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But…is that right to be angry and question God? Every minute of every day, I had wondered whether or not I was safe. I am 19, struggling college student, no parents std escort family, supporting myself. My family has never raised me to pray, I have prayed in chaos but tonight Std escort am truly going to get on my knees and pray before I sleep, for me to learn to open up to god and thank std escort guys for opening my perspective. On December 27 ocean city md escortI finally got my chance to learn my results, over two months after I was first diagnosed. Independent escort huntsville al was the biggest deception of std escort time.
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So this is the happy ending, right? By the time I received this news, it was 15 years later! I was tested several times for several years after I left. I have had three children since then. Surely it would have been caught. I was stunned and I wanted to remain frozen in my chair. A million thoughts went through my head, faster than I could process the information. How could this have happened while I was in the escort service? I was so careful about using condoms correctly.

I wanted a family more than anything. Steve and I had been together for fourteen years and had been in a monogamous relationship, so I knew all too well where I must have caught it: What did this mean?

For Steve and my children? My Gosh, I thought. I breastfed for over two years, and there was blood in my breast milk. What would this mean for my ministry? I just got done telling my audience at the prostitution conference that I was disease free. I received a round of applause. How could I possibly continue my ministry? I was escorted down the hall to give three vials of blood. I was told that the second set of blood work would tell me whether I just had the antibodies or actually had Hepatitis C.

By the way the staff was treating me, however, I felt like my infection was already confirmed. Counting the next three, this made eight vials I had given in a period of two weeks.

I noticed that the nurse put on extra thick gloves. Right before the nurse injected the needle, I felt myself swallow as the reality hit.

My life would never be the same again. My two week wait was a nightmare. Every minute of every day, I had wondered whether or not I was safe. Steve started getting paranoid about catching it, and I started to feel like an outcast in the family. I started doing some of my own research about Hepatitis C and learned that Hepatitis C is usually not spread through sexual relations. However, according to the AIM Medical Healthcare Foundation, the efficacy of using latex condoms in preventing Hepatitis C is still unknown, and now, I, like others, had become just another statistic.

I wondered how many others, like me, faced the lies of the sex industry and the consequences of their decisions many years later. The littlest things began to frighten me. For instance, when I would have my period, a sudden chill would come over me as I thought, Did I remember to wash the towel? Was there blood on the soap? Spencer just stood there with a look of fear. I felt horrible, but my only goal was to protect him. Later that night, I tucked my four-year-old son Spencer into bed and kneeled at his bedside.

I softly ran my fingers through his dirty blond hair until he fell asleep. The sound of my prayer woke up Spencer. Why are you crying? Mommy will be okay. Why after all these years? Tell me why, God? Why are You so quiet.

Would I have been as strong? I was angry, but deep inside I knew the truth. No where in the Bible does it state that God causes everything to work out to have a happy ending on earth. We are the ones that cause the mistakes. God gave us an instruction book to try to prevent those mistakes in the first place. It seemed like an eternity before the test results were complete. I received a phone call before I drove down to the office.

The nurse told me that they had accidentally sent my blood work to the lab unfrozen, causing it to be rejected. I cannot believe I have to wait yet another umpteen weeks! A month later, the second doctor confirmed that the first set of work showed that I was positive for Hepatitis C. He refused to do a second set of blood work. Instead, he referred me to a gastrology specialist. By the time Thanksgiving had come, I had endured almost six weeks of uncertainty as the gastrologist could not get me in for an appointment until the second week of December.

All my relatives were so happy to see each other. All I wanted to be was a bucket of tears. I saw no point in pretending.

You could need a liver biopsy and end up having to take shots three times per week. I told her I was fine, but the truth was I was far from fine. I had gone almost two months wondering if I was infected with Hepatitis C, and I had been concerned for my future and for my husband and children.

I had been treated like an outcast. How could I possibly be fine, lady? I had started to wonder if it would be better not to know the results at all. On December 27 th , I finally got my chance to learn my results, over two months after I was first diagnosed.

Whatever happens, I promise You, Lord, that I will continue this ministry. I promise You, I will fight for Your men and women who You want to come home. I will educate the world about the dangers of the sex industry. Everything I do with my ministry is for You. The nurse came in and briefly introduced herself. She fumbled through my records. They should have been back by now. Twenty minutes felt like an hour. Your body fought the virus off. It appears you only had the antibodies.

Less than twenty percent are that lucky. You are very, very lucky! Here I am, in December of I have had a second blood test to confirm that I am okay, and that I do not have the virus. It will only make me more motivated. The truth about using an escort is horrifying. I was told that an escort was considered high class and that only those working the streets got diseases.

Because I was sleeping with more upscale, professional men, I was supposed to be safe. That was the biggest deception of all time. Some of my friends who have been sexually promiscuous caught genital warts and Herpes. No degree of condom education will curb the transmission of these organisms. Listen to me, because this information can SAVE your life. I never thought in a million years that anything would EVER turn up positive, especially after I was tested many, many times after leaving the escort industry.

I know other people who have fallen into the trap just like me. I get the emails. If it can happen to us, it can happen to you to. Are we really in control of our destinies? Or will we continue to leave the instruction book on the shelf to collect dust? When do we draw the line? You read in the beginning of my story about how my stepfather made me a prostitute. But if I can experience physical abuse from my father, and sexual abuse from my stepfather, and if I can relate to God as my Heavenly Father, and if I can change — then so can you!

I am so sorry I messed things up. Forgive me and help me out of this pit. I acknowledge my sin to you. Come into my heart and turn this darkness into light.

