer.

Instead, it increases sex worker's reliance on possibly coercive third parties, and makes it harder for us to screen clients for safety.

If not that one, there will be another. If the past few years are any indication, however, federal agents are more than happy to spend their time playing website whack-a-mole. First it was Craigslist's "adult" section. In , it was MyRedbook. Then, last year, the Department of Homeland Security took down gay-escort site Rentboy. And everyone from U. Backpage, however, has refused to just roll over for authorities.

Following a string of legal victories the most recent of which cited an amicus brief from Reason Foundation! The shutdown of The Review Board is just the government's latest attempt to go after consensual prostitution by stoking fears about forced sex trafficking, and it doesn't matter if they're actually putting everyone more at risk and making trafficking investigations harder. So perhaps the only surprising thing about this Review Board situation is it produced a local TV news report featuring Reason contributor Maggie McNeill that doesn't merely parrot police talking points.

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We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. Women, especially ferners, don't have the wherewithal to make decisions on with whom to have sex and for what purpose! Plus another aspect of "security theatre": It's funny how the cops always arrest the women and charge them with prostitution, then, turn around and declare the entire effort "fighting the war on human slavery.

Isn't arresting someone for a victimless crime and then throwing them in a cage--even a holding cell--kidnapping?

They're fighting slavery with It's kind of like cops and CPS agents who abduct unattended children to prevent them from being abducted. If they really believed their own bullshit, they would at least call for the elimination of all prostitution laws that make the seller a guilty party, since they're all human slaves.

They just can't even bring themselves to admit that it only makes sense to ban selling yourself for sex only if you assume a person is voluntarily deciding to do that in the first place, and should be punished. That's not happening anymore," while they turn around and brag about hooker arrests in the news, as if just calling it "fighting human slavery" magically changes everything.

There's also the troll-logic that no mentally-competent woman could possibly choose voluntarily to enter the sex trade. So the women in the sex trade must therefore be mentally incompetent women who need to be locked up for their own good. True modern slavery is beta male husbands being subjected to prolonged periods of forced abstinence from their wives, because the wives cut their testicles off.

Well, guess who it's registered to now? The King County Sheriff's Office. Yeah, they completely took it over. And here's a laugh riot: All of the men charged in this case declined requests for on-the-record interviews. In addition to the website shutdowns, several Korean brothels in Bellevue were raided. Police say they found 12 women of Korean descent inside, who they released without charges.

In a police press conference, the women were described as "trafficked. Michael Durnal served 45 days in prison after his Bellevue brothels were raided by police. He said he first became involved in the Korean prostitution world as a client. Then he fell in love with one of the women.

The woman was in debt back in Korea, he was told, so Durnal decided to leave his family and his job to open up a brothel with her to make money. Durnal said his reason for picking Bellevue was simple: But Durnal said that as time went on, he began to get to know the women and learn more about why they were selling sex. I asked her why she doesn't just run and she said she tried, and they find them. Durnal repeatedly said he regrets getting involved in prostitution because he said he saw firsthand the damage it could do.

Every girl they let go? Every girl's back in the business. They just go someplace else. Brad Myles of the anti-trafficking group Polaris said debt bondage is a common factor when it comes to Korean women working out of brothels in the United States.

And then you have these customers that are coming and buying sex from these women who think that the women are there voluntarily. McNeill, who also runs a popular sex work blog, said that she believes the shutdown of these boards interferes with free speech, and to shut them down is a disservice both to sex workers and to those exercising their right to free association online.

I was held against my will at least once. I was strangled, and these were all by Review Board guys so, you know, again, your line keeps getting pushed further and further and further to get those good reviews. Bernard explained that a bad review could have a huge impact on business, giving the clients too much power.

It would be a great step forward in reducing nation-wide exploitation if these review boards did not exist. How young American girls are being sold online. Inside the fight to take down online prostitution review boards.

FBI investigation into Kavanaugh is 'uncharted territory,' expert says. Indonesia quake, tsunami deaths climb to Rosenstein agrees to meet with House Republicans next week. Attack exposing personal info could affect as many as 90 million: Tesla is heading into a 'challenging period': Pope seeks prayers to fight 'devil'. I was groped, kissed as a young teen. Kavanaugh supporters ignore women's voices at their own peril:

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If you don't understand Agile Cyborg, there's no way to explain it. Female high school quarterback throws TD on 1st pass in varsity game. That's not happening anymore," while they turn around and brag about hooker arrests in the news, as if just calling it "fighting human slavery" magically changes everything. All this is very different from the interaction sought by street sex customers. Sergeant Neff says if the team had had more officers, it could have nabbed even more johns. You must have an account and be logged in to comment. It seems perfectly plausible that the people working within the walls of governance exist to dehumanize anything colored as alternative or ideologically inconvenient to whims of bureaucracy.
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