I believe your son died on the cross. Clean up my mess and put to death anything that belongs to my own earthly desires and give me a whole new outlook. Help me along this journey. Thank you for forgiving me.

Thank you for loving me just as I am. The first time I did this was back in in a jail cell after never having known real affection from an earthly father. And when I got down on my hands and knees in that jail cell that night, it transformed my life. God has moved so much in your life! Your testimony gives hope to those in the situations like you used to be in!

Glory to God, Susan! Your life is so blessed! I hope others who read this will take the time to visit your site as I have! There was a time during your testimony I had to rush to the bathroom to cry. I saw myself in some of your experiences, for example when you husband used your toothbrush and your constant worry about blood on the towel. I know the feeling.

I too contracted a virus from prostitution and promiscuity. I found out when my son was 8 months old. I gave my life to God hoping for a miracle. In a pastor prayed for me and when I took a test the following day it came back negative but later that day it started changing back to positive again.

My husband tested negative, so that means my healthy son who is 6 years old is negative too. That was an amazing testimony. I feel that others will read this and realize that we have a God of love. He can heal us of anything that we can get or have already gotten. I love that you have a ministry and that you chose to stay with it even if your test results came back positive. That was amazing to read.

I love hearing testimonies of things that the Lord has healed people from. All you have to do is believe that the Lord will heal you and you can be healed. That was such a blessing to hear. For any other readers, a friend sent me a similar story, yet at the same time different.

Heres the link so you can read the story. Maybe this story will encourage some-one whos struggling in a similar situation, yet wanting to accept Jesus Love,forgiveness and Saving Grace. Step out in faith and accept Jesus gift for you. God bless you sister. I was touched by your prayers. But I pray that God delivers my mind and allows me to wait for my wife in Jesus name.

Thank You Susan, You have given me such hope. I was mollested as a child and have struggled all my life to avoid the self destruct button. I am 33 years old today and have recently realised that the woman i truly love and desire to marry may have contracted an obscure std that is yet to be diagnosed. She feels a mild to moderately intense discomfort inside her vagina upon contact. She has tested clear for all the major problems but is now going to the specialist to learn more.

I am deeply burdened as she probably caught this disease from my own filthy actions of betrayal during a time we were having trouble and once again i self desrtructed. I have repented and am travelling with the Lord better than i ever have, but i am horribly ashamed that a woman who should suffer for something i did and yet i show no signs or symptoms of the disease if there is one.

It sucks that she does not even have a diagnosis yet for her condition, It is still possible that it is something spiritual but never the less i desire to help her through the deep waters of Gods healing. This is especially hard for her as she has every reason to struggle with including me in her life at all let alone talk to her about healing as though i just want to avoid any consequences myself.

Please pray for her, her name is Paula and she needs to forgive her father, and discover what it is that blocks her from deepening her relationship with the Holy Spirit. She lives in Brisbane Australia and could do with finding a spirit filled beleiver who has walked through a similar valley.

She has never really had a deep friend like this and thus craves to have one. Thank you for your prayers and any information on a spiritual condition which could be causing this condition the doctors a re struggling to diagnose, I have heard of certain spiritual sexually related bondages and physical oppressions which pertain to heat which would some what fit this situation but would not dare to talk to her about these as the situation is stressed as it is and the poor woman is deeply confused to say the least.

God Bless You for any help you can provide, Brett. I had just came back from the interview and they booked me for tomorrow in New York City. Please reconsider even if you are convinced being an escort is the only option, after reading this testimony.

I know escorting gets you money fast, so I went back to the business. But I hate every single minute of it. Thank you for sharing, I know it is hard to share intimate details of your life and open yourself up for ridicule and shame. I thank you for your honesty. I believe in abstinence and I pray that all of us will be humble and pure each day. Our only hope is forgiveness in Christ. Thanks to everyone who responded. My new URL is http: I tried to edit but it would not let me.

Wow, this story made me cry. I am 20 and just got out of the escorting business. Sure it was a lot of money, but it was NOT worth it. I became addicted to coke, and drank every time I had to sleep with a trick. When I got into the business all I cared about was the money. Now I see that there is soo much more than that. And I really hope God gives me a second chance. I feel the same…. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice. God let his own son die for us! He loved us that much.

And Jesus wanted the future to be saved…. And god asks us to be like Jesus… We are meant to realize his will is perfect. Your story is going to save others. You will get closer to Jesus when u realize he too suffered much for his love of gods people.

All those who follow God suffer. Its his way of breaking you to bring you closer to him and to mold u for his will for you. He will comfort n speak to u thru it. I believe God heals and will heal me also of a viral infection. Just wear a rubber OP. There's probably more of a chance that some slut you meet at a party has gonorrhea. Originally Posted by DonDoner. How much do you plan on paying? Just ask to see her bloodwork results before you smash OP. They are used to these type of requests.

Probably no higher than raw dogging a random chick. Originally Posted by bicepcurlbro. Just pictured Spiderman calling an escort and lol'd.

I've been with 4 escorts over the past 3 months or so. I had a 22 year old Russian girl, a threesome two women in their 30's and another one who was an ex stripper turned escort. It's gotten to the point where I have spent countless hours on a particular forum looking up reviews for different girls and always trying to find the best ones etc. I do not recommend starting it. I think the disease aspect is probably a little bit overstated.

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If any one reads this just please Pray for me. Originally Posted by willard1. I thank God for your healing. I had sex with an escort from an escort agency about a day ago this is something I rarely do. Why after all these years?
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